Transactional Credit

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A patented method for providing credit to complete a business transaction.


  • 1. SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING TRANSACTIONAL CREDIT Never lose a sale to a credit worthy customer.

2. The Problem Customer does not have a credit card that the merchant accepts. The sale is lost or postponed. 3. Background In 2008 I was at Sam's Club (Torrance, California) waiting for my tires to be replaced. I saw two sales lost during my 40 minute wait, because the customer didn't have a credit card that Sam's Club accepted. Each customer tendered a major credit card that was politely declined. This seemed like an unnecessary loss for all parties, and so I invented an abbreviated credit approval process that provides a "transactional credit" to complete a sale. 4. Transactional credit scenario. 1. A customer tries to complete a proposed financial transaction using a credit card that a merchant doesn't accept. 2. A credit card issuer whose credit card is accepted by the merchant authorizes transactional credit for the customer to complete the transaction based on the status of the customer's unaccepted credit card (i.e. its in good standing). 3. The customer may be charged an additional fee. The credit card issuer authorizing the transactional credit may require that the customer open a previously closed account, etc.. 5. Market Potential "Americans made an estimated 25.4 billion credit card purchases in 2012 with a total value of $2.4 trillion. These transactions carried interchange fees which in 2012 totaled an estimated $41.2 billion and averaged $1.62 per transaction." (Source: SONECON, "The Costs and Benefits of Half a Loaf: The Economic Effects of Recent Regulation of Debit Card Interchange Fees", 10-01-13). 6. Patent Information U.S. Patent No. : 8,768,829 Title : SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING TRANSACTIONAL CREDIT Filed : 11-07-2008 Issued : 07-01-2014 7. Contact: A.J. Bayne Owner/Inventor (562) 822-0709