Winners : iPhone Photography Awards 2015

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1. 1 Winners : iPhone Photography Awards 2015 2. Micha Koralewski Koziegowy, Poland 1st Place, Photographer of the Year 2 3. David Craik Surrey, United Kingdom 2nd Place, Photographer of the Year 3 4. Yvonne Lu New York, United States 3rd Place, Photographer of the Year 4 5. 1st Place Abstract: Ben Schuyler, Seattle, WA, United States 5 6. 1st Place Animals: Sephi Bergerson, Goa, India 6 7. 1st Place Seasons: Heather Goss, Grand Haven, MI United States 7 8. 1st Place News/Events: Jesse Alkire, Chicago, IL United States 8 9. 1st Place Portrait: Daniele Colombera, Los Angeles, CA United States 9 10. 1st Place Sunset: Robert Radesic, Pula, Croatia 10 11. 1st Place Landscape: Chris Belcina, Cooper City, FL United States 11 12. 1st Place Children: Jeremy Kern, Washington, DC United States 12 13. 1st Place Architecture: Christian Frank, Stuttgart, Germany 13 14. 1st Place Travel: Ahmed Saeed, Cairo, Egypt 14 15. 1st Place Trees: Ruairidh McGlynn, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 15 16. 1st Place Still Life: Cindy Buske, Lynnwood, WA United States 16 17. 1st Place People: Song Han, Chengdu, China 17 18. 1st Place Panorama: Andre Malerba, Woodstock, VT United States 18 19. 1st Place Nature Yvonne Naughton La Conner, WA United States 19 20. 1st Place Food Xu Lin Qing Dao City, China 20 21. 1st Place Landscape Chris Belcina Cooper City, FL United States 21 22. 1st Place Flowers Amy Paterson Cape Town, South Africa 22 23. 1st Place Others Jose Luis Saez Martinez Valencia, Spain 23 24. John Huet Manchester, MA United States 2nd Place Abstract 24 25. Anbu Jawahar Ra Karnataka, India 3rd Place Abstract 25 26. Jen Pollack Bianco Seattle, WA United States 2nd Place Animals 26 27. Renai Roberts Colebee, NSW Australia 3rd Place Animals 27 28. Joshua Sarinana Cambridge, MA United States 2nd Place Architecture 28 29. Richard Bing Mount Pleasant, SC United States 3rd Place Architecture 29 30. Aung Pyae Soe Calgary, Canada 2nd Place Children 30 31. Lu Gen Chongqing City, China 3rd Place Children 31 32. 32 Dorit Kerlekin Dortmund, Germany 2nd Place Flowers 33. 33 Nicky Ryan Sydney, NSW Australia 3rd Place Flowers 34. David Jackson Honorable Mentions-Flowers 34 35. Agata Piskunowicz Toronto, Canada 2nd Place Food 35 36. Yeankai Lau Johor, Malaysia 3rd Place Food 36 37. Faisal Alateeqi Kuwait City, Kuwait 2nd Place Landscape 37 38. Martin Dreyer Bremen, Germany 3rd Place Landscape 38 39. Mandy Blake Kitchener, ON Canada 2nd Place Lifestyle 39 40. Cesar Bernardo Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal 3rd Place Lifestyle 40 41. Viktorija Ulinske Vilnius, Lithuania 3rd Place Nature 41 42. John Huet Manchester, MA United States 2nd Place News/Events 42 43. Chen Chung Hung Taipei, Taiwan 3rd Place News/Events 43 44. Elaine Taylor Leeds, United Kingdom 2nd Place Others 44 45. Emanuel Vargas West Hartford, CT United States 3rd Place Others 45 46. Kaihua Li New York, NY United States 2nd Place Panorama 46 47. Lauren Bealer Allentown, PA United States 3rd Place Panorama 47 48. Jose Luis Barcia Madrid, Spain 2nd Place People 48 49. Brendan O Se Cork, Ireland 3rd Place People 49 50. Alexander Vu Walnut, CA United States 2nd Place Portrait 50 51. Dina Alfasi Tel Aviv, Israel 3rd Place Portrait 51 52. Joshua Sarinana Cambridge, MA United States 2nd Place Seasons 52 53. Nicky Ryan Sydney, NSW Australia 3rd Place Seasons 53 54. Ana Leko Zagreb, Croatia 2nd Place Still Life 54 55. Xu Lin Qing Dao City, China 3rd Place Still Life 55 56. Chris Hillary Melbourne, Australia 2nd Place Sunset 56 57. Stefanie Hartman Coconut Creek, FL United States 3rd Place Sunset 57 58. Robert Radesic Pula, Croatia 2nd Place Travel 58 59. Kathy Kingsbury Hamilton, New Zealand 3rd Place Travel 59 60. Jana Bochet Zrich, Switzerland 2nd Place Trees 60 61. Mariko Klug Erding, Germany 3rd Place Trees 6/16/2015 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from IPPAWARDS. THE END 61