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12,000 ~'MAGNAVOX'' - wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio

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  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 1nla.obj-651554866National Library of Australia

    12,000 PEOPLE vlsi!cd Ill$ :a.a,uo Exhibitian, MotbOllT'!lft, on opening day, 22ncl !(at, and beeam•

    O.CQI\Alnt-ed w!Ul



    AN'l'HON-Y IlOHDElt'" &;. so~s, L'ro.

    Sets. Valves, Speakers,

    Amplifiers. Also,

    Licensed m,dor Hogan Patent No, 1014002.

    tQG Qneensland, 3AR Melbourne. SLO Melbourne, SOL Adelaide, 7zt TMime.nia-

    aU thellll StatioI111 can be brought In with a Jlick of the fingers.

    Simplicity "Extraordinary'' "In Harmony with the Home and Air"-Magnavox


    )CTCl< SIMM01''13


    l'Mnograp11, Spoecl!, Music, Riadio Devtcos,

    THE "\\ .,_Jl .1:..LESS WEEKLY" REFLEX.




  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 2nla.obj-651554992National Library of Australia

    ---3A.R. MELBOURN f

    BF.XI> FOR lllu• tr• t ed rat:alor,:iA. folden and lltc.n· tare. n.mon1lntioaa H• ranged at ,.our own home wtthouL any oblig"Llon wiu..tevar on TOI.Ir pati 10 r• rcha•e.




    lJislaJZCe JW l01l{lera,bar! UDISCO

    RADIO RECEIVERS [alj ..Jluslralia_ at your

    finger-llps: \l1uL1.t .. w J,~11111h•r11 ln h=.. fr11II Cnlfc rmald

    atTer hau dr.amM tl,.t b,ja ftat o-( ••

    :::~ripl•• 1dupl1~~trt'~ma:.;, ~'~':~~~ tOtl,urr huu.

    Y ftt llda Je ao. Nl,rt- tly. tt•nen c,l ••CDl~f"O'' Radin Re«i•~-wtt.houl •llr rto.c fTom comfortable hompi,, • n·dm• ,,111lltng wlutt tn Flindflr• cmtiille«I m1u.11

    "--~i:r .1c'On~l·o1·'~'"~;;., •~tJ:!;••},0~·cb ..... • •~1,s0&. '' ••Fiv1a," ur- ' "l'itci>s,'' art" balh Lo " uandud uf f'llrC~l1enr•f! in nfflclenr:,- and dealcn n~•tl" b•fort equll,.d iri Ibo worhl.

    Only ,t1fl" b•,t rompoaeqta.-.ntnabled • th •d,.nlilc -orecluon by • • i1"' ri•ll1 tr111r1"d C"llJ'lll of r11dJo :ti:nginHrt-fl.rl'I ln-~orpt'}rfttt

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 3nla.obj-651555122National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page One

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 4nla.obj-651555258National Library of Australia

    Page Two WIRELES S WEEKLY Friday, llfa)' 28, Hrl6.

    DEPENDABLE ALWAYS 'l'he popularity of EHr-Ready Batteries is du,• to their ,lept>ndahle qualities.

    an Always frp,b and ~i,·e maxiw11m ,ervice.

    EVER-READY RADIO " B ,. BATfERY Tlw~t• batll•rh• ,1rt' 11mru1·1wt-1HU

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 5nla.obj-651555380National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Three 1-·-,.--.. _ .. -,.~ ..... ,_,,,, .. ., .... ___ .. ,_ .. __ ,, ___ , __ ,,,,_,,_I I - i = = i ~ a ~ g ......... -- ~ i ~ i I I

    I I e THE CRYSTAL WITH VALVE1POWER ~ i NEUTRON ORYST ALS operate a loud speaker- ~ 5 Many owners of crystal sets are now operating load ~peskers with NEUTRON CRYSTALS. ii g Next month 2BL promises to increase their volume. This will enable the. owt1er of a crystal g ii set to operate a loud !lpeaker with sufficient volume to fill the ho.use, provided he wies a NEU- 3

    I ~~~K.Ei.HE CRYSTAL IN THE BLACK AND GOLD BOX WITH THE SILVER CATS '=a FOR SALE AT ALL DEALERS ::it • • . . • . . . . • • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • • . . 2/3 AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTORS: Louis Coen Pty. Ltd., Melbourne. I SOLE AGENTS FOR N.S.W.: ·=c S Manufacturers ' Products S a les Company -, Challis House, 4 Martin Place, SYDNEY (Tel.: B.W. 6753). ~==


    Slingsby & Coles Ltd. 482 Pitt St. ( opposite Marcus Clark's)


    On Terms. Loud Spet1kers, and Headphones,

    etc. Any Rmlio \7ooih

    mi 'rERMk or Lny-1ly.

    A. W .A. "Radio Guide" 1/--

    Conl.ains "solid, usefol and essenllal in-formation which no man with a broadcast receiver should be withoul," so the "Wireless Weekly" book nwiewer in the May 14th issue.

    Over 011e hundred pages of informative wireless matter.

    As the edition is limited, make early ap-plicallon for your copy.

    AMALGA)lATED W{RgLESS (A/SlA) LlMTTED, "Wireless House," 97 Clarence

    Streel, SYDNEY.

    Please forward copy of the A.W.A. "Radio Guide," for which I enclose stamps to lhe value of 1/-.

    NAME ..... .......... ..........••... ••

    ADDRESS ..............•....••..•• •• ..

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 6nla.obj-651555510National Library of Australia

    Page Fout' WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, Msy 28, 1926.

    r--·············ei~-A --Nil"E•s ············-····-1 ! 7Jje Na me to Know zn Radio ! ~ ~

    Talker I '9 9 ~

    I NOW NOW I I 45/- £ 6 : IO f j each iiiii!§i!!!!! each ~

    I THE TABLE TALKER THE BRANDOLA I I 'lhe 11C'w goob'l''•lletk design i~ th~ rt-sult or TO· oS!ppL'ielJy l,uilt to l,rlJtg f...~rt'ntrr vohuno with i E ficu.rc.h lll n.1

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 7nla.obj-651555643National Library of Australia

    Priday, ~lny 28, 1!!26. WIRELESS WEEKLY


    !:'age Five


    Pu.bH h1•d hy Publlc1t.V" Prt•H Ll,1 • 71 / 75 R.->tcut F,t , ~yilntJ, .._a\u-5trnH11 'Pllonu: Bed.fen> ee, &Dd 930, Winiless Wcddy Reflex

    An Efficient Aerial !or nereption of Shol't Waves ......


    Man&ginC lldllor: E. 0. UUMFORD,

    lldilor: A. W. WATT, ToobnlctJ Edllor: 0. W, SLADE, 15 Adnrtlslng Manager: J , T. REEDill.

    Tbe Editor will be pad lo conald•r Tecbnlc&I aod Topical Anicloo of lnt1r11t. to An1trali&Ji E.xfer1menten. All Manux.rlpts &114 Ilh1st.ra-tJ0111 are sent a\ the author • rt.It, and although the create•t W1l1 be taken to return unsuitable matter (tr accom-p•nled bJ trtuap•), the Edltor cannot accepL reapon1lblllty for tu H,fe return.

    Queries :\let by Every Ht'ginncr •.

    On the Air





    Snbscrtption lt.a\u.-T•ell'e mo:a.tba (&2 illllH), lS/·. 'P09' frte. SJ:x man~• (28 b•netl I ' I. pen free. Slagle Co,Se• Sd~ eaci:a, or polt frH !4,

    Advortt,tng. 00111 muat be ll> t.110 hands or Lbe Monaglus Editor 'by tlle Friday prececllna each l1•ue. If copy t. t\Ot received 1Jl tllllt, the prn1oaa ,reek' 1 &dYtrtlaement wW be rep~at.ed..

    What They Write .

    Amongst the Traders

    From Here and There •·QauUons Aunre.n!' All re.1uuu b,.- non-111.b.Bc.rlber• callln1

    for tocbnlcal t.dvtce or drawlD1• llCOS'l' bo aCCGmpanle4 by pootal note or atamp1 to [email protected] value of 1/~. A of tout que1Uon1 t• &llowed. 33

    4ieu11 ln Groat BrUatn.-Tho Colonial 'l'echnlcal Pr .. , Ltd., DutlleJ Route, loulh&mptoo Street. St.rand, W.O. 2. Broadcasting

    grammes •• P r O•

    37 All acconnh oboald be made payable to PnbUclt.J Pro&a Ltd.. 12, 18 lhaent Street, S1doe1

    ''Wlrelen Weekly" t, fully protected lty copyrlgllt, anti noLblDJ I.bat appoaro ID It Dl&1 bt reprinted, wholly or In parL. witbout apeolal panaluton~ Tbt u•• ol our artielea or quotation• from tbttD for any purpo11• wbatsoe-,er lt oe:vn aatbortsed.

    wrnEu:ss ON smrs.

    Amongst the co11dusions reached by the Board of Inquiry into the lo~~ of thi, stcaml•r "Oorrigo" on the Que .. nsland coast was that had the ship carri

    The po•it ion with regttl'd lo Interstate ships is dearly defined. The wireless section of the J\."avigation Act is a,lministcn•d Federall~· and, as ~uch, each' i, t•J

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 8nla.obj-651555773National Library of Australia

    Pa,te Six WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, Ma::, 28, 1926.

    ·~· ...• , ... ., ....•.... ~ ....... ,~ .. -~ =··. ~-. ,.r. ...... ·'•

    'l>lllllllllll!l[IIIIIJIIIIUIDIIIUIIIUllllllllllllllllrm1ouu111wmwuW1J1111UU11uo1111rn1ffl1DUHGIWDWllllUIIIUDIUIHIIIIIICllllGWlllllll .. ,1111.Cllln rr1~11111unmu-•t111•

    i ANNOUNCEMENT I g INCREASED SALES REDUCE COSTS. BUYERS GET THE BENE- ~ 5 FIT. REDUCED PRICES OF jg I HEATH CONDENSERS I j The strictly low loss non-dielectric distance getters. ~ 0 BUILT LI.KE A WATCH ----- NOTHING BETTER MADE "' I Highest grade condenser now within the reach of all. ! i! Selected from all make." to be used by :\Iarconi Co. :_;; fi With geared Vernier Plain = ii .001 34 - 28/ - is iil .0005 2:7 / - 21 • g ~ ~ll_gllllt .00025 25 /- 19/ · ~ a .ooos5 20 ,. ~ a Dials: 3 inch, 3 6; 4 inch. . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . 5, - ,1 El The New Heath Vernier Condcn,;er with frory s i micrometer inclicato1·, .0005, '12 -: .00025, . . . 39/ - I ~ Remember: ·what you gain in cheap condensers you lose = ~ in reception. INS]S1' ON ~ g HEATH STRICTLY LO\V-LOSS CONDENSERS j _ PARSONS & WHIITEMORE LTD., 30 Market Street, Sydney i ->11emnu11nun111111um1rnuo1111111c1111~,rn11mmmum11111m1ui111miuurnm111111urnL111111111101111mm11rnuiummuou111m1tU11mum1011 ·11,111nmuur,uic,11""1Uun11 .111 u 1• ifllU❖

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 9nla.obj-651555903National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Seven

    The .. Wireless W " Reflex Full Loud Speaker Strength with One Valve

    "Wireless Weekly" has very much plea~ure in pre.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 10nla.obj-651556032National Library of Australia

    WIRELESS WEEKLY Fri4ay, May 28, 1920.

    I • • • •

    UAM ~dio:S 73est Speafter lu,· nnd J.U~11u!u•-t11ro

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 11nla.obj-651556162National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Nine

    appearance but also the results. Carefully follow-ing our back view showing the point to poinL wfr-ing. Particular care should be taken tQ see that Lhe six flll.lcible wires used for connecting up the coil holders are o:t' good quality, and that the spills at the ends ',>f the wire are making proper contact with the wire. If either pairs of flexible leads going to the grid and plate coil are reversed, the proper reactio11 effect between these two coils will not be obtained. A Word of Waniing.

    Don't substitute other values of fixed conden-sers. Exhaustive ex-periments have been tried with all reputable makes of transformers and valves, and Ior general all-round efficiency the values as shown have been found the best. Be particularly careful with th-a soldering of joints; a clean hot iron, a good flux (not spirits), and well cleaned

    surfaces will e11sure a professional looking joint which will run and hold like glue.

    The wiring completed, connect up the batteries as shown. H will ae readily observed that the positive A goes direct to left hand F terminal of valve holder, tbe negative A goes to the -F ter-minal of transformer. The positive A and negative H are linked together permanently (positive = red terminal or + sign; negative = green terminal or - sign). Where dry cell valves are used for filament lighting the centre terminal or carbon con-nection is the positi--re, and the side terminal or ~inc connection iii the negative.

    The following \"alves were used during the tests of the receiver, all of which gave very excellent results: Bright-emitters, Radiotron 201A, D.V.5, True Blue, Marconi R, Ediswan, Cossor; Dull-emit-ters, D.V.3, True Blue, Philips B406, From 60 to

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 12nla.obj-651556300National Library of Australia

    Page Ten WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, !llny 28, 1926.

    MaxitnUDl Volunie 111ith Perfect Tone

    This exceptional Transformer, with polished black finish, now priced

    at 25/-Thek«n~tTrarufurme.r value in Australia Made in two ratios, 5-1

    a11d 3!-1 Amalr,.,:~~ Wi ... 1 .. , ~7 .. ,,~

    P7 Clare-nee 51:tt•t. S,dney

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 13nla.obj-651556431National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Eleven

    90 volUI will be found to be Lhe most suitable plate voltage, but the constructor will be very wisil to experimenL with vmious voltages, until he finds the one which gives him lhe best results.

    The tuning of the receivex is very simple; if the fixed carl.Jorundum crystal i$ nsed, no adjustments whatever are necessary. For pre-liminary tuning the primary and grid coil should be coupled fairly close together. Rotate both vari-able condensers until the station is raceiv!!d. Then tighten the coupling of the plate coil until lhe dr-,ired volume is obtained. For local loud speaker work the reception is very hat·d to beat; Lhe purity, volume and faithfuh1esR of reproduction can only br realised by giving iL a lrial. Pride of creation 1s in every Australian, but lack of technical and merhanical knowledge often deters the crystal en-thusiast from attempting to build the Ol"dinary type of multi-valve loud speaker rt!ceiver. With these buck of panel view~, however, and the knowledge 1hal the hook-up :is of Austrnlian origin, together with the facts Lhat the upkeep and initial cost is ,·ery low, we trust that each and eyery cryinal owner will not be satisfied until hi; has built the "Wireless Weekly" R~ftex.

    For the more advanced reader~ we have plea~-ure in briefly describing the theory of the above Reflex. The ordinary typ(l or crystal receiver is

    not alway, suLiijfaclory for loud speaker 1·eccption, even when it is followed by two stages of audio frequency amplification. It will be readily w1der-

    ~toocJ lhal the amplifier cannot amplify what the crystal cannot detect, so that if a crystal becomes 1,ven ~lightl;v less sensitive than when new, the ultimate loud :,pl'aker reproduction is considcra&ly reduced. By reflexing" a valve ahead of the crystal, however. th~ volume and range is f11r in excess of Lha t possible with an ordinary audio am• plifior attached to the crystal. From a study of th\' eireuit diagram it will iJe seen that both grid and plate circuils ;1re tuned. The energy .from the aerial i,s directly and magnetically coupled to the grid of the valve, which in the first instance amplitie,; Lh~ incomfog energy, then passes on to the fixed crystal detector, where il is rectified and passc-d through the audio Lransformer, bnck to the grid of lh~ valve again. Outing Lhi. process it is nguin amplified. Coil recommended for use with this receiver:-

    Station. Primary. Secondary Tuned Plnte. 2'.V\\ 15 :l5 35 or 50 2KY 15 ;.ii; 35 or 50 2BL :m 50 50 or 75 3LO 35 50 50 or 75 4QG 35 50 o0 or 75 5CL 35 50 50 or 76 2FC 100 160 lli0 or 200

    W ANTED.-All kinds Secondhand Wireless Sets, Parts, Speakers, etc. Best prices given. JACK RAPKEN, 16 George Street West. MW 1201.

    BURGESS-"Power I Ilarmony ! Endurance !"-BAT'l'ERIES

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 14nla.obj-651556567National Library of Australia

    WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, Mny 28, 1928,


    IGRANI C. We hove recwtly landed • complete range of uddit1ons to 1hei ftuuoos Jgranic componeme., and the Dual VoriaLJe Condenser is a typicru sped. men.

    Tlte mo~I intctuatine;1 l1nwever. ere the lgrnnic Su1>or.wniC Heterodyne Outfit'!, whkh have created a. lrc.mendous impression. The lm\t 1-.hiJ)menL was ill~L«ntly sold, and order& for Lbe n~xl1 .. hortly to arrive. wiU he r.xecuted in rotn-tiu11. • • •

    BROWN. There are n.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 15nla.obj-651556696National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Thirteen

    Materials n~ccssary:-1 pnnel, 12 x 7 x 3/16 inches. 1 baseboard, 12 x 7 x t inch

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 16nla.obj-651556820National Library of Australia

    Page Fourteen WIRELESS WE EKLY fo'riday, Hay 28, 1926.


    It's the Diamond Grid THAT DOES IT ! !

    Avernge voltag~ 6 to 10 per 1•1•nt. higher than \I() volts of dry "B" battery. This is lwcnuse dry cells nre rated al their initial voltal!'e. A 90-v~ll dry "B'' b11ltc1·y deliver• 90 volts only nt tho very l>e.1tinning of lb life. After lhnt the volt.ulfi' falls to M, then to 70, thrn to 60 or b Joy. l,efor

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 17nla.obj-651556952National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Fifteen

    An Efficient Indoor Aerial for Reception of Short Waves

    Many visitors admired the small indoor aerial displayed at the Exhibition by 2SX, and the fol. con.~tructional details might be helpful. Wbila it is cssantially used for the reception of short waves there is no reason why it could not be used for the higher broadcast wavelengths, when 118ed with a suitable receiver. Those experimen-ters who are real short wave D.X. hunters will be very familiar with the foreign noises caused by vi• brating guy wires, etc. By careful experimenta-tion it is possible to trace these faulty guys, but even when they are broken several times with in-sulators, the interference, which sometimes re-sembles static, is not always entirely eliminat~d when using the outside aerial.

    At the writer's home, on a windy morning 1t is almost impossible to read even moderately strong signals, owing to this annoying interference. By transferring to the short indoor aerial, however, the signal strength is not reduced, but the inter-ference is invariably cul out.

    The ijecret of consistent long distance Morse reception is the quiet operation oI the receiver, and without a doubt the major proportion of the inter-fering noises on short waves can be traced in or very near to the receiver. Don't be in too big a hurry to tell the other chappie that you cannot read his signnb1 owing to ~tatic, if you haven't pnid particular att~ntion to find out where your interfering noise originates.

    By the assistance of a f.riend listening-in on

    your ~hort wave r11cciver you will nol be long finding lhe offending guy or guys. In some cases the clothes line will be found to ca\ll!e quite a loL of trouble, in whieh ca~e you will be forced to remove lbe line to a spot farther away, or else break the wire nt frequent intervals with insulators. Co~•ttuctlon of Aerial.

    First measure the length of the room or shack where the aerial is to be used. Next, cut oft' lengths of aerial wire (Mars preferred), to the desired length, making allowance for the insulators to go on either end. Next, secure two insulators and stretch the wire out fairly taut, making sure that an equal strain is taken by the five lengths of wire. One ladies' glass bangle will be required for every two Loot of wire. Carefully tie on five pieces of yellow thread at equal distances round the glass ring leaving 4 or 6 inches of thread to secure to aerial. They should now be secured to the aerial wires at equal distances apart.

    The feeder may consist of a heavy flexible wire or it may be another SDlliller aerial similar to the main one. See Fig. l. The result of your labours will be an efficient indoor aerial with which you will obtain more consistent long range short wave reception than any outdoor aerial will give you. Try it for yourselves and send along the reports of your reception to "Wireless ,veekly." Those experimenters who intend taking part in Lhe forLh-coming tests wilh our American friends will be very wise to use this type of aerial.


    fig. 1-Ca,irc lmlm;r Aerir,(.


    The absence of a visible audience is a dis-quieting factor to many performers before the microphone, who crave the sympathetic "atmos-phere" which only the presence oj' listeners can create. An attempt to overcome the unrespons-iv~ness of the studio has been made by the dl-rectors of the WLW broadcasting station al Cin-cinnati. An auditorium with seating aecon1moda-tion for several hundred visitors adjoins the studio, rrom which it is separated by soundproof ,vindows. The performance is heard on loud speakers.


    We are informed that an amalgamation has taken place between lhe firms of Keith Stokes Pty. Ltd., and Gelston S. Gow.

    This firm will now be in a position to add new lines to their manufactures, and be able to turn them out at bech'ock prices.

    The head office of the amalgamated companies, tradin_g as Keith Stokes Pty. Ltd., Incorporating 8ehton S. Gow, will be 27-29 King Street, Sydney, and the factory at 130 Sussex Street, Sydney.

    BURGESS-"Ask any Radio Engineer"-BATTERIES

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 18nla.obj-651557083National Library of Australia

    Page Sixleon WJRELESS WEEKLY Friday, May 28, 1926.

    i ---- i Iii flsk Your Dealer for Clyde ~ i Ma:nufact\lr~cl by !

    I CLYDE ENGINEERING CO. LIMITED I_ SYDNEY = i __ .i:_.ai__ g • llllmlllClW,,,,..,RIJWlll--:IIIIIS--lllalJlli IN ft:'.7flllaNWdiW¥¥ •

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 19nla.obj-651557212National Library of Australia

    Fmlny, May 28. H121t

    Tht.• Brml'llinl{ Dr

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 20nla.obj-651557349National Library of Australia

    HR frl:lny •• f l !!

    (,,, __ .. , __ g __ , .... _~, .... _ • ....,..,......, ___ .._ _______________ .,_,., ... "''~-~-.. ---~----------.

    I R,,~l!:1!, s,!L~ .,JJ,!? ~~ .~X~!-!~.~. ! th, ·,r

    Standard of any 201A or 199 Valve made.

    Wlaor:So •• l:::•: :~1:•A~•umu NE8W/PR9ICE TYPE 10g. 1,1-., ., \Vork~ from 3 Dry •,r-11~

    Conslllll"" .25 Amps. ()01 s11moa .06 Amp.

    Bua ig Str,uJnr,1 201 \, Bako• Base la 8tnndnr•l 1!19, Bake-Ji!~, 4 Pin. I Me

    EVERY RADEX VALVE i~ mo,;t rigidly t"~ted lu tL Jpw,,Jl 1alw Tesfpr 1,efor!! I despatc•I, l

    ffigh_-Clrad,• Po.rcelai11 Su~kets for the..~,, Y.:ilv •s


    , Th1- ' II & II Pn.ssvfut" -201A f'iockct . . t'l'ie,~. 4 -'rlJ ·~ ns,,ry'. Porec,Jam Cu.shfoni,d l'J'I ~-l ·k,•t l'ri•J•' 3 3

    " YoutJ for Lawer Pricea ,.


    RADIO STORES i I'hone: l\{30-!g_

    ;iij!) B'UNTEE ST. WEST, 'NEWCASTLE. 'I'hono:• NIJW, 163~.

    ·---------------~·"------=--~~ ~'7~'!-v;.~;~. l(t ~)?v•~~:, "\i> ;...:"' •~"'> •••;.~~ ... • *~.-;.,;,~ ..,.,M--~~-~


    // you'i1e always wanted

    True Blues now they're within the reach o/ all

    It Ir quitn e1idont lha' TRUE BLITF.S hav eaused n 1!,•,•11fod eliauge m lh~ public"s Vn!vc buying habits. Wh l'C bl'reioiorc tl101 Wt!rQ ,•~1nleut with lio1~t. tl101rno.t11l-: nt 1J1\·1_•st nA?" a littiu more to get pure mu,fo, 1tnrl e.pcL,cl1 free from m.icro1ihoffi1• uoi~r:A

    Wh] Jot your gu.1'l!t any your /:kt. i• "lik,, a h vi {(ISUlophone" I Why uftor an,\ hlam,i SLatio for rnt11tO)!hOnic Vnhc nolaesf (R :illy, lllCll:C Is very hLU., Slt>tie here,1 Try •rnu1: BT,UF.S, 111~ only non-micropb~nlo Vnln in tb~ "vrld.

    TRUE BL,·ns a:re still th,, !Jii,:l,,,,.t, 1m•oil. •nd &turd ... , Valv Ob the Ill rk,,t, b11t ~Te cheupo in tlie long run, hr, ·~us.: ih'3oy l1ll,;'8 2 to 3 Um 8 loug~r tf nd r.nn:-rnme •,;n~ii]e,,nbly l" s urr,1nt, t1111Q eff'ol-.ting 11. I.Ji~ an.vh1g in • 'B ' ll11ttcrin~. TRUE BLUES ,ro 11,vail:ibla o flt both Stund,ir,! 11,J Dr; Cell &,it

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 21nla.obj-651557476National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, l ~2tl. WI R ~:LESS

    Queries Met by Every Beginner (1) "I huve n Tungar reclific1· which ha, given

    me exc,,11,•nt ~ervic~ for the pnsl lhl'{'{' years. It 15 not fitted "ith the cxLra clips nec,o,;1U11-y for charging "Ii" hatteri ~. am! us I hm,e rcccntl} houg-ht n 110 volt l'hill'u battery I would very tnuch 11,preciaLrntions of connections necess.~ry for charging this battery.''

    A. The 1lrowing, Fig. 1, ~hows cl~arly the extr,i conncctimis n~,·eH~nry for t·h111·ging "H'' bat-teries. It will be rendily seen thul for high volt-age charging the lninsformcr is chnn1?,>d into the auto ct1apled Lyp-, with its prinuu~ and 11,•con,lnry

    . .

    . __ ....... -.... -··

    ~- ... [email protected],:;, ............... 11 Z.~O'l l..Otnp CLIP

    "~nrlings in •cri=:s. Ir, when makinir the connec-t1

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 22nla.obj-651557603National Library of Australia

    P11ge Eighteen WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, M:,y 2A, 1!12G. - ------------------- ---------------

    1 1--·-·-·--:-·-·-·--1 - ~C! -------t __________ J ________ _

    M A R •CO Lln~s J nst lo lion )lnr-co lt,•si,,to Couple!' (

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 23nla.obj-651557731National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Nineteen


    .Mi-;~ IL .l, Rt'PA liug, vd\Oh'~ ~ .. \rfo~ 11f ,.inlor1niu-ml! tnlln1 011 '').ttn•ic.•Jnn

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 24nla.obj-651557862National Library of Australia

    Paire Twenty WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, Ma~· 28, 1926.

    Its. so Simplett?:, C. !)~~ ,~ Charge you1'3 i :✓f j / \ 1 ~ • Accumulators y_o1.Il"self \\slo 1~

    , ....... -............ ~~~~-~-~~~--- "r1\1y-,, ., ,I\ ~ Simplicity and Economy char- ~ ~ G

    acterises the Philips Battery Chargers. J.>lug yotu aclapior into any light socket, switch it on when you go to bed and when _'..!.LJ_:~~¥''fl morning comes your battery is charged. There is no noise or any cause for worry whatever.

    Cha1·ging once a week usually is sufficient fo1· most batteries, espec-ially when your set is equipped with the famous Philips B.406, the New Wontler Valve or the C.509 Valve.

    Automatic 1·egulation of the charging cmrent is the special feature of Philips Battery Chargers.

    They are complete "Full-Wave''Chargers, and as a result give maxi-mum output, and furthermore, they require no Rupervision at all. Even a short circuit cannot damage the Charger.

    PHILIPS SUPPLY TWO MODELS. No. 327 (Chiefly for Radio Batteries), Charging l to 6 cells (2-12) volts,

    with 1.3 amps. Each . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £6 No. 366 (For Radio or Motor Car Batteries) Charging either 1 to 4 cells

    (2-8 vo1ts) at 6 amps, or 5 to 7 cells (10-14 4volts), with 3 amps. OBTAINABLE AT ALL RADTO DF:AT,ERS

    11111uu1111u1111111111n11111u1111111+uU1111110111u11111n111111Hu111111ruj1""'""u1u1u11111111111111111111111111111nu1111n111111111111111111n11111111111111111 u111111111111111un11

    Makers of

    the Famous PHILIPS



    Give Perfect RECEPTION

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 25nla.obj-651557995National Library of Australia

    Fl'iday, .l\fay 28, l!ll!G. WIRELESS

    Lnker•s lt'ctu11?8 lu!< estnhli~hefl hini firmly in pl1hli1• trivoUI', onil it i~ .:111 l 1tipatt•1] that 11 • l111iratio11 will in c-renb'r wttL the ch.1llvt1rr nf the '!Ul·1'Pl'cling talk1;. 0111 this on•nsion th~ sp,•:i hr will d,·al with lhl' nud erial• ii;tir !;ldl" t1i ,1:tl•tlllf'~,• tlP\·eJqmwnt. :\1r. ,f. M. Prf'TI

    Mavi.s Det1mflm. 2FC ,oprano.

    tice will resnmt: hi~ 1111.k~ ()ll .lfort1ign .AJl', dealing sveciii"'nlly with tbe European b'itua1io111 a111l answer t)O th.ill c.rt•a~iou writt1;1n io41uiri1-1H.


    On Tlnu·srn I kt.11tio11s.

    :&USSIAN BROADCASTING. Bron nen•t ill![ .Lari c!I in Russi:i iu o,•tobt•1·. 1!)2 I.

    The J/us•inu Broa1le:1sting C'ompnuy is n1ll~o '' Rudio l'erC'tintrhn. ''

    Tltt~,,~ arr lf\ Unnulca~t iu,g C"Wltr Pf;1 l'Onl prifoliiug lG st:itions, although !l5 .i

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 26nla.obj-651558120National Library of Australia

    Page Twenty-two WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, May 28, 1926.


    REFLEX RECEIVER :is described in this week's issue, can be seen in our window a t



    Lil!t of Parts required:-

    1 Rakelite Panel, 12 x i x } . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 31-Platc K. & C. Variabll' Co11u.1•11~cr ........... . l 4.3.Plati• K. & C. Vuriahle Conden~er . . . . . . . . . .. . 1 Columl1ia 3-Coil Holder (in6ide mounting) . . . . . 1 St>t of • .\pex H.C. Coils, 35, 50, 75, 100, J 50, Mounted .. 1 Valv~ ~ocket, ".A.ja:x,'' .... 1 A uilio 'Transformer. fi to 1 . . . . . . . . l 30-ohru Rheostat, "A_jax' ·. . . . . . . ... 2 4-iuclt Ajax Diak nt- 2/4 . . . , . . . . . . 2 ~nn-Ui

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 27nla.obj-651558259National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Twenty-three



    /larbara Briscoe, 2PC contra/10, winner of rite Aubum Concrolto Champirm,uri11~ tin· aflt1r1u,ou s1•:,;.~•ion:-1 on ~11,lny rmd \\'crl, nt•>

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 29nla.obj-651558519National Library of Australia

    ---·-· _• _n_Lc.•--=·--=·---'"__::_" ::.E::.•_:•_cr ___ ..:':::"':::"::...:· ".a}' ~II, Ide.


    BiUG.R'l' !JE.T'l'.DB (AOCUJmLATOR.) TYPE$

    MOe 3 to , Voll• .. 1 Amf,ll. l!l/G Mf!IL

    OSOi ~ Volu,, _. A.w.p:t. ll1CI~.

    01 D.ll 3;~. ::~· .i A111p11,

    DIV, DV ,;u V111ta. .I Ml&lt, "I· ,IICh

    .. .,,11 ,. 111 1•b("r 11:~t¾.b ••t' A1llt"nrnn \'•JI!!.

    DOU, Dll'1TP.R. (DllY QEl.L) TYllll&

    A.10$ I 10 1.3 Vl)hl, ,1)6 Alup,a... A3GG S VoJs,, 0G Ampt

    !.8!6 1!11..tb.

    H&M J"'1I II~ ,. Pamo.1 .. lJOlf Mlal:0 ' BUAltE!IIT Dfl'.SOTOJI.' Set m(,rf' 1- 11nn~I' • ", ,t ., 1,1.:.~

    A ;:ruo.uiv,, 1•~zr., olll! .,. I Jt i,, ... o>t th, •• ,ltirt"• ,. i,,v ,l,tllh~,1. , , 1,,.

    WH'l,;l l~.1,'l'•t~I: HU\Jt: l lClS"-l'J(n"TIO~ ltl4CJ::l\'R1C!'<

    n .. \ ri, E.\'l-'.11\'r!fl'.l.lf I I / , .. r -...~,•lllllf "' n•llll(, ~\LI-ti·-.. h,1..;',.,111Apl"' 1 ~111Kli1', UJ,:,'U l' .\:St.:t, 1•1 1,-,\ , 11,I t',,,::,_\,..I, \.\L\"W-i.. ,\ &. 11 li..~:rrl'~lilE~. bAl l.lB '\\'111&.", \'11Lj')l,t:n,: 1; H''"l[U it.l f:.T~;rL 1w,:.11 Ai• •••11111•hr rrr" llf-'.\T>P' rl 1SV.l-l -..1\l,llf ll .. , 1u;~l.lof, ,.,J \I.Ill Al. Y.1.,tl IT'1UlNT


    1 v~~ Dry Cell 1'Jp,t f1' It G 1 Valu, ,nlb «I l\nrflar• Ih,iU' Iii YIU"" Dry Cle)I 1yp,t . no ID o Act••b.~t nt 11 0 3 Valv.n, Dry OeU r,p. £13 li 11 I a Valn, \f'll,IJ. GO Am.per• Jlwr • V-11.he, Ory Ciil\ ~ m 4 & • v~t~ Am 1Io11r a& 16 & Vllltl!, :DfJ Odl Tf~ f:!11 t' II,:rr ~ t20 19 l Valn_ ,,rhb. .11:1 Amp!!te. 1!0d' 5 w11h ID Alllpn• H011~

    A(O'llfflul,,\« " 4: Cl A«11111utol' . . Ck a s


    B•cl Ol!kie .,., 9-op: or, r1u .Md 0n .. n111ffl Slrecit8,f~KY.

    Ura.n,t.lll ts Pnt S~d. (n•r 0.ft.'11111.r Qqa,-), Md~ Oo,i;,artMent flO C-lbuo-n 111:r..t

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 30nla.obj-651558641National Library of Australia

    Page Twenty-six WIRELESS WEEKLY Frida:,,, 'lay 28, Hl26.

    Manufacturing Products Sales Co. (M.P.) IH. ;r. HAPGOOD).


    TeL: BW 6763.

    Ageuta for all Stylea of Bacllil Producta. AQ'enta for Clyde Batteries.

    Elec. Meter Mfa. Co., 1 'Emmco- 1 ' Renrade Oondellliers, Leaks and FiXed

    Rheos. Airzone Rbaos. Pota.. Special Coils and

    Loops. Badlokes, Honeycomb, Clrclold and Special

    Colla. Neutron Crysta.!JI, Prompt Sblpmonta from

    Sydney. In New Bontb Wa!OII for Louis Coen Pty.,

    Ltd., Melbourne. Tbe most comp!- Une of 11.adlo Produ.cta In

    AutrnJI•. Write for Special Cat.Joguei..

    Write for Indent List.

    We Represent S1 Foreign Radlo Manllf&e• turers.

    Your Boy Knows!

    TUOt:OH yoa mat no1 underetarul w1retea1 icdrninln iot, 1our hoy dA("I, 11nd prob• ~bly k..uu.-1, loo, tb"L E.dl1wau • ·cea· ;sor ~• are be:•1

    'rlie lu11s lift, 1111d 1h•flendshilit) c,t yoar st-I Hr• 111 lh• C"nmpournh m1ed, i.o l)e rt"rl41n they ar.,.


    IIDISON SWAN ELEOTI\IO CO. LTD., 68 Otarmce Street.. 81

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 31nla.obj-651558774National Library of Australia

    r'ridny, )fay 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Twenty-seven

    1ilain a,; much as they know themselv

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 32nla.obj-651558902National Library of Australia

    Page Twenty-eight WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, May 28, 1926.

    PREMEDete ,. ('fo-1-

    For Perfect Rectification

    ~ESIGNED -specially for master' ~LJI detection. Gives you strong signals and helps weak long distance reception.

    MULLARD Double White Ring VALVES Type D•3 for 2-volt accumulator JJ/6 Type D.06 for 2 or 3 dry cellB 13/6

    EACH or 4-volt a,ccumnlator EACH


    1Mullard THE· J.,,fASTER ·VALVE -------------------(ARKS. B3.)


    Advertisement of the Mullard Wireless Service Co. Ltd., Balharn, London, S.W.12, ENGLAND.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 33nla.obj-651559034National Library of Australia

    Frid:ty, May 2~. l!J2G. WIRELESS


    'l'o tbt• E,litur, 11 \\'in•liitt\t \\(•,•kly. 11

    .... ir, Your , .. ,httn iH.1 1.t..:• \\ rk wns ('c•1't:th1I,: to the I 111t wbe-u 1lt·.aU111i: Y.ith the, wavt•lengfb aituutio1 with rrgarJ to tlo,• bronde11,tini; srntiom; Jn A1.1,tra-lin.. llnnu~ beou fortun:,tr. t uough during rn~ l,nsi rit'H"' lrnn,1~ in th,• f-:111d~r11 ~IULL18 to h:1n• h:111 lltt-' 011te1rl11mt~· of li~•••uin~·in ;1t th,, huun• tu\\ 11 of

    'l t.rly P\'.diu:?,it uf 1,il v uu1l 1·011tC'111~t fur tlo• i11d1 ,-t•lual8 n· .. ,,,,u~ihlo (or ~11d1 n hr1 less hlund..-r. ,\r ,ordln:.; to information th.·H I ha,e rect'nt,I rrc,m iudl\'idunl-i fl.1'11uui111t•1I \Yilh flu• inrwr \\1•rki11~!'! o!

    tl11• P.)1. rffir1" t thn11gr8 iu bl!-i o,,.n ptt·viou..-;Jy niotli c,1ten ,IPfU1rtmrut. T,\11 r 111 \'t'll\1(' to tlt, at witJ1 It lllHkl'S Jitth.· 1liflt'ft'lh·t1 to n blatiutJ 's ru.11-11i11,: ro,t~ wl1t•·•l1..-r fiv,, thotbllutl. or fifty tbou~anf'l 1'f"r illr" h"t u In it. \\ ith n f'Ombinhl re,enueo of rq,,rrox. £.ltiO,uno [i;r the ('01nmm1wt· .. 'llth, i.'a, I, of th~ 1·igJ1t ('lll~'l \ ~t;1tiouS l"1Hlld't £~11,llflfl 111~tf•a1l of

    1l111 pnltry 1,ltt llh.'.•' n~ u1 ('l'•·~w11t nftl"r jl't' ·11ul 3LO tnl;p their 1i11uK 1 "httr(.'.

    Politit•;1I uC"li\11,· s1•Nns ••gse,:utial for r••li,r, .nnd nll r~:uh.•r..,.. 11ihouM do tfu•ia uhuust to "IIJ'J'Ort the., ~\s~nt"intinu ror IJu· De,·L•lnp1111A11a nf \\"in·lu-1'(, nuil t lw1'1•hy cn·ult• a' ,,rM·r111 i•1t11l ho•l.v, \\ hii•b enn hnT•" th._, hau,1 of tho~(' l111li\'i1lu:1h1. hoth ittAidl· ri11il on'!ide the tlrl'~rtmeut, re,pon•ilole for th,, rr,,•ut h pck..,s muilil

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 34nla.obj-651559172National Library of Australia


    Page ThlTty WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, May 28, l!.126.


    I I I

    Low Loss! W HY buy expensive condensers and 4.-Low absorption of moisture. coils and then nullify their efficiency !n addition, Radion is easily worked and by mou11li11g on an inferior high loss is truly b~auUfu! in appearance. In cost, panel 7 it is more eco11omicnl than any other mat-

    RADION is the foundation on which to erial and will prove Lo be far more efficient built! your set. It is made exprt>ssly for i11 every way. radio and for excels any other insulating Alw,1ys insist upon genuine Radion Panels mate1fal in lho four essential chamcteristies and Parts (dials, sockets, knobs, insulators, of wireless, namcl~': etc.) Inferior material cannot possibly give

    1.-Low angle phase diffe1,ence. you the same sati•fa~tory results. The name 2.-Low dielectric constant. Radion stamped on every piece is your assur-3.-Righ resist.ivil)•. ance of complete sati,;faction.

    SEND FOR FREE BOOKLET "Bui/dint Your Own Set'

    Oar new booklet, "Bolldiog Your Own Set," giving wiring diagrams, front and rear views, lists of parts and directions for building the most popular circuits, will be sent free upon request to

    International Radio Co., Ltd. 200 ca.~t lcre111!'h Street. Sydney.

    91·92 Courtenay Pl. Wellington, N.Z.

    The Supreme Insula1ion



    I I i f I I

    I I I

    ' i i

    I I f

    I i '!•~,.-------M•-c ~ _o_o_n _______ ,~_ li ____ M,-•----~-i-.,----- L- •t:•

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 35nla.obj-651559389National Library of Australia

    Friday, Muy 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Thirty-one

    Amongst the Traders THE BRANOOLA.

    Specie.lly built to bring greater volume with minimum cu1·rent input and exceptional clarity over U1e full frequency range. A large diaphragm gives new rounded fulness to tho low 1·egistC!l:is and n~w clarified lightness to the high. Reproduction coull'nlled by a Lhumb sc1·tw nn the base. Polished \\'nlnut plinth with elcctro-platt'd fitttn)!'~. Height, 26 inches, Bell 12 inche~, $pecial non resonant horn. Agenl..s, International Radio Go. Ltd.


    Claims to do aw1

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 36nla.obj-651559645National Library of Australia

    ·r L ,'\TI' wm I ~Si-, \\IF.KLY 1-r!dn.~. Mn, 28, 19:!G.

    Why the new W ecovalves will improve your set !

    Tii, n•w Wtco-vo/ 1>tJ ar, no"' available from r,gvlar ramo 11,alers at


    GREATER sensitivity is assured from Wecovalves, for when operated at a

    dull red heat, the new patented tape filament used in the improved Weco-valve gives fourteen times the electron emission of thoriated tungsten filaments operating at a bright red heat.

    Owing to the unique rigidity of their construction and the special method of supporting the valve elements, Wecov.alves are posttivcly free from the par;in cn~rclul tcleirr m• wll' be nee rte,1 at UT) Mar vui 11ffi

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 37nla.obj-651559906National Library of Australia

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 38nla.obj-651560147National Library of Australia

    Page Thirty-two WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, May 28, 1U2G.

    hum• Pl11111• • ,

    J1 • ~ u .1 n

    1 1m•li n1o1I• ,,. •••••• l ind1 IJiJLl• •• ....... . :1 ,mh Oµ,fa ,. . , .•••• L'1e1r11C"r :.WJ:\!t~ • f'r..-,, 1,.., 1"1• Soo·J.-.,11 •• • .U0\15 (;,Ju,lt r1 s1t r• . .. • • • • ; \b.. \;NI "t,llntt ,J Tti.tmln.11• Jblt.t'l it,o IUH"l''llill, JO uhui. 3/,

    ,u,,I , •. , •••••• •• •• ";uat:11,·ul. 1·,ml •• H~1lr,1m,·1t•u .• , •• ., U1:;tmli11,: \«Mlr'?II ,, • ,, Uu1',1• Iha! ,

    C1Lsh with order. Over 10/·, post free (Batteries excepted)

    .£ ,. J. , .1 I 3 I II I 'I

    l " 8 3

    ' 0 • u " '

    Mail your sub-scription TO-DAY t.o The Edilor, "Wireless Weeklv " J 2/16 Regenl sl., Sydney. HAVE YOU 'fRlEO TliE HOWELL REINARTZ?

    I 'rhere's Nothing Better --- Let ui. Rewire yoll1' Set 1. I WE GUARANTEE RESULTS. I


    I '. Open till 9.30 Friday Night



    Phohe MA 1113

    ---❖ ❖~•----•-..--..~--·--·-----~--••:•

    No More Distorted Music I Ecen t'1e poorest Receiver with its harsh reproduction can he converted into a mellow-tnned musical instrument with the new

    MA CL UR CAN TONE PURIFIER AND STATIC REDUCER ----------- (Pmpnt app. 2flJ,11J -----------


    Pnrllcular.• /mm-



    CHAS. D. MACLURCAN, Pratten Buildlng,Jamie.son St.,Spdney Afamtf(lcwred bp ~lectrlcilp Meltit Manufac•turln(I Cu. Ltd. Spdnep

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 39nla.obj-651560404National Library of Australia

    friday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS WEEKLY Page Thirty-three

    From Here and There


    By "Billy Tea" (3LO).

    The figures for April ha\'c just been published and make a most interesting study. It 111 not a mere fortuitous concourse of circumstances or in other words, klerely by chance thnt Victoriu slill leads both in numbers and in percentage of popula-tlon far before nil other slate~. We may honestly put it down to 3LO, Melbourne's, strong lend both in popularity o{ programmes und excellence of tn111~1mss1on. Suppose we make II neat little table o! the figures supplied by the l.'.M.G.:-


    Tul41 pu

    OCIDI. of

    '"'ale lt-1U J\L'W Car.c

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 40nla.obj-651560602National Library of Australia

    Pa,:e Thirty-four WIR E L ESS WE E KLY Friday, May 28, 1926. r" ,,,, .. ., ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,c ""'"""'"""'"'"" .. , ,, ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,n,,,,,,,,,,, ....... ,,,,, "'""'"I I Lower Prices! I i llJIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIUlllllllllllltllllllllllllltllllllltlllllUIIIIIIII Jl11111111111UIIIIIIIIIIIIUllllllllll11DIIIIIIIIIIIIUlllllllllll1tlllllllll I ~ " =_, Owi11(l to r H

    ·' 'l' AIJL H'l'OR~:t'.

    19/ 6

    10/ 6

    18/ 6

    10/ 9

    7/ 6

    lo===== X,·xt 1n•ek w,• 11 ill hf' a,l,;i:rtis:g rt·tlnct iuns in •Jm1111y othn Jiiws. II' yon hav,• nny difih·ulty in obtainin~ th

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 41nla.obj-651560867National Library of Australia

    t'riday, May 28, 1926. WIRELESS

    now heard in Australia, W esLern Coa:/l r,f Ala~k;,, l'uit~d Stnteij, nnd even as far as CbicagM ~ =:: Lt,, Pr Sw 1tchu11- a C L:l1,·., 1;tr:. E i !--l!Dd tor t'01111,t1~h• c11Llloguf' 111 ~he ! ~ AUMlrt\lia.u l{Ppr+1ot~nl11li\'fl• ~

    ~ BOSWELL & CO. ~ 5 51 YORK S:l:Rl:ET. SYDNEY, ond ~ 5 ,os BOURKE STREET, MELBOURNlt 5 ~ ~ $ llllllllllllllJJllllllllllllllllllllllllllllClllllllllllllClllllllllllll[lllllllllllllllllllllllllllDlllllllllllllt

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 42nla.obj-651561122National Library of Australia

    Page Thirty-six WIRELESS WEEKLY ll'riday, May 2S, 1926.


    DO\VN and



    Do you realize that f OP £4 dawn and £1 a wed. we will deliver lo~~ a Super Cabinet a Valve'Wliclez Set., a Home Cinema and one of

    Heiron4'Sm,th:s Lift•on Bill

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 43nla.obj-651561447National Library of Australia

    Friday, Moy 28, 1920. WIRE L ESS WEE K LY

    B r o a d ca st i n g

    2BL :Bll,OADOABTER (SYDNl:Y) J,TD. Oall S\jln, 2:ar.. Wavelength, 363


    l"BlDAY, MAY :18,

    Afte.taooa 5eulo.Q.

    l0.55-51,1f'dal Crk:k.c:1 ~Jon wit.b Mu,:h: from Lbo Srudlo.

    S-G,l'.0. Cl~k. a.ntl C,bht1e1; Wc,thcr Report aad S,ooial Nnteii Crom 1'bo SUD,

    US---M1.11ie lnnn the Studio. 3.»--C..l:' .0. C.1ock amJ•; A t.alk

    E.n1Ji.b Po-c-f--G.r .0. Cll.K'°k, l\od Chi.111~ ; A talk ,,11

    A Coun" in Cn,rli~h LitM'•t 1r"• by Mr. J. 1\1, l'rcodc.ri.

    3.45--Mwfo from Lha Stuct,io. 4-----C.f .(). Clock and; Duhl Jon111'

    Tea lbom Tria, .&.15-Mu•lr. I-ran, the Suulili, t.lO-t;.P,O. CJ,ic-lc an.J th.Jmu; St:r-ia..l Stor,

    entitled Mr-, lun10.i. 4.45--Muek Crom lhc !)tudlo, 4..55-1.ato l{t'.!~•Ull• rron1 fbt• Sun S-C~l-:' .O. Cl.xk titid CWu1e,1; ~iili rtew,

    Sr!n-ief"~ s~u C.ll.O. Clock aud Chtme1.: Clo.111 down..

    'E.11.dy F.v.-ninl[ 51:1111((111.

    5-C.P.O. dude etnd Clah11t•-.1; Pa\'iJl(.)n Diot1('t Orc:bcstn u11de-, the di.OH:tiou of Mr. Ccc:. Morrh~ort.

    6.BO -Sport llll Jfi--111111u, frnru ~uo luwip.apr.-1 •: lJnole (;e,orw:e- and th~ Kiddie,.

    7.30-.. "What', On.'' • ;ttldc tG the Ti• ltor-_. anil citiien• uf S~·dm:y,

    ?,~':.11:,1!~".-~i ~~u~.1:!d .!!~~~JlatH~r.~~

    ,'ti Vinanc:t'I Conlp.any. 7.SO.-Clote- dcwn.

    EV4'u1ni; S•1111111U~

    1\-Tiu, .\tin11al M,•1•tl•,s aml Du-trl1rntfon n( f11nda rit th" l.niteoi Ch.aritiea fand Ir..,m thn Kjnc;:·'!I U.al1, Hu.ctn St, ln a.ddirion to t.he •rccrh.e• 10 bn ddh.cnid by Hill tb, r;orn1·n,1r, Ri~l.t Hun, L..,rd M.4JO-T, tho Hun, t;. C. 1....uP.tiul, MLA. aru! th~ Hon. :--,r AHu ,f (,,,u1d with qtlur e;rnll, mnn. l.b,-re "'"ill l,i, n hr!lllH-rl 11rop-:,n,tn& whith 11 M du, "• 1c11,1•, .a.nd rc,·it•tlon•, Wider t.lte dl-rr.ttlun nf !\Ir Ht,IUJ h1•tcr c,j 1be Lo11.tar• T1Hu11um of M1.1,k.

    lLESOAY, IUJIIF. I. Aftrm,,an tiC-.HlOP~

    11).Sfi Spt-crnl W niinutn Cr-irk• t St ,. j,.n ,,,ith

    Page Thirty-seven

    Muaic from the Stud.i-e. 3 C.P.0. Cloek. Kl]d Cblinet: Wt!llltbM 8.epo:r1

    and SooUIJ Natc1 from The Su.n. S.lli-M11•ic frMhi the Stud io1 3, .. 1\o-G,P,0. Clt:te.k and Cblmet. 3.1.?-Mu.;;i.c from lb«e Slnd io, ~ ;.l'.U. (..;Jock .a.nd Cblmce; lrrun di•

    Stud.lo. 4.So-G.P.0. C:la\ak and Ciimc111 Sulal Story

    C"ntltlc•,1 Mt. Rttt11'1'•1-4,,tS-Mu•ic from the Stud io, 4.S.'i-1..(lt-e ;\111.Tkel l{cporta bom The S11-n, 5-ti-,P.0 Clfk:k and Cbime,; Sun New-. Stir,

    vfo~. 5.15- -C.P.O. Clo"lt and Cblmn; Clou dOWll.

    Euly Eve..nlo1 Scufoo. 6-C-P.O. Cl,1l"'k and Oum~: SpPrtiJ:).g Reaume

    frmi, ' '.!dnn." New1pap,r,rw ; UDale Ja.c• and the Kiddl ...

    f.i~4-S-B,aaJr.i'iter• Din:n.-r 8 n:h ea:tra.. 7.15-1.ntl' Stoclt, Hide. and ll.a.rket Repa-rl•

    h'f enutlt"-llJ o( A,:n11nl lan Mereantlle Land ~ } lnaott- f:Qmpu7.

    7 .50--Cfo•e J nwn.

    tTenln1 Sen ion. 8 l"he A.m.b•a!!ll•lor• Jn•l nin1 .. 11t.n1 SalM Quu•

    lNtt.• undt•r th(! disNJtfo11 11( Mr. Claude ~t1Clym1 ~ "\fr. Alfred ().-,u,\11,tham , baritone; \tJ .. " Cldt:c (;\,11lr, 1oprano ,ud ltr. Joseph. T'Mt1 ()hoe tolos,

    )0.6.i-SJ1et1illl ~ Piin11h: C.r-kkc:t SC$dua whii: M~lc hu111 tbr !'ituJl•1.

    AhuniJoD Sc.ulott,

    S-C.P.O. Clock •nd Chi.m9; We-atb« Repar1 • 11d Sf)('ittl f\ol.cll frvtu 'J'b.o Sun,

    3,15-8r00Jc..1uue111' 1rio, 3.Jo--GJ•.O. Clock 11oml

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 44nla.obj-651561656National Library of Australia

    Page Thirty-elcht

    A. C. Coaaor, Ltd. A. H. CART/1R, FaclotJI R•Pm•nl-attvo and Sole AJ•"' /or Au,tral/a, 20 Clarence St , ::;gdneg. NS. W

    "'"°"• ,'13 238/

    WIRELESS WEEKLY 1''riday, .May 28, Hl26.

    The Standard British Doll-Emitter Valve

    Tba Wuncell .Dall Emitter \"oJta,n, 1.1:.1 ,·oh., l'cm•• mp11on.

    .I: _.,np •\~!,

    1!or l•etc,rtor •nd'. 13/fj


    ~m ft t1 ,\.ml1litlu1fon, ] :t, Ii

    Co111or Loud Speaker- Val•u \\'~. \olllt,:1•, \'ttill j';>n

    i.u111• on, !'. "m;,, l"rit ,co, 21/ .. , I'~. \'olt•~"- J G -rntu ('()n

    .. um1•t o-. 175 aml-' t•n,;.-~--l o'a,h ·A 11 "' ,, R 'He.ri1• w ah •J•fl•

    d1,I •1',lf, l 11o11d rt.!.,,uq• I" h"u'J ~Q 111 ,~1t .. tf1l\~t .. 1,',11;!'1'ito~l.f!t1tf wtth "111 fc,r lJMtctnr and L.F, u,

    earh \\ !;, H F ..lmplift~t OP, lA/•

    \\ l, W-2:, \\ 8, and l':t ~t11ndar,t .\.mf'ntan or Enclu~h Hnet,

    Gamble, if you will, but WE II k 10~- the w()tor 1t1t. who atll

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 45nla.obj-651561916National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926.

    THURSDAY. JLNE $. 10 . .s~ ..Spec1al 20 mlllu,te Crid:et SeNloc wtth

    \(ut1c from Liu: Studio. A!te!TIIOOD Seu.loo~

    ,-C.P.0. Clock and Ch.ltua1; Wealhtt Beporu nd Soc:li11 No~• from . Tbc SQn.

    J.l~Davld' 'l'ca R~ni Trio. U0-G.P.O, Cleek and Cbunoa; J,45-Muic !tam lhe Stadlo. &-e.P.O. Clock 1t1d Cblme•; David Jo• m'

    T ll!ll lloom Trio. •.o-Mude Crom lhe Sttulla. • ss-Leie M.11rh1 R~ort.t frl)ut The Sun .. S:-C.P.0. Cloek an.d O.imeti Sun Ne111'1 Ser.

    5J~.P.O. Clock and Chimu; ClOH down. 6-1,;.P.0. Clock ChlJaui Sport.log Roaum.

    fr,;im "Sr,11;1" New.1papen; Uncle Jack aad dle Klddltt:.

    7.51)-Cto,c dolfn,

    E.,o.a.fog Se.ion.'II Jm~r.ill Orobe,na, un.der the di~ ,~ellon 0£ .Mr. Li1>l'llN Hart. Jlroadeaat from. H~yt', Tht"•lrc. Frum the Stud.lo; 'lbe Syd, uy l-laycin prceertt a co1nedy in thn4 •ell l'Jllitled, T.he 8.9tte-re, Aiel J. Ml.. lle~cma ~wtJ1, •; Al. lh.mmctt and tllo .n..m• b1.t11edt,t11 Danco Orohel!tra, broadtHl ftotn the b•llron.m oC Tho Amban.adon undl mid• niir;hl.



    o.u Sign, !!KY. Wnelengtb, 280 metre&.

    Fl\lDAY, MAY ~.

    U Moa ~pecllll Luncbcou Hour [email protected]"1'foei Onhm ruJ!lc:•. l.a1or New1. hem.a ol Q:flnf!lra.l ;lo• Jrrttt; Spu,ting Result&; vocal a.nd mu1noJ i•,m~. clo.jng down at 2 p.m.

    E..-1u1tna ~••lou. :.30-L•te,.t Nl'ww ltam"l Mf!• M• iai& C..rruU, l\h, Alf. J•.mCE, baritont:; Mt', U.u-d. tcduticd rlt:.lligoc, o( :.!K 'f. WJreleu Leoi.ureuo; \Ir. J. llyu, IAbor Rl'ls•;.11.~b Burtwl\t, PuUtlc• al and ind11.1trL&.l 'l'apiq.; Mr. Dnid EdeJ-t111!1\, n1onolof110t; Andl"O Addison'• String llrdlt•1r1t ~ P.11.l.lll» 1'0}'1t) CtiliforD.lillUI, by kind pm11iHl1111 o J. C. Br,11Jr,1tlt (Mr. Wa.h.(I):' lkrl>an, lr-ar.Jtr).


    1.A.5-Ultewl New, 111:mR nnd S11ortin1 ReJi~t•; tdr, J. O'St1Uiun1 h•r'llontt; l.o:tuJcltci, Hint:a ,,Q Mt.1tor11, Mr. W. U. Uurgrll-llj: Mc. Fnnl Rt1hruan, l'f'lU•c.>luiiu~: Let1urc11c, Labor ~r.. la.t;on, Afr. J. C • ..[Jdddgc: Mr, Robcrttion, 1,irltoce; Nt1lle O'Sn.llinn, dru1t1.lJc •; \Ir, W, .M .. toH, banjo 1101o11, Pal,111• Royal Collr1.itt1i.i.n&, by kluif pern1iu.ion oC Mr. J. C. tk111Jrud1 (Mr. WaJ11:r Bcebaa, lc•dcrJ.

    ~fONDAY, ~IAY 31.

    12 nooa-Spccll.l Lu.ncbe-on Ho•t ScrYiee: U.nton 'rvl'lt", Ull,9r Ntil'>•. ltt-ni11 u[ gcflcral _in• 1,m11q Spwti113 Rt"iM(1ta:,, l'ti lw.1y Ruw11Id, .-ntut.• lor-r; .Mr. 'W. Stnin. tenor; L!e.tW'-rt~, Lbea.1 Tttpica, Induanial a.nJ. Pohl1a11, '(,. J. S. Carden: Mr. Bc•rd, tceh.nlc:al de .. •'¢Dt-f of :.!K \', wlrclep lecturctlt!: Mr. J, en,,. bt1rito11~1; Ml..!ls Ntdlie Cra,·e-,. aoprAno; Yatll"r'-r, rlolin .oto; 1'Alalae Roy1l Ct.lifornta,1•, by kind pt-nnitalou of J. C. s,.rutrodt (M.x. W11hcr 8¢1::bat1~ leail'tr).

    11/ESDAY, JUNE I. t: 4-0011-::,JH!elal Luncheon Bour Ser,-ice: Union

    f 11pini, J.lllmr Ne,r1,, ltrm• ol ae.neral In•


    tel'e11I; Spt1rtins- Banh•; ,·Qea) • od mm.ioal f1c::ma, olv•inir; dow• • I : p.m.

    7,30-Late.t l\"t,:w• he.1u1; .MJu Dorrfo .. oa. eo-prano: L«-cruroue, Or&anio E\·olutioa, Mr. Cop. 1\-lauaeli Mla 7.ara NU.atoa, IOS,hac,; Locturl"tle, Mr,. It. V. M.arlht:m; f1uc aolea, Mr, Lea S(lroulr: Mr. MtDoupl, Hawaiian etl"t'I gulu,: .Yr-. Dnfd Lloyd, pia.a..i1t: Mr. A. Jruuft,oa• ti,nor: Muter ~rk-, boy ao,. prA.Do; MiM Beau,. mr:uo-.apraJ\u; l«hrt• r-ue by tht" S111~ 0Mt.Otrae,y Li!!a•u•: PalaUI Californian,,., by kind PermiNloet of J. C. BcndrrHlt (~lr. Walw R,-cbaa. leadar).

    WED:\ISDal.Y, JUNE 2. J2 nm1.o.-Speci11J Lu!lllheoa Dour Senicc-: UQloa

    Topic,. Lahn, Ne,,,,. ltr1111 or ,e:aonl la· lt.l'ett; Sporting Rnoh1; wuel..l 1.ud 111u1{caJ llema, clo.iinr down It :! p.m.

    7.30-Ln::111 ~-

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 46nla.obj-651562172National Library of Australia


    ,:·---------------------BAKELITE PANELS

    Cul t., any desired ~izc

    3, 16in ..••.. ¾d. rn SQlARY. INCH. This Price is the Lowest in Sydney

    Preferred Straight Line Frequency Condensers, .0005 22/6; .0003 .. 20 /

    Preferred Vernier Dials, 20-1 Ratio. Note the Price . . . . 7 -

    American Hrand Condensers, .000511 /

    Winchester, 45 v .. large capacity, B Batteries, each . . . . . . . -261-

    Winchester, 22½ v., large capacity, B Batteries, each ......• -13/• (Fresh Stocks Just Landed)

    5 VAL VE NEUTRODYNE KITS, panel drilled, com-plete with everything ready £ 11 to build, 250 to 2000 meters

    NEUTRON CRYSTAL. The World's Greatest Crystal. "The Crystal with Valve Power." New stocks just to hand .... 2 3


    All valves are te~ted in our Jewell Tube Checker and carefully packed for


    "The World's Greatest SporU Store"

    Headquarters : HAYMARKET, SYDNEY


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 47nla.obj-651562435National Library of Australia

    Friday1 May 28, 1926.

    J,30 Duo Art .Sc:lectlonj •opnno ~ lft, Mra. lt. C. Atl~o: moric&l monologu.l!, MUut f:ih,""D Mdc:nruua; b11ritonc •olo, \lr. J. Caldwoll; • '\.eolia n Voc11!1lon aelection; aof1r.ant1 AO)o, .!tln. K. C.Atlcn; [email protected], Ml• F.ilt-eu Mdonnsn; 0\JO Art; ba.Titon• •olo, Mr. I. Ca1Jwtdl; Aet1li1 11 Voca.Jlon •election.

    4.15--No-w• Service 1uppUcd by "'•Tbo [email protected]•Pb.'~

    -t.SO-Clt-11e down

    Early £vcniDa S11mlon, ,.,:!,lj-Ttm11-in. 6 .. 'l0-1lu1 Chlldre.n'• $01M1ion-Storic1 by •~n.

    Saurlmun" i-'U1,. F'arm,.r•' S1·p,:!iun- Rt!p\JrU ~up•

    pUed by 1h11 (:pun-oil of Aatfoultnrl). L,ec. tul'ette--0,gAnl,.-d Miu-kolJri_i; of Meat. by Mr. C. ShPf'h)', A•l•l.11nl S«rctny Cull.Ocil oJ Agr-iruluue.

    7~0-NBWI Sa.Jee llllllf'pll~d hr "Tbe Tcde-grapb.''

    7.30-Clo.c dowo.

    N!&hl s ... ion. 1.,S---Lei.:1ar0 Se,,.11hm \fotarlt.l..--C(1rrrci Lubci-

    eat£on Talk, No. 7. L)' "('...iuW;U)'l t>." 8-llarilO(H! gnlu, M.r. Le•. J,~aull. nt"r: Scolc.h

    4"(U)lii(' Mr. W. Uon .. td, St'u.r.i H.t.rmouy dlltlt, Meun, LNi F.1mlk11ec- 11nd W. Donald, Juns.; i::roup of l,:u1Jp m1mbtn b7 Air. N. Ci,ulJ;

    :1:~ : ::; ~~~ ~i1~;;:~1db .. !~1:~~ ~t~fM~~ Le! J,'au.lkncr; c!lrnet tolo. ~fr. W. nn,i.t!: ltnr ao.lo, .Mr. W Oonnld, Jt:1nf. ; S~olrh cumk. \f.r. W. Donald, Sent,; h.u111onr JuM, i\lt'Nr~. Le11 faul.lon:r and 1tr. ti, Donald,

    Jut1r,; c1wu-aho "&011'1, M,ni. ChayJe-s WHle,y; pl11.t1ofu1lr ,o(o, :MUI" Pbi11Jpe; eopu.-no tol(,, Ml.ti- Ltllt.n Brown; oornet 14'.'lf), Mr. W. H. l>.11.,·h ..

    8.50- -WPKlher inf.orm11tion omci11.ll7 supplied by the Oommonwe&lth We•· the:r Buf~ii.lL

    8.55--An noun Ctiment e, 9-Studk, .l'l'-Q£r•11m1P, r onlrnuN. • 51.JS--from th• Band Prnctjrr, l\rt0m, Aon S1 .. -A progJ,unme 0£ m\HtW by the Suutb Bd•• Mllt- City (undae-r 1b~ 1.-.tlcuahlp of Mr, J . W. Fcr,1!111mn.

    10~--Tbc Dilly Mail'' Ncnn SerwJ,o.e: N,11.ltoat J Aalh"m b7 4QG Artista. Clo~& down.


    Y.iddt17 Seaaion.

    I Z.66-Tutu~•in a-ipal. l-Marke1 1\1'.Port• ana Nsw-1 Secviee 1u",pllcid•

    bJ the- "n.ilr Srud.arJ": Stock Es ehan,. 1..30-Clou driw11,

    Allunoon So .. ioa. S.25-Tuuc-l:u. S,3'1--F,om the Su1dla--O ... "'rtur", Tb11 Savoy

    O1clu:•l.t11; 1.opnnh 1alo,. Mi~ -Olp Ilar.CU: "'llll't• Th~ Savo)' O~hntt.a; !.opnrno tolo, M~ Olwi Btu-rla i, 'J'hf! ~.uoy Or· .. Lra; l ui.rll~nc ,olo, Mr. J, C:ildwlfl'II; at• choi,t~, The: S••oy Orohcgtra; harltona 10l0, Mr. J. C..ldwelJ: conirahr, .olM, Miu Clarice!' Cox: 1elce1i1,11, Tba Suvor•; mu~.h.

    The Sav.oy Orche11i.n. t .JS '1De 1'e~arapb' ' New• 4.l0-0.o!le down

    Eatly E...,euJna SeN.ion : 15,2S-Tuoc• i.D. 6.30-Tbe Ch1ldren'.1 8t1N1ion-S1ode-a bJ ''Tb•

    511.ndma-n" 7-Tiu Tannen' ScHion '.\1•rk~c Rl!'Pon~Lcc-

    t 1m:tu--Shr.-ep 1b,itln_g in Co.a,u.1 Are•'• 111 Mr. W. C. Dcuwn (Conco.ment ~bflot-p a •Hl Woul fllpnlJ.

    7.20--"Tiu: Tde,;t"•pb" .New,, 7..$0-Cl11rkl'T; 1nillWlu~u.t'I, M1sM Eil~u Mcl,cnm1u; At.oH•n Voulittn acltictina; U.S.A. Sev"nlh RC11,lnu:..rn; &opnrnu eoln1 Mt,i , (An. Thomas: Aloli.1n V1)('.j11l i1ln -tet:.llnn, Crl• tnion Mo.1(1 Quult!ltC-.

    t .U-.. Tbe 'T~le-gr.1y~" New•. 4,.:,.sO--Oete d1,1,.n

    E.uly E•onll\R SaNiO'tl I 6.2..'t-T1utc,-.Jn. G . .3() Tba Clalldnia'a ~-• ii,11- StorlH lay " Tho

    Sandrnan;• Th!'r~ ,rill br n •> 1-umu,• Scaition lo,n1&h,t.

    7.:?0-"Thc Tele,vaph'" Ncwa. 7..30-Cln•e. down.

    "WETLESS ,,. Fixed Mica Condensers

    New :rnd improved f~nttues nra incorporated in the WETLESS high q11J1lity Jlx~

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 48nla.obj-651562692National Library of Australia

    Pate Forty-two WIRELESS WEEKLY Friday, May 28, 1026.


    EMMCO CONDENSER. \ biol 1h ,,Jio ·01.1111 ~ rotor

    C'nd plate~ .1trfti~bt l nt:: ";t\"t•lenglb mo,-'/' miuutt' 11d,jus11111·11t. Thri,t' &ronblt l"ilnnu nt Jork • llu1lio ,lark Rwitrh

    (fond "'" r,•1111ir,. !!OOd parh. "" ~el l, lwtt

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 49nla.obj-651562954National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926.

    Night Session. 7,'5 hom thr ERhlhlhvn Ball The Sp~tiioll

    \htlng brJd by F:vulrttUIJ)ptc,1 pro• crati,m" o( mu,11it! by 111• Crr..t•it Urllbano \hmiripll Conr.e.,t 8;at11J (11111ler the lcadar~ !lriJ or Air. !:. latlubn, "'fhe Daily Ji.b..11 .. ~t"Wll SM'Tkf'fl, )

    1.-11Tbl'I Du.lh At.alt" New• Senlcic. Cloto drtwn.

    SCL Olll;:!' l!.AL :SROADOA8Tll:B8 LTD.

    Call Sign. 60L. Wnolon11th, 395 metroa, lJlpul, 5 K.W

    FlllOAY, MAY ~8.

    M11mir1ir Sc--Mftin (11.30 a.m.. io 2 Jl,m,J ll 1r,-G.P .0. Cbimet. 11.tll-FMturtng a Steok. Duo Art num• ~., ll.-lO---' 'Adve,.rt il!i~l'· 1 News Se-r"Vlce. lZ-G.P.O. Cbimea. 12.1-Nn·, •nd C.hl1t Si!.rvftte, 12.18--FPa.turln«- a Steck Duo A.rt

    nllmbtr: The &OL ,Studio 0Tr.hedn. S,,:.-.:1mu; 4,:1Jrnc1 soloi fox tmt; tu\UI cla bnltd, 1~•~~rJ-r; w1l11:; M.'lectlfln; P,1'nlte; ll!ili.lP.

    I.SS---S. C. Ward & Co:, S!oek E:tcbuge Jn-telli~nce aed O·fru:ilal Wet.the, S:,nopW ar,.d St11riQn An1tnur1nJc:.I;'. C.bildrl"ll'• A.ddrN.~. Hev. 'W, G. .All~u•u11. Scnn,:,n~ Re1,·, 'il. C. AJlantoD.

    .A!t.erno()n Seujo:n. • l.-'~!tlc1t~o1 .Su..ullily Ahtrn1XJ11 •"t1olu frtim

    1lu: n~ek J-or•-a1 Hap11111 Cbu,~b. (:.halmmn. Rr.,, U-. k.cith ~:ow1uJ,

    E,·t=oit1g SNtion: 6.30--C.P.O. Cb,J,,,,.. 6.'S,1-Btd, Storie-11 for l.he OiUdren. 7-Rc-l•;i• from lt:l--C.P.(). Cbime1.

    Altttn01Hl Seu.inn.. (3 lo .5). S-C. P .0. Cb i..ruea. S.1-Relay from Maple Caret On·be.•tU.l

    m1wb,:,n. ,$.45-Bzoadcnd from Stv.dio: s.m.t Story, 4--G.P.O. Otirne•. -4.1-Brcr,tlr..01 !tom Atc1dl• Ca!c: OR.hutn.l

    ruunber•• 4..SS--Stod: Ex~banp R11>0rt•, Getjor4J lu:fi:1r•

    malllin and Sut}an A11..aoW1a.ett1"1111. s-G.P.O. o,;,,, ...

    Evtti!in1 $c1.aJon (6.30 10 10.:,0),

    6.30-G.P.O. Ciimc•• 6",i31-Bt>di-Uuo Stork• (or CbRdren, 7.:iO-Ml•• Wuda EtJwudt. WJII •Petk on

    Dllndu •• " 8.I-Slud111 C11n\'nt, arr&.JtErcd by \t:id.&Jiu•• Qt.Jell.•

    oi!:I. 8.20-Twi11.Ju"• Orf" llw:ntJrC'lut T.alk (MI,

    f". J. M1U,. 8, U~-D11.nct, Progr•/111!10, contlnurd. 9.$-()1,1,JH!C l"Jorr1mm~. CM!lindod, 10.:IO-D• ncc rrocrat11me.. r-nc,tinitt-d. I0.4S--S1ttion Annou.neem..nlll; To•mo"-"''•

    Programme; National Anllu:,a,

    TIJFiSO\Y J\.l\l. I.

    Mornin1 Se.9i1u1 ( 11.30 a,m. 10 % p.m.)

    lL.30----G.P.O. Cb.Iiu-.. n Steck Duo .A.l'l num·

    bflf', 12-~.l'.O. Chim.,.,. lZTI-Nt·wa and Co.Me S"n-k~. 12.16-FelltJrring 11.. Stecik Dub Art nu-m-

    her; SC'L 8tu.dto Orir:hcs,n will pJ1-,: &lr.dinu; ·c,.Jlo •ol,,: {,,..1. trut; .rnrlu.l)'t 11,,~el-r-llri '1nil;mh•1 ,,un\'l aulo, 11,1h1; h1'lllt-',

    Page Forty-three

    t-.55--~. C. Ward & Co.'• Stodc: Ez:duao lo• t~tlig.f!ncr, Official Woathel' S)'u.o_paJ• uicl Station• .

    2-C.P.O. Chime,.

    AJterooorj Searion. (3 to 5),

    5-G.P .0. Chima, S,1-RcleJ Imm Maplet Leaf Ca!a: Orabeur1l


    l~·lS-Drnadeut ftutu S,udlo: Serill Storr. l,-C.P.O. Clume•. l.l-Br11odc:Ht frr,m Arc:adia Cafe I Orebcnul


    4,.$5-,Stodc. F'.tcha111:,e R~pvna, Gfnrr1l ln(ar-u1ot 1un ilJ'lJ ~iation An.uoun.ccmc:a.t• •


    £.,l'!tiln,: Set11i1;1• (6.!IO tu 10.30).

    6.30-G.P.(,. Oiit:n

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 50nla.obj-651563223National Library of Australia

    Page Forty-fom,

    10.40-SttHu.a Announorun(IJH.&i

    TIIURSOAY, J l!N.£ 8.

    J.L80-0,P.O. Oblme,. 1L31-Jre:1turlng • Steck Duo A.rt num•

    bar, 11.4.0 -''AdverLiur'' New, Bervfo&. ll.55-Vor:11lian Number. JJ?--G,P,O. Chimeff, 12.:..-• 'Advertiser•• Nflwa Service. 13.16-Ptatu.ring_ • Steek Du.o Art num-

    bor i acr, Studlo Or

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 51nla.obj-651563487National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1!)26.

    , .Zif-Ao 1:!'ait, of MoHrs • .Bnekley and S:unn Lt1., lai.hinn tAlk.

    l.13-t-iTrttion •rrto. . 5S-RiLn. Uhtenre.

    l!.ti.:.""1-$.tncl F'11:chan1eo fof onn• llou, l.:?.~0- -llf'teurologicol lnforrnatlon; Weatba.r


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 52nla.obj-651563770National Library of Australia

    Page F orly-six

    I 1-~,nd,o Orchntn. I 10--.\n•• Jortllnt", rtano .olo. J J~llortler J. Pt'nl,-rnTr. tenor. l.'J.!-~taUun 'J"ric,, 1,~I'! Wnhi•r ~mitb, rortH•t i,.olo. I .!lfl-.l.turl lrl'\M J. Pf'tflsrrt>\ c, LPnM. J. ~,-:-:1 ulilo Orrllt!.,Lt•, I.~ l-THrr111 'l'lernac, 'rtillo aolo. 1.66---~U,fllo On-he~tN, Z rto~e down.. !-t.eflah ri,f ttito Fl!!lleral

    Hurdlt• l•• b,- rti.l.hnc tnl at the ..,Udiam, b7 llr Xc,nnan ~" rCancP,

    J1 Gt>d "'•"" 111• k lUli/..

    ~11:-IDA), )!.AY 31',

    \1t1rniD,t H1 •ion, 10.-U, ~ .. nu·• h-om t-.t l'aul'a •••the .._.,.nnnn. Jligion-St. lhtt. 2:l, Y. 0.

    i-rom th~ !-11od11t .. !".t-W•-M11h~_.u Tnim\\,t.YM ll~n.d 11:.:n L,rnrr Jt .. airlu", hnritone, of lht'

    Uilbl'rt and SullivAn Up~ra C'om11an1 by 1K11rmi• s:1D11 of .J f', Wilhamnm I.Id

    ""«-1111'\'tr-n Trantlt.---..1111 Band '4.~\"'fdlf'1 JaC'bou, t-(JJ>r1no, c,f U1f!

    G1nH•rl and ~ullinrn OJ1t"r11 f'om,-.l'lny,

    DESIGNED especially for u se in connection with dry cell vacuum tubes. Lasts much longer and gives more power for this purpose than any other dry battery.


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 53nla.obj-651564067National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926.

    fly lHirmis1'ion of J. C' WHlinmscm I.Id.

    •U-~~uphnninm ti-nd trombOn.a du~t. ~.7-Lance li'llirfo.~. ~llritone. f,H-Mn.h,·ern Tr11omw;i)'S Bnnd. '9.21-' ',\:rJns' · newe servlec.. ~.16-)ltllvo:rn '1':rnmwn}'s B,uul. G.L! Yiul.f'1 ~1Rrk15,qn, "OTmrno. 9.H1-.\l~lveTH 'l'rRmway!I Band li>--r1(>d R;lVP th1•

    )lllNDAY, M.AY 31.

    M iddn.y St!Mtion. t~ n1mn-Tim" Sign&.1. Litt-•t A1t1tnlla.n Cricket

    Elr•,·11 ~1Jree, l..y courtr,,iy of R.cutco .Lrd. Brill.ti Uffi,r lal V..: ln1l~UTM

    ?i~rto .. ~£ d~~:~t:•r•~ JAd. Ev("ninc Se~ndou

    n--C'llihlr1•u's l:Ivur. ::itorh•"" by .BIiiy Hunn;r· Llttlit\.'-llf..' Fniry Stor), Th~ J,oi,t Pri.nN•~tz t\1\/l lllack Benoty.

    (d6-Lt.1,.,.t A,u ... 1n1llan t-:1,-,Hn &!ftl'rt,-. by e-our .. '""~ of i"1.11c-rt I.Id., '"A.rf:;1u1" and "HeraM'' N"• .Ser"lcc. ett.d the rum As«-t1tion C11bl~.

    fl 51-Weather Syng1>sia; Shipplnr Mnv~me11ts

    6.57-Stoelc E.xehAnl:f~ InformAltlon. 7:~-FiA.h Ma-rlret RepoTt by J. R. Dot"·

    reLt Ltd. 7.!!- Fruit. Markel r.epo11 by J. U. Dor·

    rrH 7.J ].forkd rt•lJOrU1 l>)' lhl.! 'Yil!loria.n

    ~~~~k~er~af~tPt~:~::r;, cart~~-· c~:~: Ila)"', Rrrnw, ,TuDP, D~iry Pr()duc.e,, Pota.toaa oa.d Onions.

    ~ie:h1 ~er..sio11,

    7 [email protected] th'11 uw•-pir"'~ of thfl N,w.• ~ettll'rs' 1..ein~ul), \h. I~. R. PlH, "'" 11hli1nt LibrRrl:HI. Pulllil' LiLrnry r!l ILU.d a.b,• Au•tr11li.u.o Pu.ff AhOCWlllion c1tblc• .. 1\rwua" nnJ "Ht!.l:.a.1(1" Nt>'it& Scr-•h.~. ShJppl11Ji: lu1dll1111u e.

    J:?.JS-Sto1•k i'ixd1au~£• tMommtiC\n. 12.50-Mntt>orolc,glc.a.l lnfonl'uUioa; Wu.•

    the.r Fur-P('Jlflt8 for Vid~rio., Tt1:!nu1nia. Ronth AnMTn.Hn. and New South Waln. Ooeao Forect\11-t; Rh·er Re--J1UYts.

    I iitne Si!J'n,il. 1 .I-Srndio Orcbcsu-u. J .J,5.-.51.anlC"v .-\d11a.ur,, violin .sofo. L.!0-~Jf". fl11i!h £t,.u.n-Dr11ugh1~-o\.llCC A11l•

    but!lf". l,IO-~tn1liu 011•hi-11t1.n, i.:;:;....S11111h•y A.1h111•, w\1tli11 111ulo, ~-P\Mo tln~~n.

    • '\ fLt>rnoon SC"JI.Rion.

    :\~L.atf'"I \u,-L111.ll.w Ulrlu•1 Jt..fn,.n otcort'l', bv c:uur1rey nJ llm11en Ltd.

    3.1-~turlio Orc:b....u«. .'1. 10-Tb-=- FQtu ~ick.t. 3,:r~-K"t!hb DrtlllJ11rHl Ju • Or,nn11lk ~lut

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 54nla.obj-651564327National Library of Australia

    Page Forty-eight WIRF.LESS WEEKLY :f'riday, May 28, 1926.

    Fixed Cnbol,undutn Deten n h 1:1 w Thna Vu.Ive CC\binet, 'fle-rnf,;rl' '.l'hb1 in ... lru nH.•tit, J)wlnsc ia lh spt."~iall)' 111cn.~ith,.e 1ttcl selt-t-tivo .H.J...\ C\.'Upllng u n d lt.• 'ftC,W("1" lc1\\ frp,-t'ju..!n1;y amplllll.'r, 1• t he Pqu:a.l nf mQ!lt toor or Rvrt Vl\1\1'& re

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 55nla.obj-651564583National Library of Australia

    Friday, May 28, 1926. WIRE LES~ WEEKLY

    u.x. 199 U.X. 2QlA u.v. 199 U.V.201A


    Get the Best from your Receiving Sel

    USE RADIOTRONS PRICE 13/6 H , At All Dealers

    Amalgamated Wireless (A/sia) Ltd.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 56nla.obj-651564841National Library of Australia

    W I RELESS WEEK L Y Friday, May 28, 1926



    The New Junior Swan-Neck AMPLION

    LOW PRICE combined with HIGH EFFICIENCY are the two mam features which account for the popularity of chis Loud Speaker

    le holds its own easily and conclusively against " twice the size " and double the price.

    It costs only £2 10s. S wan-Neck M o del • A .R. 3 8 • £ 2 1 Os.

    The Siftroo Self-Contained Sifter Circuit

    ACTS as the connecting link between the re-ceiving set and tbe3loud speaker.

    Price, £2 15s.

    For sifting or filtering the output in such a manner as to modulate the current Howmg frorn 1.he receivmg set to the speaker-tor cutring down disconional effects and safe-guarding the speaker against breakdown-and.. tor "Better Radio Reproduction," tlns atraclµnenc is invalu-able.


    Obromoble from oil Ro.d,o Manofomu,,rs. 1tnd D,ale«

    Solt: Distnbutors fur Aw;t:nlas.ia

    Mdbou,ne Ad..14,de Brr,b,n, 1-'etth Wellington (N.Z.) Bnmh Paccory RifPteHatwve : Wi.llWYI 8!og.i, 9 l...Jfcu~ Strriec, Srd1tey

    Pnb1i~bed by B. C. Mumford, of \V'ill..in_n1 '.Edward St., T,o,.gnovilJ&, for Lhe Proprietors nnd PTinten, Publicity Press Ltd., 11-75 Regent St., Sydney_