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1996 SAEM Photography Competition Award Winners 53 1 The second SAEM Clinical Photography Competition and Presentation was featured at the 1996 Annual Meeting in Denvel; Colorado. Over 200 photographs were displayed from 60 contributors. A panel of academic emergency physicians and professional medical photographers judged the photographs on visual appeal, academic utility, clinical Liccuracy, composition, and lighting. Awards were given to the photograph or series of photographs in 4 categories: Clinical, Emergency Medical Services, A Day in the Life of Emergency Medicine, and Residency Logo. The Jirst- place winners in each category are shown below. Emergency Medical Services Rapid Sequence Intubation in Progress (Fig. 1) Mike Hartzog, MD Department of Emergency Medicine West Virginia University Morgantown, WV I FIGURE 1. The HealthNet flight paramedic holds cricoid pressure as the flight nurse intubates following sequential sedation and induction. The patient was trapped in his vehicle, which struck a tree, overturned, and caught fire. The patient had chest trauma and airway compromise. 532 ACADEMIC EMERGENCY MEDICINE MAY 1997 VOL 4/NO 5 I FIGURE2 Clinical Lapbelt Distraction Injury (Figs. 2 and 3) John Kelly, DO Doug McGee, DO Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA I FIGURES 2 an 3. A mi(Llle-aged fema restrained y only a ap- belt was seated in the side seat of a transport van, which struck a tree head-on at high speed. The patient lost her pulse and blood pressure en route to the trauma center. Physical examination reveals a distended abdomen with ecchymotic seat-belt stripe across midabdomen. The lumbar distraction/dislocation was palpable on examination. I FIGURE3 1996 SAEM Photography Competition Award Winners 533 I FIGURE 4. A nurse keeps the attention of Mariah while another nurse starts an IV. Mariah was brought in by her mother, complaining of the childs breathing difficulty. A Day in the Life of Emergency Medicine Distraction (Fig. 4) C. J. Gunther, MD Debra Kicz New England Medical Center Boston, MA Residency Logo University of Kentucky Emergency Medicine (Fig. 5 ) C . Keith Stone, MD Lexington, KY I FIGURES


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