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I presented Twitter to teachers at my school in June using this presentation and its key words. I upgraded the Slideshare following the presentation as I understood the need for step by step instruction. We participated in a live #A4Learn chat during the presentation and this also helped my colleagues better understand the concept of Twitter. I hope that this helps others as it helped my own colleagues begin their collaboration on Twitter.


<ul><li>1.Created by @MmeNero<br />You can spend hours, days, months and years learning about Twitter &amp; it will still be a learning experience!<br />TWITTER 101 Twitter for Teachers<br />Image credit:<br /></li></ul> <p>2. THE BIG QUESTIONS<br />What is this Twitter thingy youve heard about?<br />Twitter is an online service where people can post short messages about their current activities/what they have seen online in 140 characters or less!<br />3. TWITTER <br />FOR TEACHERS <br />Tweeting for Teachers<br />There is a HUGE amount (already) of teachers on Twitter.All of you have to know what to do is find them!<br />Many teachers are doing online professional development on a daily or weekly basis through their experiences on Twitter<br />Teachers are using Twitter as a tool for communicating about education reform and learning ideas<br />COLLABORATION and instant feedback<br />4. THE BIG QUESTIONS<br />What is a Tweet?<br />An online posting in less than 140 characters created by a Twitter user that will appear on his/her profile page and is available to every person who follows you<br />So it may be important to verify who is following you<br />5. HOW TOS<br />Introducing Yourself: <br />your profile page<br />Your profile should have an image of you or something that represents you (get rid of the egg ASAP) to make it more personable<br />Introduce yourself in less than 160 characters Choose your profile information carefully as many people chose who to follow based on it<br />6. HOW TOS<br />Edit Your Profile<br />1.Click on Edit Profile to bring you to this page:<br />2. Change your pic<br />3.Write your real name<br />4.Write where you are from<br />4. If you have a blog add it here<br />5. Write a short Bio about yourself in less than 160 characters!<br />6.Click on Save!<br />7. THE BIG QUESTIONS<br />What is a Re-tweet?<br />One Tweet can keep being re-tweeted.<br />This makes Twitter into one big staff room.<br />Image credit:<br />8. THE BIG QUESTIONS<br />What is a Re-tweet?<br />Ifyou like someones idea or resource that they shared, you re-tweet (RT) the content that has been posted by that user<br />It is the copyright, as you are sharing someone elses idea(s)! So if you are quoting a tweet, please make sure that the original senders name is included(via/RT @____)<br />This Tweet was Re-tweeted twice (by Kuhn and MmeNero<br />9. THE BIG QUESTIONS<br />Why should I favourite a Tweet?<br />When you click the favorite button, you are saving that Tweetotherwise eventually all Tweets get deleted.This is the only way!<br />Image credit:<br />10. How do I communicate with my PLN?<br />Your PLN is you Personal Learning Network (all of the tweeps you follow)<br />Writing a Tweet to everyone who follows you<br />You can reply to a Tweet which everyone sees by using the @ symbol<br />A Direct Message: is kind of like an email, where the message content is PRIVATE and only between yourself and your follower (and less than 140 characters)<br />11. HOW TOS<br />How do I follow someone?<br />When you find someone you want to follow, click on that persons name or pic and it will bring it to their profile<br />The more people you follow, the more people will follow you = increased collaboration<br />Click on Follow!<br />12. TWITTER <br />FOR TEACHERS<br />Finding Teachers to Follow<br />The best way: Find a teacher whose Tweets you appreciate and look to see who they already followmost often they are like-minded people<br />Use this website for help: Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter<br />Go to their profile<br />Click on Following<br />3.Read the profiles &amp; click on Follow if you want to follow that individual<br />13. THE BIG QUESTIONS<br />Can I block someone?<br />Many teachers do not use Twitter as they fear undesirable/unwanted followers<br />No problem! You CAN block them and/or report spam <br />3.Find the individual and click on this button and choose Block or Report Spam<br />Go to your profile<br />Click on Followers <br />14. THE BIG QUESTIONS<br />Whats a hashtag?<br />A way for Twitter users to associate their tweets without having to explain the full context.<br />In the case of teachers, hashtags are tools which organize tweets according to a specific topic<br />15. TWITTER <br />FOR TEACHERS <br />Hashtags for Teachers<br />By Department:<br />SCIENCE:<br />#scichat<br />#environment<br />MATH:<br />#math<br />#maths<br />#mathchat<br />ENGLISH:<br />#engchat<br />WL LANGUAGES:<br />#langchat<br />#APFrenchprof<br />#FLTeach<br />#wlteach<br />SOCIAL STUDIES:<br />#sschat<br />#historyteachers<br />#history<br />General<br />#edchat<br />#bced<br />#edtechbc<br />#edtech<br />#education<br />#sd36<br />#Assessment<br />#A4Learn<br />16. TWITTER <br />FOR TEACHERS <br />Links to Websites and Videosif you still need convincing<br />100 Resources, Tips and Apps for Teachers on Twitter<br />Twitter for Teachers video<br />Mom This is How Twitter Works<br />17. TWITTER <br />FOR TEACHERS <br />Click here to be sent to my Slideshare presentation on If You Were on Twitter for educators interestedin Assessment for Learning<br />18. TWEET YA LATER!<br />Now, little twitterers FLY and TWEET AWAY!<br />Image credit:<br /></p>