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  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 1nla.obj-632046995National Library of Australia

    The experienced radio fan needs no gr,·ater assur-ance of -.atisfactory service than the ,.tai.--

    ment -" It's a Gilfillan unit."

    "-t ...

    ~ - - ·- --·---·- - '•- ·-=-~~~....,-,---~----

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 2nla.obj-632047122National Library of Australia

    ~ WEEK.Ly


    i The Open Set is Coming I e ............ ,u,uuu1u,111111111t111u, .. ,11n11,1111n111n111111111111111111111nut111111111111111111111111111n1111111u111111t1111111u11111n,,,11111t11• 11111• 11111111111 =

    I Now is the time to purchase your material for the Set that you are going I e to construct this Winter, for as soon as the Open Set arrives, there will =

    not be sufficient Radio Parts in Australia to supply the demand.

    In constructing your Set. we recommend that you use the following :

    United Transformers technically perfect and used by all lead-ing manufacturers throughout Australia.

    = United Condensers, either plain or vernier all capacities. = E = ~ United Honeycomb Coils, properly wound, correct induct- ~ ~ ance. Most trustworthy and efficient Coil on the Market. ~ = 2 ~ United Coil Mountings, 2 coil mounting, 3 coil mounting, ~

    Coil plugs, Panel plugs, Coupling plugs and Handles.

    ~ Signal Fixed and Mica Condensers.

    i Quick Heat Leaks. i_=~ In your Crystal Set use QSA Crystals.

    These and other ·• UN1TE0" and "SrGNAL .. parts are for sale by all dealers

    Applause Cards furnished dealers and Clubs without charge.

    United Distributing Coys., (N.S. W.) Ltd. WHOLESALE ONLY

    = § -- Manufacturers of -- = i RAD IOVOX SETS I ~ 28 CLARENCE ST., SYDNEY aod at 592 BOURKE ST.,MELB0URNE ~ - -§ g ~IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUlllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!llll/lllll!IIIIIIIJIUI~

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 3nla.obj-632047258National Library of Australia

    WEEKLY~ AJolfnud I'),, b~.-:1.1,, lo llzr /11/eresfs

    of 'f ,reless.=111usia~;ts1Jot1i Amat-Pura11d Protl'sswuaf

    ,v I:. w lllnc:9' agt• 110 111II t\1 IU tto" 11--i,,ll ,12 rit a watt··

    ti , f U1t -i ,nal~ \\8 .. --omt"lu 1 1u .u ur l. ,, • kn " r onh out t•,1wri111t•u1,·1

    '-t"!.;;, .. ah... delicat, nnd «·xpr.u-..1\ t 11wti-1 Ji r-* l do\\O to ~, f, hflt.: 11u 1 11n 1111 111

    11 1• 'I'" lo ,1111 I \llwlhrr pr, t•~• 11 ... p , .... 11,lt• en ~uch In,, JJH"t:l.

    I lolltt tt':fl HU :'.'!Him\ ltllll"'

    1cd exh,111-1i, , aud su, ,,,...ful l------- ---·----- ----------------------,:.

    fl ll.11111 ti, I., 1 I ,luuhlt·. :!/I• ,0J1d1•, :

    -·- - - - - ---- ·-- ___ ,_ , ____ - ----- - ---- - - - - - ·=-tllNtnt1ttN• ,u1,,1c1i• t11,,u1111,u11111•1•11o,,1,1"1llllm.,,o,n•• on1111,11n1111n,,,,, • .-,, ,11;111100 1 .,,,, ,111tnu,1u1u,11111ut11t11

    R osier (or vVeek ending 21st !vlay, / 924 ! l_

    l .~o 111 H.11 11rnr. \la, 15 2 H \ 2 GH

    II.II tulUII

    2 lJ 2 J \I B.:'111 u, t/.fl

    .! ) I

    ~min,. lh l. IJ 2 1;1{ .! l \\

    •I to tJ.30 \J.;W tu Ill Ill In IIJ.:-111 lL \\ ., \l, :1\ \I ., /.(, I

    .! /'\ ·• // i_,,,

    ;:~::.:~~~: :~ , n~ i g: 2 11 1.,,_: \J.,11.. . I •I ' 11 \ Z t; It 2 IJ Tu,·-. '.!II 2 IJ

    • W,•,ln,·•·· .. ::!l 2 H \ 2 1. H 2 TJ I,.,_ ,,,, ..... ,,,,,,.,,,, .......... ,,.;,11,,n•••1•uto1,uot .. u•n•• .. • .. ••u•u••• .. 1u111u .. u1111iuu,,1uu"""" ' '•'""'' u1u,1uu1 .. ,11tn•u•- O•u111MU•11•111, .. >11Ut• •On111•.I

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 4nla.obj-632047380National Library of Australia

    WIRELESS WEEKLY FTiUa_l', .ll:11 111, 11124

    The R omance of Broadcasting.

    l'opul,1r " ' 1ft-r,., 111 \m,~r1t .111 .rnd E11,1.di-.h JMIJt..·r-- 11h•1n re-fer to the ·•Rn• manf'r uf Hru.;.i.dt.·J"itinp; ... and as thr~· traft: tlw ,·.trim, .... u I)!-- thn,ugb whid1 fht• cu I ho.. proµ.r1...., .. ,.c1 It 11m I hr 1•nr I) ..u1,t I ru,l,• ~tt,~r11p1 ... of 1, ... -. 1l1Jn f111H ::-Lun ~ .. at .. '.lJ!.'' tu 1he \\,1nd,~rful ,,.. -.Uh'- ,1rl1ir,rll ,1lm1111I 1n lhP~... ,l:11--tlu- )!fll\\lh uf li1un1I,·a -1 u,1,:. l)1~'1;, intl,'.'f•d IJIJhllr ~• .. , l ... t1lti1·d ~iapp1•1I in a

    1 )oak uf 111lUJfh'1•. tn \nlf'ri1 :a 1h,·tr ar,~ ltt•rw, 11 \·t•r 011 thr upl ift

    l lw f'J1•:-.••11f 'ilfl"!fat:tPf\ r14, .. 11 1on m tJ11• I ~.-\. \\U"" ''"' rl'.J1·lw,J. 110\H'\n. uul,1 Ui.Hl\ 1r11I ... r1im~ diffir,dtiP.,- l1f-"'1•n n\rrn1m1• £lunni: 1111 ''hm,m" p,•rirnl. "hr"n • lut4'1l'- of -..lati,111 ... -,pr.1111! IJII ~i,hn d J i•\\ U1l111th-. do• ~il 11tHim1 ht't'WtH· .... ud, th~u 1111· 1•x,-1t111g (;u\1•rn mt-111 f'n:whi 1u ·1, wa-. 1w.d,l1· In marn-t:tm .,,,11tn1l. \J:1111 huwln-••J ... 11f am Hc·llr l rllll'-mlllt'T-.. mil , nt11IIH.'n ml l1rnu1l1 ,L .. l in!! sif;tli"h"' wi1rkrni::: m lt.1p hdliud fofhi,1n a111I p 11U1U,!! out rtr1 ... ..:r~.unm,·, ... u11uh.11h"1111--h 11n ,HI\,· t'"IIC ilJ..,, ,·\l t•rn,+~ cl11"-r' fi, t>, i rli n tli t•1_

    ••jnmmi11tt:" fwrurr1•· .1 ~n111U'-- mt•u,u•t• .:.in1l it \-\,1,. oc1l11111-..1 impo-..~tbh tu U-L ri\1• u p r 11t•r 111111P \\ ilhnul 111l~·rf,•r~ t·nc~.

    Fin..1lh-, 111, lu;,t rnih11 ma1111forh11er-.. reati,tng tht- ~Jd\•'bt dfen upnn husi-

    BR OADCASTING Solves Your Home

    1'0"1110\ I'< \I ., I ll.\LI \.

    UP~ .. that mt1 ... 1 rt .... u 11. 111•1 ... u..a,J,,tl rh, l,n,ernmcnl lv 1,•\11'" ti11• ...,h,>ll' po-.i-tir111. rn thi~ lltt'\ \'ft'ft' ai,i;•.J In 1-"\'(''n 11up1,r1.in1 nM\,,;pu1wr m tlw r•• a1!1111•·cf :uul tlw wa·n• !f"'l.l1!1h.. "ere 1n,,tpp1·1I 11UI m 11l.J.untl-..·• '-11 tli,11 1lu-"t1 '\.I ... \1'1\ lit1lt• m1•r l.1ppin_t;. inti f' · r1.;1•-qUt·llll\" ,I miuirn um of im,·, r, h'Ol't"' Rr,1:11lr.v:1in~ almn .. l imnw1li,1t1·l\ 1'f'nl ,d1t1atl mJ! , .. tht• l,lll''""t fii!! 1H....-.. ,nuilnhft", hrnadrn'-tin~ ~lutin• ",l •. , ·d t!t.11 1lu1 tllf! 192"\ tlu• \uwrirnn p11!1h '"P' nr ~h.000.000 ,,n r,t1l111 ap 1111r.1IU'--, uml tlidt II 1 .... onrp1,·~ti1111:dd,· th.11 1111 pul,h II\ :11111 v11od ,,ill 1hat .11,11h .... I•• a1 n,~,n--11,1111•1 tliri,u)!h 11 ... lnnJth-a .. Jin~ ... 1,1t1u11. 1Ut', lt11l1r""r-tl}. 11..;~ .. ,.,,.. 11f J!ff•al \ultw :mcl ,11•..,ir,1hiftl\. ii c.111 q1ut,· n·u,lih 11, u1•11t1·t l.ii, ,I rl1Jt f111 tl1,~ 1i1·\l ft•\\ \1•ur ... 11 un· r:-it?. th,, \m,·r1rJ11 pul1li, 11111, ,111 ,l f,,r".1rd 111 frn hr, .11frJ..-1111~. ""l11J,nr1 ot 1111• t' r l11rnnpr if 1 ... rr,,1 th:1t the fllH':,, 111111 11f wl10 1'"- ~oing- to pa)- mus-t bt" L1n·d. r,p,•rt.. .ut' , , ,•n mm r11 !!t hr, mdrai-tiu~ !o:hmrld rqibl·P !111 t>:r-. 1-.1 rn,.- on1· hi.ft c·11mpl:ln, !--Hrtrro, a.ncJ rlw filt"f t h•H tho-.c- unla.mili:u 1,hh 1h,• t•,taLli--hnu·nt tlr11l , qwral 10n of the R.R.C. h.a\1• ri•r1•1·rrd 111 tlw ,·ompany i- n mnn11J11rlv. i1 j .. ~"nrrnll) 1 nnccd t-"d th,-H 1l1r llril j ... fi --clic..1nP ha-. mud, to i·11mm,•n1l ii aud 1hu1 Rri11 .... h ltrt1acl• ca.-.tin~ ht1~ H.•Jd1t·d u \t4 n hi~h p1.1nc in,le,,,I. It j, -late,) 1ha1 11,. Il n.c ... tl ill(ll!,rt.':--.i\1· f.'UUlt"ln. t\'""lf"m.-.. and "a~ 1),•li,•\·r-d '" lw IJ1p mt.•~l m,rk~1hh· propo,11w11 \\hen rh~ ,·, ,mlirinn, pr•,·1111.11 f11 •\IIJ.. 1ralra w•·r,- n 1n'-idrr1·d

    ,ru .. 11 JJuhlirih ,,a .. µ:l\1·n to tin ..1.1t•·1111 ·11i lhi.11 1h,• \u •ti-ulfon l1rn,t1I 1·.;1-1111µ: rt""g11lr111i,n, hy a\·ui1lmf:! ,1n rlic on,• ltand llh· 1·ila111i1 1·11ndi11nn,. ,-aid to r•\i~I in• ( nit,•d ,'\tale"', ancl 1l1r: .:o t•,tll,·1! mnn,,puli .. tie ,llin In J.r1y unr POJJt't'rn, Ttt d.ll) c· J\;.f> ii \-\a ... U$!rf'Pd th.J I thr rt•gulfltion ... -..l111nld h,· .llih•11 .a trial W'i1hi11 ,1

    E ntertainment Problems ••COL-MO'' Receiving SETS. from £J Complete,

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 5nla.obj-632047510National Library of Australia


    .iu·v1•~ 1.-ll'r,tr1l. 11,. pul,lic- .,. ~I ,:,t thf' h~t 1m-,.,il,1it --R\ il:e al 'I nu11i111uu1 tU1f •rri11tio11 {rt!

    2. Otte h1~ lm11, ku~uux aiu1h1um,. flu... l,nrlh, pri putiet p l,ro.1dr nit

    in,: .. ,-t,..,n,. ttlon,a: Jim·- ~im1l,1r t11 but in .td,:1ru,. 111 th,,-, 0~1p1r,I Ii, th Rnti--h Bto:1111~--tin~ f h pr, 1111~... 1ha.1 Jill broadc11.u.1n~ lllhnul,I I~ r-nntn,11,c,I h) 11,e 1ni Ju1hortfy 11n1l Llut 1:t Hoar 1 rr-prt'"":"""nt•U-.r. ot tit µlW 11 th'" lir,1.irf,~-.1ln1t aull 1r1 t\ 1n,I tlu: It \J.I, bllidJ tn..;,ur,. ~tr•-la• I ,n ~n1, ,., 1 nrl,r tlill"' lllfh nr. du "'hol,· of tltC"" n•,enUt' ~ 1th lhl" ,-\n·1 tJun o( ,a ruilll 111.a.ra;ln ~ uM h

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 6nla.obj-632047643National Library of Australia


    \'< IRELESS LO::'sG-DIS'l.\.NCE RECEPTfOl's

    \ raUiogram ho,._ heen rf'n•h~J hom Rabaul, ~t'W Bri1uin, '-Tilting UlBt Fru.11wr,.: BrrniJrblU\J! ~ •• " icr. ~yd nt>}. v.a-. r,.,,,..h·t•d i!wrt l''•tff'1 t lv nn 1he t•vt·ulni,! of \Ln 5th4

    rht" v.hol,· pr,,gn1m mrlm)jJIJ! d11mr-1·hi1drrn·... L1·u111 H.000 miJ,,-roull,hly 8.000 mJc._ fn Lomlon nn unr arm and 6.000 rnik., l11 \p" 7ralnnrl on rhe oiher. Pn1ltahh \\ltL r,·h1)c-tl lruu:;mi-!-i,,n It n111l11 h~ ht•ard al) ntwr tl11· ,\orlJ l11-... 1,1n1ane-·•m,.ly.~~

    U \Ir" COLl \[\. D1•jtr \Ir Edltor I ha\(• i11\'t'ntt'tl a

    n,•1n ra,lio .:,pt 1hn1 wl11 umlouht~dly rtw-.t· a n·,olu11.-.n in lhl' radio worhl. I ,·oufd ~a,ih nrnl1• o n•Jtl million \\ith 11. hut I pn-.frr to l.!I\C du• S.tq that 111, t'ill tlu,u~ll1 Ol 1 imf'-¼- tha1 I wac. pelt mg llt'r anti purrt'd. anrl thut c-au~d static an,~ "-"11"~ ,:1riut ion~.

    Tnrninp; tlw t'Jl 0 s rnr frnm Jefl l11 ri~Jt. vnu fJll nLtain tliff Prrnl de~rer!! .. r int1•n,-,,11y .

    I "a, ""4J plr-a.:.rd ¥.oiLh iht: n-sultc r1~ mJ f'' JWrinwnt!--, that l im ih!',I u troup (tf hien,IF to lkll'n in. but the- appa.r.u lu_~ ho«I gonP LI(> to tlii· rr~of aml rt"fni--t"d to t."omc dov-. n. so 1 utili~cd 3 lad\' fri t1nd":-. ~oldt.•n hair n~ an t"(,·ctn,_ l} prorlnrPr. ans • .1 11 1 T':rn(•I. r 0111 Cl r R11l:,n· F:.,\it1·l,r,.,, fro1u 3/H Pf\l•lt.

    YeruiPr ,-ariahl,~ ("ontl(111.'Jer .. non:;, f-rn11, -in Briti~i1 "tuh•t\ So1•kt.•t~. from :? • l'flt•11. Yrrui••r Varl:lltf(' on,1Pnsf.'r, .0111. trow ta .. ..\ri1€'1'i1·:rn Y:ilvr Ro1•lrnt,. from 3 '. (-';n•h. t 'onrl1•ns,~r Pl:-dl';-., 3in. rHa., 1 !I do1.. \ 111lh·, Trtm~t""or111er-i-.-, frc,m :?fi / , 1~:'l 1·h 'J'erminu!,. !row :1,1, ,•n.-h. Vnlv~s. 11ullar~. 211/- eal'h, Fi~,irl f'111Jili•1J~f'r \Vnqher:-;, 5U. 1101.. \ 11 .\111prfr:m y·•ilye,. :~:; • Pn1'11.

    Trr~ han: .~rm·/1., 11I F, 1pt·1 tmt·nral T um.\m;l!intz l.'quipmt•r,f 11t r('a.-.mmbl, prir, -"

    BURGI ELE COMPANY \\~CR.ELF:SS El\G 11.\"l:KRS aud St;Pl'Ll (;R"-

    Showroom, and Sales Dep,. is~ Fl0u,. Callagh"" H ouse. 391 GF.ORGE ST, SYDNEY

    I \ lm111f,wtur.-,, uf Lbe f"nmou• ·· IH, HGlXPllUXU:" ll.-r.-i,n, I Toi. M 3069


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 7nla.obj-632047773National Library of Australia

    Ir v \I r l!. 111'~4 WIRELESS WEE.KL Y


    Can u mike u. ~t9 111 ••n \ u a II""' 11 • tl"1-C.r l5,1i11n uf a ~,

    we I " rn na h of the a,c-rntc Dln• r11u•r1mt ntn 11111\ -.a" 1 nt• of

    t t r1ret lube ~t.'- J (""\~r ton--rru Lrd.. 1111d look n h.a .,; u\l•f d11• nu111hcll, ru,, R h:\ltf"T\,

    \ it I ,n h111 •ra hort"tl 1n lh,. .md An ttutomnf11l1· torallt' l,nw·ry fur TRUE. DISTORTJONLESS MUSIC rs A l'EATURE WlTH N HM

    i1l,1111r11t liµhtmJ: \\ 1th , ftw m11u • uin• fnrml'i an,t fun mak.,.n, rhmg m~ .. uh fi.oh•h ,ru I Inn•. 1 µrocrt ,lctl 10 n,,11..f d1~ nulfil •·pC"rk.;· bu1 lrUI:': uh-1tin1:cy, 'perk•• tl ~oulJ nul \i11ur ,ll)- I rrn 1,rd m, .. har~ uf , , mph mcnL .. fwm du• ~an,: untd 11 .be •i·t, •I rr;a~,n ,Iii~

    TP 1ho.;.1 a.1T1• t1•ur-- Mho mnk~ 1h1c. ~rt I ,wultl !1,,.1\, 4Juo·r Jhf'i u11 d1ci 1lup 1r tlu r,·~uh• arr not 11l•t ,im·J imm1 4J .. 1.11••1) lw, i u~ llu•u• • I«" lmc- a,IJud nw11111 111 Im, up .:rnrl lhir. t1n1111g ui ,,·n .. }1.1r,,. Hal, oh h

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 8nla.obj-632047903National Library of Australia


    Broadcasting and Transmitting Stations m N ew Zealand.

    ... ,·t•: Tran.en trun~fnn·d hom Rronmf" TA 1lio t11 Et--pt'rnnr,~ ra

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 9nla.obj-632048034National Library of Australia


    ]n conunl";l\tin_ upon hroadt&'!!llllJ m tlm t tulrd ...,lllh~ ,t,, R,n,11 Nit1 111 l n1u1ku•1tn;. t!~t111n1, ate: ., ti'-1.. \ ,·11m1,,my knc ~-n m"i Hudu, "" ,1 ,\uu t,C'U, al lt11,-1u !\ud ~ tl1t'! l,1JUW'""l ron, ,·rn h is ron1r11l1~d l,y 1n 111rrru.1111111al J1foU{1 ol tJnu ... rtJHCf"-•VlllUI ,1arr11ru Co 11f f.n,t1.1nd. n.11!1,:i l iqiort1.lJ1,n 11( \Jn,.ricil, (~r-rm,Jn l't·J fonkrn C. mp.,n~. aoiJ rump t,tn1('.' T l~upb1c:- ..... 111.. f ,f... ,,f I· r1n1 f l'hk pouJ1 i'I '""1411tnK unJ wm ' nlrnl 1b l:ommc-r, 1.1! \\ m,~lce.a ~ntcct,, wl,i, 11 w1TI rm11!1,, t thnu1 1.f lngh po"''"' ._.t,a11 •nXt-- L'l'J J. LITTLE A\ f-.;IJJ B \ IM ,_IN I AST

    Phoo~ 11' 1~11,


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 10nla.obj-632048167National Library of Australia


    THE ELUSIVE CRYSTAL CALT S TillARD flllnn T TTutrhings.. Callu .. adda, Vie

    hn.i: lng~P,I the foliowin~ lRI·\ detr,ctf,t nnd 2Af·

    1 By "(.ry,1nhs.'')

    ,,·111J~t ex1>cruu~nting w11l1 maimetilt? ( "'Prin~ c,Lt wld .. ker), the circuit shown hen· f Fi;?. I) ~a,e re-ally sur-pn~ing re• ,uh-.

    :\ Mnall l11f'-al l,aut"ry nf 1,"o ,Jr~ ,·di ... \\ta.., µla(l'rd in ,u,. primnrr c,rcuit in

    --f•rit-!- with llw .\,T.I. ~i!,?Dali.. µrinr tu tlLP in.;rrti,•n uf the hattt.r}'. , .. nr v1•ry \\t·nk. tltt1 t't)"'lal l.)t>inf,! ulmni:.t in..,c:m••i· 11\·t• ) 1·1. v.lwn t1w currrnt ·w-a~ µa.sst·J thr-,1u~li tlw A.T.l ., ;1. rrmarknLlc ~en "-Jh't"lly ,1r·u-. ~tpparc-nt I he n--pnal --•.,p:irkr,r" ,.,,·r- 11~ t-·ut1re :-11rfoce and re,·rplinn imprm·,~J tn nlmnH is.i11gle vah,· .. , r,·n~tlL ThP t'fft'd of th,, ap, plird ,·u.rrt·nt .... i•rmc,. In ht• tlhil it in 1lun .. .i..t m.1i,rrh.'I ic.: fir-hJ .i.u tbt> i!Prial cir-ruit. Thi- i;.;; a.pp.ifl•utl~ tlie r-.:1-..•. 9 ... iii,• impro,t•mt·JU in rt'i 1·ptinn i~ ootiC'P• ahl1• for -..nnw lime' afu~r th,· batt,~n- iFi n·m,)\cd from the c.ircuil. ·




    I lia,e tried a ~5 ,. IL P, hauery, hut rr ... ulr,., Wt"'ff"" no lwll•·r tJi.1111 "'ith rh• rin ,·,11'.

    TI1is l' is \\ell Whr1.h a trial. Thr actual arnvlific31ion mny h, •m:111 hur it t.'t'rl11in l )· Fxii-11.

    r:n .,ta/ Rrcti{iclttion. Thr propertie!! of tl1e c;ryst~1l as a

    re1·1 ,fier may he lested in the simple Cirl'UII ( ltiµ-. 2).

    fl 1 Tt>prefrnrs an c>nlinary ·11lmnP 1enninnl. in ,-d1icl, I \\ll ratv.·ltii:1keri-- nri~ c•lampi,d. 12 and 31 orr CT)'5lal rups The a,·tuaJ cr,--1al usril is a mlllltr of i1Hli1£erenre. Both cr;sLals coru1L•cl 10 'µhone. lcm1inal (4 l. ·

    Cryslal :-Su. 2 is first ndjnsred unlil ~,gnnls are foll s1 rrngth. Upon adjust· inll the seconrl cryetal. it will bo no-ticed thot signals !in c"rluin spurs) disnppear comp]c_tcly.

    AJt.lwugh t.he coni-,erum.$ of e~perl r,piniun '-f"tc1ms to be that the crystal

    1111d -n hli-:kor form o ·'Tl1enno•couplc." 1his. ~t:e.mb w dispro\e it.

    The rec-tilit""rl riu-rent is pat--~ed rhrongli 1hr lin-1 rry•ral until 1he sec• oud (:'rysHJ] is mn,lt>. Clea.r I) l""'i"~ 1hat the ,;eton,J rrys1al re• ttathforn1.. l.lll. I ,illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIJIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 11nla.obj-632048294National Library of Australia

    11 v, ~la:, J•i, J •:!-1

    (' A. I 1_f;l I 11,..-l,l,1,, \ .._ \\ n Ut l!J fl_\ r, purl. Tl e

    IJ, w µ tall ,n.,. havr- lu·u lo~,:ctl on 11 r .an,t nor cl, lrctur

    I nt• H \\ I :!ZI ~ldl\l, ~.\I( L ~ ~ rn 6 ,n,. 6 IR B 61lB. 6f'C."\'\,

    ll>f, 1,X\I> 6K.\ l,JII. M I. (,t Ill, 6H":K f,.\\H .nr 7/\\IZ, 'IZT. '1\lC: 911 I

    'il 1C\'\,1 I\A, I\K, I IC.. 11"\. Al 21,.A. ~Al J.IQ, 2 \S, ~\L 2AJ, IT \P ,HF, 2 \t.. 21\II. 21 "\ 2

    XI \\ 3\( ~.\L3AII, HK,3\\1 H 1"\I, 1\ll, I\C 1\11. l\G, H

    K 4 \P. \ 1 tc \'\ l · 'lllll. Rf f'R. ll\, BT.

    BQ. [HI Ill'. Ill'. LI'. II. Jll. 1111. Bl n I)\'\' OR, R\

    I ( \\ .) 7A I, !lit B\, Ill., \

    ltachm~ hn lri ,lnH• "In

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 12nla.obj-632048424National Library of Australia

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 13nla.obj-632048557National Library of Australia

    " ,1~:mtm:i:r.i:.;mmmnn r,,, ,~~:ttmi:mt-ll.~'t~t~m:mi,:1:Nm 11111 ! 111: Iii,, 1, u I J rmuw .. 1 I ".:·;::;::.~:· Wireless Stpplies Ltd. ~-~::.~:~_;::::, · I THE HOVIE OF THE •vo,.-.x• RADIO


    0- 'l'I~~~:;:.,:'::=:,: ~I:,~ • I ojl Ir -:-r •~ ,. I• ~tu ••·", •• T .....,..-1 , 11

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 14nla.obj-632048684National Library of Australia



    There ure \Orious 1ype!; of r.1tlin fon.s.. 111c radio eXpt~rimt>nkr 1"'- onr wJm hu~ 11ouri:;herl rnther 1hnn nut~ gro"n t.L.1t creali\e in~tmn '"hirli in .-!1ildhoml proroplctl him 111 huil,1 thP l1lorkq u11,l1 hnl-ing ft1h liw m11u~L.lry thrill oI prodi~iau• achievcmenl, dt'· ,noli-.h~ hi,:, nnlilr• v.nrk l\ilh 11n1· p:_,,u1l liloYi.

    Tlt1• OdJ 11f rndio ,•x1wri11wntutinr1 1.:;, on~ of Lho~c weal 11pcn ...,,1o1cH. Wlwthcr one entt.>r~ it 111 1rvolu1inm-.e-1hc an or ju,t for 1hc fun of buHep.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 15nla.obj-632048817National Library of Australia



    Together with the FREE SERVlCE of

    Broadcasters (Sydney) Limited may be obtained

    L. P. R. Bean & Co. Ltd.

    :?:.'9 rasUereairh St., Sydney. Telephone: l'ity 353.

    United Distributing Coys. (N.S.W.) Ltd. t Wholesalers

    2!1 L:lttren,·~ Street. Sydney. Te!P.phnne City ~566.

    W Harry Wiles !ill 1;:i i.011 hum ~trret :-!y,luey

    T~lc)lhc,nc C,ty 3688 I door from Pm St

    °W'll'eleu Supplie• L t d '.!1 Royal Ar,•atle. Sydney

    TPIPphon .. : )I ".378.

    E. R Cullen !16 Bathurst Street

    1'Pl1•phonr,: r.ity 86!1, 2596.

    from the following

    R& House

    61!1 Geor~,• SI rrec Sydney l'rlephou, .. Luy HI.H

    Colville-Moore Wireleas Supplies

    lO llowP Str('e( Sy(l.ney.

    T..tephonP · B::!:!61

    Ramsay. Sharp & Co. Ltd. 21i Gror,re Street, Sydney.

    i'eJep!tolll' '. t'ity ;l! iii.

    The Hom e Electr ic

    }()6n Kini! RtrC'et, Sydney 'J'elephnnr: B 5565.

    Swains Ltd.

    l l !I 12~ Pil L 81 rt'l'I, Sydney


    _, ...... , •• , .................... - .... ttflUIIIIOUIIOHOUllftUUUO""UH• Htouu•un1uu,111,111u1tHUOll"IIOUatt11u11t111111•1uuu1•u1,,,11,n,11• 1,,111uuu1111••···"'•-u11111u,1111,,,,9

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 16nla.obj-632048940National Library of Australia


    ' WE r \Vi reles;, ·~~~ek~-·1 i I


    I Single Copies . . . . . . . 311. nt·t I 12 mcmthh f52 j,;;1..uP~. 1::1/~ pfl..;t 1

    r re~.

    I 6 months r26 1s•uesJ Ii 6, po,t


    All tommunirati,m'- tn be o

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 17nla.obj-632049078National Library of Australia



    ut ~•ner or lat ... r 11 "'111 h.-l'lur "n h'• mm n,l

    pr cn1 a1 ran~ 111 t I 1• 1hr


    PEERLESS Iiead Phones

    ZOOO Ohms.


    WIR£LESS WEEKLY f.!lu111,11u,,,,1, 1t11n• 1n11,, , .. ,u,u111n,,,,, .. 11,,n11n,,,, .. , .. 1111un, .. , ......... , ... , ...... ,n1HHlllllOlfUIOI" llllflOHll

    !:,::i·,,:.,:,, SPECJ AL .\~~OU, CEvIE~T W,. are ve,y p!ea>etl 10 announce that we ~v• complt1ed Jrr.ngemenu ro .. the pubhauon of" ...... of lrttdn

    by th," Lmlr Amrncan." This .,,rte> will commence n••t """k and ,,.,..11 du! "1th the subitcts m,nnontd below. article "1II con tam r.he full.,,,, dt1Ji1. together w11h • full h ........................................................................................................................... - ............... ;..

    "RFFl.RX" Loo,,- C,-,urlrr R..:e1ver


    Complete Set of 'PaTts lo make the abor.'e Set 36/6 'Po,ta,, 1/6

    RADIO HOUSE 619 George Street, Sydney

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 18nla.obj-632049203National Library of Australia



    'l(n m,·1•tin11 ol the TeichharJt un,I DJ,,,.uict Rat.fin S(lcielf ha~ br,~n rnor1• ent.hu_to:ia_.,.tir. nnd ct:rtuinJ) none have he~n hNlf"r artendt•d Limn thpt hel

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 19nla.obj-632049337National Library of Australia



    I,, r mri ttlllt J~"I I lu11\n 1ttt.n ('\ Jh, "' 1111linµ. ,,I 1hr1 ,irinrn«-lN pc r,m,nt n11.: on ) 'tl'Y linlc- lm

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 20nla.obj-632049466National Library of Australia

    18 WIRELESS WEEKLY Friifay. ~ta.-· lH, ]t1~4

    The Moore Fund R. W. Faulkes .. .. .. .. 0 2 6 (.;_ E. H. Blonrhard 0 JI) A. Dixon .. .. l 1 0 F. Lucas .. .. .. 0 !! F'll'\AI Lf51. J. Lcndlaw .. .. .. .. I 1 0 Mr. !Jowell .. .. .. 0 IQ

    Proprietors Wireless Weekly £5 0 0 C. S1orm .. .. .. .. 0 15 0 Marrickville and Distrir1 Uni1ed Distributing .. 10 10 0 H. Caner .. .. .. .. 0 5 0 R1tdio Cl ub 0 10 Mr. Quaile .... 0 10 0 A. .. . . .. .. l 0 0 Croy,1011 Clnh .. I I Wireless Weekly S taff J " 0 E. Mason .. .. .. 0 5 0 Leichhord1 Distri,·1 Radl" P. Renshaw .. 3 3 u N. Ambrose .. .. .. .. 0 3 0 Society . ...... I 1 .Mr. Jnnes .. .. 0 10 6 J. G. Prichard .. .. .. I 0 0 Nc>

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 21nla.obj-632049595National Library of Australia

    Ill Ill z 2 I I

    II 1(1 I uh l J1I fl;,t:f ,1

    r) Jr I lu

    r I Ill





    New or Second hand, Bought, Sold or Exchanged

    u 0 0 ~ D

    u n


    ... -,~-~:~~'.''.~. .1


    1 ..

    ' .,,

    :\OI: 111n11111C,f TI 11110 I I I Jl J 11, u~u:.I (•t·11ttal \lce,ttnµ- 1f du

    CJ11l1 "1 IK l,1 ;it the 1 ••rl ni r ,I Mr I • r-.Hhr.. 1:-. lhr • lul room 1~ 111 ln&t .sh II I I ii,,.. 'IIIJ"l u l)t,d 1tlrrui Rnfr-- \ h, r Lu•m~.:. ,ri .. in~ fr11tu tl1, 1,rr:·•t1· u~ tnrf'hng llli 11 t1111 hrd ~ 11h l !. o'"•-ral ,li6of•u .... wo 111,,k r,, ,, j.l.anl 111_ tlie ~ '\p1•rh11, nlrt .. • 1•0•1U11n un,.lcJ d,, jlf•~tmfi.Cd ri 1rula1ton11 to I0\1 rn \\ 1rrh•-.- \Ir \\ 11nlr1Ji-.,..,_. -Jutl r J t l,1111h ul"1ul 1hr U:'11\-Jh r,I 1h, \\ r,

    J,.... ... Jnc.htut~~ 11rind11nlh· a- , h,unpwt,


    i•f 1h, ~,1-..·r1Tiu!nlrr11 ll•· t•-c11Wan,..d th4t all 1·.,i,,-rimf'm~, i,, Wt'r, morally nlilat!,1·d 111 pro1t•• r 1h~mM-1 hro1c t1 all 1 ltn~.. ;11111 .. uur-lNl 1h.11 1l11• Cluh lhlh up \flilu111011 WU~ Uf\dn.uuuUJ h i,1W'C"t'1I lu and ....., , 'Wnfii m~1r111 tf'd (o ,.:ft HI llllJl h VI llh ttflu 1.;a_l,. uf 111(1 f nM11Uf In 111,110 nil Ult 11101 \ n.rn~1111 .. "' ' ' 1t1:t•ft for .t "'tdl• d,u, 1f l.etllll ,,. l,i ,lr11",1 111, 11111 mn•111n

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 22nla.obj-632049722National Library of Australia


    I ~

    Before you



    I t

    I i !

    I i






    Your inspe c-

    tion of the big display



    that is new in the world of Wireless,

    is invited.

    (Wireless .. Second Floor)

    I,,_, Antho,y Ho,d,rn & Sm Limited,

    f i !

    Bri- u~ ... ur.1n«'t' nf lht-> hf" .. f \\i--.lw-. vi \fr. \\ . I .. C irh•r, hnn ~,•(tf.'li:tr\, n l th,~ pun·nl dul,. it i, .. hup,•J th ... 11 11111 wri,t1 ~rn lie llJI in rlw nmr.:r of th,·

    llt'Ji.l fo,\ \\f"t'k~. \r,~ mrmhrr~ rrorn an, dt-po l 111,n· join 1l1t• llftl) iJUJ.lifka• 11011 llt'Cr.;"ftl\ helflL! a 111••t11 ht'f r,f lh1 fl nnrl T. 1r,:1i1t1t,• \II inquirres mad,• to 1h,· hnn. "'t'rn r.ary wil l h~ frr•t·lv an ~,.,,·r,,J.. TIit' ._.,., rri',n~ \. ,uldrt!b~ i~ P L ~irl,.,11,, 2~1 Ral111airi lld. 1.,-irh. honh

    \'f\\ ERi CY ll .HtlO cl l H \h. F:. Dov.wan 11rrupir1l the f"hair

    ,Jt 1'1,· m,· .. ll11J! 1i ... 1t1 nr, ll1e 6111 \la}, \rra"c• Ult'·OI'- nrr \\1•1! t1n,h·1 ~t·i~.h in

    t.:nt111,r t1011 ,,i1h tlw IH'\\ u • .m ... miltinf: .. ,,r TJu-. d1ic·f dilfo·ult i,!.., 01 pn."!;L•n1 Mr• I ftl' 111a ... t and ih•rial. nl1111~ ,, ith ,.'I

    nunret pni~f•, ,,·hld1 hu._ lu•,•n f11Lmfl nr• t l "~.1rv. Tl11·,1•., hr,\'\-·t•\·rt • .il1n11lcl ,;,111n l1t• ,·rt·• ltd

    \ "') ILdm,. fnr th• n .. uin,: nwntli h,i-. drawn np. r11u .. ,,.tim.! ,.f 1,·rturp .. .. 1111I il i.:r11 .. .,1u11-.

    A mrmlwr ,Ir,-,, th, mt•t->linJ!" .. dth·uliuH lo tl11• fa,-1 tli.:J1 t!u• c• luh had Jt.1d fuur nf',\ ru,·ruJwr ... \\ lrhin th,· fnrr-11id11 ,t11 UJIIJr•••·i:il,lr> 1ar,• uf ini· rca ... t•

    Tl1t1 rlul,. ii ,,a-i Uh'nli~m1•ll. \\U"" Ill'\• n in n mon• •-1,1l1T~ ,·,,n,liti11t1 1han ar prr'-f'llt.

    f'll\! c)HII \\l·\TI I H IL\llJII Cl.I II

    rln o!hmc• ,·luh lit·l,I it .. 11:-.u.11 ,,,,.,,kh ni.,4'fini,! 1t tlw 1·lult ,·011111. "'Eu ript•(l,•~:· \\"all.wi.: ~ t rb. t. Cnnn1rtf. 1111 Thur-..J:n. , ... 1 \T.J., . ,,ltc II ., \ "d\ lllltoim. jor the prnprietors and prinrers. Pub• licit) p ,,_.. T '"·· 3!11~1 R eCPII( ~I.. S,dne)' "

    Tli1• 111 in11tf"..:. \q r1 rt'"ad n 11d t·urdirm ,•d.

    Tlu· 1 1,rn:-1,tmd• nc ,. ,qi.. tlie11 • ei,,·11

    Tit,· \l,w1L•t 11t1 lit I um1U11trr \ttdl mul,,.. u \ i - ft rj 2f \ I - - I 11inn

    1 (111 \"\-.,d-

    F/11 ('wwunl l'/11/J

    11.-~d.1, 1 : 1Ji \fo, tu rt·ct-t\t.• Jn .. d1an lm1)\\l1·•lJ?r- ,,f fir""t'"'·la'"--. 1ran~mi1t fl,!

    Jlu na•mh,,r ... tlwn t'llh r,•,J upon lhf' u-.u.:il 11u~1rtn .. r Jn h11ur 1.1u••-ti11r - m ausw1•r .. perintl

    •\ftl:'c hu:nn J•rrrr-tin· and j..,t,·nm~ 111 Juul !,,·1·11 ft111-lw1I 11 ln· .. \inu~nt• Wt'rt ..... n,,.d

    \II f1,1111111J1111 .tt1un~ •h1111fd ht t1J rlr,, ..... , •• j 1 .. 111.- lff1J111t,11"\ ...,,lrdan " Tl H-irh..,·r "l·1.n11"-,I,·... \\ al Ji-; '-it f 111J, 111d

    TJ11 1 t r ... t ..... -.,,1,1tr11 \\Leu II ul~11lJ.! UJ y1•11J J.10-.,• t11111 il n or ~U.h•r .,~, h t-0 ol,taiu 1111~ lu,,* p:tpt"r (orm:t, 1 '11ro rll.l'll • • J1 ;111t.•r t11h11 -. :in 1 ;1n•t'ully-mu11 11f:n·t un~,I fo1 win h•~s. worl,. :rnd 11T1 1.111•1·1 r1r:dl, pl:'rfl'cr, nnd ,.!l11n·:111J1:1·,l It• :.::n ,. , 11t11J1l,,t,,. :.- 1t18 f':tcf iou

    Ask for Grodan B rand Tt1l 11", 1111 ~1 1l11r,, Y1ru1 f ouplf'r "-!i:,tp,, "·o,ul Jo:11.J .. , t t 1•,, t\·. f .-,rr,,.-:::po11rlr11l, iuvit.,,i frnm lub-•r .. t:itr- :rn( ('11nntrY Tl1•11l t•r"'

    GROSE & DflNIELL Wholl'li.111" '-'"I~

    63 M ountain Stro,t

    LOUD SPEAKERS, W/10/· to £17/10/ ' PHONES. 25/ per ~et . COLVILLE MOORE LTD.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 23nla.obj-632049857National Library of Australia

    The Colville-Moore Wireless Supplies Ltd. 10 ROWE

    l'Jn,·I \J,11.-r,al , ut '" -i1.,· ,111

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 24nla.obj-632049983National Library of Australia



    Alteratious and Additions to our list R 4.

    .. ..

    201a V .. lves now 199 ..

    WD 11 .. WD 12 ..

    Jefferson 41 Aud;o Transformers .. Star

    Nutmeg .. Atlas Loud Speakers Nutmeg 3000 ohms. H ead Set s;ngle Band Phones T .M .C. 2000 and 4000 ohms Head Set Murdoeh


    s 2000 ohms Head Set .. 6 ohm Rheostats. wound on Po1·cela;n Base

    35/-35/. I 35/-35/-35/-

    27 / 6 30/-

    £7 /15/-£2/10/-

    18/6 35/-


    Rad;o Frequency T ransformers 200 to 3000 ohms 7/6 45/-

    Complete stocks of all parts for Amateu r Construction. Send in your name and address to be added to our mailing list and we will advise you regularly of the arrival of new pares and any alteration in prices to

    our regular list R4.

    w. HARRY WI LES Electrical and Radio Supplies- - 60-62 Goulburn-street, Sydney


    I " 0-. '.. ''" ~-, I ·-·-·-· _____ ,:_,,= 9-0~ __________________ s.irn_ . ::~·:.__J