18/05/2015Unit 2 (a) Transactional Websites Unit 2 Assessment Criteria (a) 18 marks.

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Slide 1 18/05/2015Unit 2 (a) Transactional Websites Unit 2 Assessment Criteria (a) 18 marks Slide 2 18/05/2015Unit 2 (a) eportfolio Structure Suggested eportfolio structure for assessment criteria (a) Introduction Browsing Making a purchase Conclusion Slide 3 18/05/2015Unit 2 (a) Introduction Choose a transactional website to investigate Write an introduction explaining The purpose of the site What products / services are offered Why you chose this site Slide 4 18/05/2015Unit 2 (a) Investigation Investigate the website including explanatory text and well chosen (and optimised) screen shots. Discuss The structure of the site Features that catch your attention Product search, selection and information such as reviews, ratings and images Methods used to capture customer information (both overt and covert) Customer authentication Techniques to engage, retain and entice customers Virtual shopping baskets How is a purchase made checkout logon - confirmation Security Feedback What about returning goods Slide 5 18/05/2015Unit 2 (a) Investigation Customer information is usually recorded. Consider Analysis of purchase histories and sales information Loyalty schemes Surveys Competition Cookies Spyware Slide 6 18/05/2015Unit 2 (a) Assessment Evidence Investigate a suitable transactional website Describe the main features of the sites design Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the sites design suggesting areas for improvement


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