Winners : HIPA Photography Award 2016-2017

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HIPA Grand PrizeArash Yaghmaeian , United States Of AmericaLandfill CinderellaWinners : HIPA Photography Award 2016-20171

THE CHALLENGE1st Place : Giulio Montini, ItalyA Butterfly in Water2

2nd Place : Adel El Masri Palestinian, TerritoryKnowledge, the Most Powerful Weapon3

3rd Place : Sergey Ponomarev, Russian FederationA Fight for Survival4


3rd Place :Mohd Khorshid, KuwaitA Fight for Survival

4th Place : Omar Ahmed, United Arab EmiratesGrown Up Too Soon6


4th Place :Mohammed Yousef, KuwaitGrown Up Too Soon

5th Place : Anton Unitsyn, Russian FederationAngels of the Clinic8

1st Place : Apurba Mallick IndiaTo Catch a BlessingGENERAL (BLACK & WHITE)9

2nd Place : Tobias Binder, GermanyThe Peace Village10

3rd Place : Khalil Al Mansoori, United Arab EmiratesFlood of Loneliness11

GENERAL (COLOUR)1st Place : Giuseppe Bonali, ItalyThe Balance12

2nd Place : Petar Sabol, CroatiaDragonfly Delirium13

3rd Place : Daniel Jonas Reiter, GermanyGlobalization14

DIGITAL MANIPULATION1st Place : Shahrzad Akrami, IranNatura15

2nd Place : Dmitrii Rogozhkin, Russian FederationThe River of Life16

3rd Place : Salem Saeed Ba Wazir, YemenDistractions17

4th Place : Lubna Abdelaziz. EgyptWhen She Grows Up


5th Place : Leyla Emektar TurkeySubmergence19

PORTFOLIO1ST : Giovanni Cedronella, ItalySilence of the Mansion 20

Giovanni CedronellaSilence of the Mansion An abandoned mansion lies in ruin. The memories and belongings of its former occupants are all that is left within its walls. The chairs, bedrooms, a piano, a book and even an old painting of young children, fail to tell the full story of the people and lives that once lived here.21

Giovanni Cedronella22

Giovanni Cedronella23

Giovanni Cedronella24

Giovanni Cedronella25

Giovanni Cedronella26

Giovanni Cedronella27

Giovanni Cedronella28

Giovanni Cedronella29

Giovanni Cedronella30

2ND : Gilles Nicolet , FranceSix Degrees South31

Gilles Nicolet32

Six Degrees South

Poor coastal communities around the world are su ering as a result of industrialised shing expeditions and the slow rise in sea levels. The next 20 years will likely see shermen and their communities all negatively a ected by this phenomenon and possibly leading to millions having to abandon the shores and move into urban areas inland. Gilles Nicolet33

Gilles Nicolet34

Gilles Nicolet35

Gilles Nicolet


Gilles Nicolet37

Gilles Nicolet38

Gilles Nicolet39

Gilles Nicolet40

3RD : Rafal Makiela, PolandUnderwater Dreams41

Underwater Dreams A beautiful mixture of contemporary, underwater, fashion and portrait photography all infused into a group of photographs like never before. Elegance and beauty can tell a story even in the least conventional settings. Rafal Makiela42

Rafal Makiela43

Rafal Makiela44

Rafal Makiela45

4th : Matjaz Krivic, SloveniaDigging for the Future46

Matjaz Krivic Digging for the Future

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world, yet ranks fourth in Africas production of gold. Much of this gold comes from small-scale mines, where children work alongside their parents from dawn to dusk in very hazardous conditions. Mines collapse frequently, and the working environment is intoxicated with dangerous chemicals like mercury, which is used in the process of extracting gold.47

Matjaz Krivic 48

Matjaz Krivic 49

Matjaz Krivic 50

Matjaz Krivic 51

Matjaz Krivic 52

Matjaz Krivic 53

Matjaz Krivic 54

Matjaz Krivic 55

Matjaz Krivic 56

5th : QIU YAN , CHINARebirth57

QIU YAN RebirthA major earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale jolted Chinas Sichuan Province on May 12th , 2008, killing over 87,000 people and injuring about 37,000. The photographer rushed to the quake zone and took many photographs of the disaster scenes and a ected people. One year later, the photographer returned to Sichuan to re-visit the a ected people hed photographed. He did the same ve years after that.58












QIU YAN March 20, 2017 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.CAll photos were taken from dodho.Music : Marc Enfroy - Mare NostrumTHE END