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RELESS EEKLY - wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal Page 4 nla.obj-666407166 National Library of Australia Wlll.ELESS WEEKLY

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  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 1nla.obj-666406778National Library of Australia

    VOLUME 10


    Jt,,ei•l,-l'l"tl fl l 1hr U P.O,, Ss,chliiY, f..,r lr.111 "1iii1'i•lll hy 110,.1 11, A N ~w~riaJW'r

    NUMBER 26

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 2nla.obj-666406906National Library of Australia

    } rlday, 2bt October, 19'l7 WIRELESS WBEltLT

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 3nla.obj-666407038National Library of Australia

    Friday. 21,t October, 192"/. WIRELESS WEEJO.Y

    r ...... ,n .. ,n ........ ,.,.,,,_ ................. l•••• .. ··••••••ouMo,o.::.:._:•1,n-=======-=- kO .. ._. ............ ••••a.a••• ............ " ............ IHOU .. Oo,wH .. u1•l•UUI ... H ........ i

    I A Dry Cell Audio Stage I Valve

    With the Output of a Storage Battery Valve

    RADIOTRON UX 120 Charn.cterist,il!s:-

    FOan,tnL Ternunal Volta ..... 8 Filament Consumption , , •. 12U ou1p11:

    Plate- VuJt.agc ••• •••••• , , • •• ~. 186


    Tho new dry cell Rndlot.1"1111 UX 120 lll for 12.-;('I- exclu~ivPly iu the lu~t ~tagr., u f uudio~a.mpli.flcatioJL

    Thti Rndiotron 1IX120 wn11 dc111i1,1,•ncd to give grenter LoudsJlE>Skf•r ch.trity and volwnv without disto1·tfo11.

    i i l i

    I i ~

    ! ' I I i I ' ' I

    T11 obtain thr.- tull 61'I, a Web• r-

    ~~~[t~:;~}:l '., .. !,_-Obtainable 3~111 at all Radio It \JI f'l!Vnll1I th•l " r.r ,J or

    "C" Le! U~c,.I with l,IO\r,lr v.1t l'rM. u ot.Jwrwi,.. Uw,r con•

    Dealers To Inatll'l! s~tunl lles,rodut1llor1. ~~f.ltU, ~n

    l.1,pd $f1r1111I, and H11rb I'lu.i,, Vult.a:Ki'-.. Uae th!!; Colr1mbia 4768 "C" &ttor,·.

    •11111pt.Ju11 uC l'iu.ll." cul'!'r'"t ;,. ., lfrt'tl' •e lll ..... h.1111,t the t.i~ft lll'n•I n 1111.ltrry n1pi,ll¥.

    Columbia 22½ Volt. Bias~ Battery

    No.4768 Thi,, l1Al.ur.v be> u11al .... ··c·· 11 l~t{'l'y, 1/1 ... . "'B~ Lsu .... ,. in [email protected] e-dv. lt t. .-..,,pec:UIJl_y d('t!l ig:n,.,1 r11r llliu w~rk Ir, ('OnJ11i1c:. 111>11 Wl!h J'IJ\vt'I' ,•Alv4c>" L"X-120~ UX-171, ur."1 nth,,1"'1 ProvWl"IJ wit.h !uur 11,er._.w terminal,., 1dvl111f l'll'l'Jl.l.i r-,:- -volta.1!" u' •~~ 1t••~. atul ~:ti•~· Of hnrlu,nttl 1l1reerulnn1. l1 m~a,,,·.trc- 4 1~f6 fot"h~ k•r11r by ! t-HI hil!b~ w ltln and 2"'1 i tttTI\?&' b11:b. 1\'f'i1'"bt.. 1-lh, tt--mi:.

    PRJC'E ••·••, ••• , • , ••• , ............ ••, ... .. .. .... •• ••• 1:i:~·fl ~•rb

    No. •768

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    Me.-.r.t. A rnalgumat~d Wire.tu, (A •,10) Ltd. 47 York Str4ld, Sa,dner,

    PteGJJ,e. (ortDGrd me 11our t,·,e6! lUrutrated Bookfd II Choo,lng and Using the Right Radio Bottet-ln,"

    "Choosing and Using the· Nam~

    f !

    I I [ : I

    I I I ~ i

    i Right RADIO Batteries" I ,tddre .. ______ l l •• j ! __ .. ____ ,..,, ............................... ,uo,.._ .......... _._.... ,. ................... _ ... ........................................................... -=l.l

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 4nla.obj-666407166National Library of Australia

    Wlll.ELESS WEEKLY T•'riday, 21st Otto\ier, 1927 •

    .from Harringtons ,varr•n Ben.dphonrit,

    Ui/ ...

    Balkita Trickle Cb.nrger, £3/10/-.

    rhili11R' "B"' Battery T,Jlminntor"l.

    £8/t:;/ •.

    Ralterv Testers (lfydrom~trr•),

    From 3/6.

    Ach·nnce A.F. 'fr[[tlS• rormf'r!', 17 /6.

    Jf the-ro i~ anything at all you rr-quire in Radio, it Is n,o~ than likely you ,..J(I make )'our purchase mollt tnor-nbly lit llarrin~to11s.

    For Ra.rrin2'ton• carry the,tes-t as• oorl

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 5nla.obj-666407298National Library of Australia

    VOL lt . .S•. U VRJOAY, 2ht OCTOBER. 1111.

    The Washington Radio Conference-will it affect Australia?

    A \\ ORLD t .,,.rnrotf' is 1ittin1 at ,\.uhinpon dis.tu~•ing J"ndlo kaiJ111lta.• tlon l)to.Ulcm~. lt\\prcs~ntativu of 61

    C"ountrit-s ha,~ aJ.-"-Plnblf"d tmdn th~ pre."1• dent) cil thfi ~ciJ-kno-.. n \Ir. Hoo·rer. hf'ad nf the Oepartmrnt Qr Conunrrcc. Au1,,'1.ra• Ila i• represented h)' \lr. II. P . Brown. dirptlOr of lhe po,..lal 11otr~i.ct-a.

    'l'h~ t'onfnrnce f1 a ''fry irnp&rt• nt o~t'. and th .. di"'°uuion,, arP fXpttt~ to laat &.ia: ar ti1ht 11,f-tk'i. One ma)' "'·ondtr what Un otcupy the delarotcBI for ;.uch • tons time. and it Lei lnterutlni tn ..,e,r- ho-w •• arct li~•ly to b• alhnal in char•eu·r. Th., Ulilt' ur radio b) J.hiP1J and thC" tonditi"ru, und~r which I he &.0.S. lilt"n•I ,hould b• U•«d and o~yt·d1 for instantt. mu,1 La,·t a tommo11 and w,ll l.:no.,. n ha.iii,. in a11 counUiftll. Thu," raptain or a Hhip of ony cmmlr, io e.ny ot"fltn n('ar any h·nitvr~ bow~ lhat the appro\ rd mtan.s or fAllin1r for a•!lfsl• anc, in time or dl1tres11 nr dau,r.-r wiJI mtiel ,..ilh a ready re"'ponsf'.

    Thit S.O.S. call pN>l MU1te-rniD1' r-o~•r"f'ial and rxpflri,nc-ntal "'irr]t..,.#11, on "·h1eh •he!' d•rhJon.111 of thti CunltM'nce wilt • fftcl \ustralla. but pr111bably thf" qu••tfon c1f •• u·l•r,«Uu f•r b,...dta.itinl' ia most lntl'rt'~llng.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 6nla.obj-666407425National Library of Australia

    Png"e Four • WIREL26·S WEEKLY

    Catching Up with the Wireless World,.

    By R. E. CORDER.

    THE LATEST ostim:a\e of Vl.irele-s:-. Jiccnce-ho!der8 in Jnpnn mt 30,000. A monthly fee of awut 2f. IS charged on ~•ch J-et-,,iv~r.

    C'NTII, APRLL l of I.hi• year thei·o wcrl' 130,805 radio receiving sets in D,appeored, but the de~ire for ''tone"' has n1ateriAllv In• C1'€Med. So wb-en you purchS.sing e multi-v:dve !!et be care.(uJ to $ee Umt you buy all round•, rather than just distance and s•l••· tlvit, n!Q'l10, One nccivor that you should he~r b~ore buying iA the Atwat.e-r Kent, -a comparativeJy 71ew arrival In lhe Aust,,o.Ilan wir~~• world, but it i• America's most popu-lar t('ceiver. It will be worth your whila to hear lhe ele•~. true tone of these compact little ootg.

    Four or more Valve Sets d~and Phileo&.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 7nla.obj-666407552National Library of Australia

    Fmday. 2l•t Odoh,,r, 1!1~7. . WIIIELBSa WBKllLY Paa:e Fin

    EMPIRE BROADCASTING Special Statement by Capt. P. P. Eckenley, Chief Engineer of the B.B.C.

    I H ,\\ E t,,." in, itNI by the Editor of \\ irtlt>t.S ~l''IUJIIP«'MI Um11NI to rontrlbute soml• vb-,nvation• on the suhJ~d of J;!irupirt Droadc:a.stlnJt.

    Tt i• btlicrod by many thU the pat• tiallr 1urce,dul tt--hrf'l.dcal!tin.- vf AmN,nan and Uutcb 1tatwn~ indkatNI that In a f•" montru,• lime a rcK1,1lar Sl"rvice 1't i1t :lt instituted on a certain gua?"ttt1hrd bt11.!i:iS.

    PenionHlly, we in l~orla.nd bellfre lhaL the ,horl wase link, allboojth «iv-

    "hiR: ~real potentials of llUtcess i8 not y("t. df~cthe to iruch an •1.tnt that an rnr-inttr can g'i.n~ e:Vfn a minimum gu.aranttt of f.t"ice-. It bu, got to be rcmembcrtd thut ~rc,r(' an enginetr will put a l('l'Vice into bein~, he ha• f o be &,utun-d of aome a mu-ant,, to tho~ 11, hom he 1trns. Th.i§. r th;nk will be adn,111'4 b1 all. A t•l•r~•n• en:Nu1f{e would not bt' t1arted in Mt1-bourm~ it n·cry caU in rae wu 11'1• l'fT"N-i.ive givc.•n.

    Tb• pruhlf'm,. unfor1nnatrly, lit" -holly in ,. .. ~ption anti 'n,,t i.n tran•• zni.~-..;ion. Tht·rt" is no1hin1 tlta:t t•n hf'

    done 10 th• ,,.,,.,..ittor "hkh wlll make the rPttf'f~ broadclUIC ~t ttr, oxeept po .. lb!y by rat.l~K the powor up and up to C!xtruva,-,nt. Umtt., and "tn then it Lt a fooliMh way of •P· proac.hin.r tht prohl~n,. scal4' nceptioa nperim.enta of d.i.ffert"n.t J1orts are bt-iDI' ondertaktn in Rn~l•nd and .A.mHlt• to-day, ~nd dir«tJy ~-totnt-aigru, ur being &hie to 1uat"":1n1tee o •en•ice are forthcO'JU1nr. then, and then on!}. do we feel ounclvoo Ju•fl• fled in tn~·tinl( a W• &ho11ld tben ulur~ll1 tomnu:micate our re..,uJ(1 u lO rec-tptlon to th• Dominion.A and Colonil'H 10 that tn• ~lneer,t thrrt may takf' account of fht work that ha~ bl-en don~. 1t mutrt ht rt-membcr,d lhal in 1923 •e rebroad-casted _\mfrit:an procranuub ih lhi• country. and that tbry were hailed with e.nnrmoutt ,nthuo,;j;,n,m. To-day the standard M!I by •~•l bcondcastin.i: htu1 dimln1Hht-d th• ,•11tu~ ot remoh' and dh;:lnnt itro,:rammt, n~ 1heir eX:• t..,,n in n.o wu· Mmpete with the local. The 01111 fac1or which rt•

    rommend" Che o«u,.ioi,al N'lay Crom America •• the ''l'om1oce-" !at'.!tor. but thi11 factor only will n;ot makt" a sa.tii.-factwy ba,1l11 ror a ,'!14!'1\flct. \Y,- ar• workin.c and e.J'perimentfn¢ on the thin&: that matte,-,... and • e- are not b(,h,~ indu"Ni bv popular clamour tn takr a ,::tep • hich in no way cc;mtrf. bu1es 1o future KOtces,11.

    The (mly diff'ert'O('(' 1,f'twttn our crilits and nur!

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 8nla.obj-666407685National Library of Australia

    P.,.-B!£ -

    Dear Sir,-I would like to support the ;dea expre•sed by J\lr. R. F. Headon ("W.W.," 23/9/27) with re• g,1n! to the devoting of a page to the comment. of readei-a on th• set. they hnn constroctc-d from detail• pub• li•bed ill ''Wirelel>S Weekly."

    l do NOT, however, advocat

    Let tho a,·,arage eastern •tatc $el ,1wuer 1i~I thP stntionS" whjch he ta11 he sure, to receive, ~;th any str~ngth. I am nfrald that tho fallowing will 11ot lie vr,')atlv ndrlcul t,,:-,IQG, 2FC, ~Bl,, 2CIB, 3LO, and 3AR. All the 118'" dasa 1lil.t.loni:i;1 v;ith the PJu•e,pt.lon of 2G B~ are coms1iicuou:s 1,y tb~1r f"1b•eneC>, ,

    Honour lo whom honour i::. clue, ii, my opinion. 2GB l'.q .utl5 a.n HA" clas~ ta.Lien. in many 'l"P:1o~ctH, nnU i15 un•

    rloubtcrllv tl1e be:,;t "B10 clags 1',l-ution ill Au:,ih'.aHa.

    Yourii1 ('te., ROBERT ELLIOTT.


    -+ RECF.PTIO:-i' A'l' RO11A.

    Dtur S11·,-Mr. P, 'fiL Smilh, o! Roma, Qtlr~n~hmd e'w.,,r.,,, 15/7/27). ~uy11, ht: bu.~ !J tn 8 -..;a_h.~,.. Bet.:i on hancl, "UDd ca:nnot tu11() fo en~u 4Q.O in clny• tigh~ m1 u flyp val\·e. l w~ in Homa Jrnm ,Juno '.JO until ,luly l2, rnii, and 1Lt• following- ti.gum~ ,,1·e cxb·act1-1 r,·om my logging bouk for lhRt period. 'l'he rce

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 9nla.obj-666407810National Library of Australia


    It's All in the Air ROYAi, NORTH SltOKf: 1101'1·

    P IT .\1.: To augml!tlt the fund., af tM hoJ.p·tal, a t'lf1ru-ert wlll be hf'ld 1n th~ Arcadfa 'Iiwiitre, Chat.-.v,·ocat, on Sun .. day Aftt-rnoon, 23rd Oc;tuher. com• mflr,c111~ at a p.m. Th• Attadfo Th,atre Orch .. tra will p!Jly, lher, "111 ht ~ulo~ ,,n t ht!' \VurliU:e-1· or.:-11r1, ;tnd thd .. ,ociato artl•t. will be F:lsi• P{'flrlNl~ a.nd Janwn. The .-n .. tf't1.rnnment will ~ l;i·oadc1a"t by :!FC.

    RYOE RO.IE •·on ISCllff. ABU:S: Th• pruceodlo u! th~ contort to he held In Kl11g'• Hall, on TuCaka•l a reciul r,.,,m lht, PuUOl'• i.oa Ghuneh, 'l1nTY H 111.t, on th• oeca-alon of the fn,q!lation vr the now organ. A very enjo) Hble pro&'nuntila hu booon •rrupd, which will com-lMUOP at. 7.4.~ p.m.

    Ml SIC ('l.l'B CO"ICllttTS: Th• kct" nnd broadcast by 3LO, Mel,. bciunu•, aL •, on Snturd11.y, Oct\r Lor 2:."i1J,

    TUE OllDJ:\'.A~CE OP BAPTISM: A f!Jl'Cia) .,.rvlce Kt [email protected] CoUins Street Bopt!Jt Church will be broad• taat b1 8LO, Melbourn•. on Sunday ov~nit>II', Octobor 2.3rd. l\ladatno Elfa King,tun is to be the

    ,ntrn; AR)I\' TP.NOB: S•nyn Sho•tako,·, the oololst .r tho trunon, Don C:0..,.cka' Chair. t, to aln: at 3LO, Mrlbournc, on Scmd.y ennini:, Uctobcr 23rd.

    R08£S: A talk of apocial lnt..-e.n-llia.. l>iipllnO Wbiu,• .. l',• ad-i11 to a:l\'e a dt-mohltraUon of hor art for lttoadc~ ,tinr en W ..-dnes-•lay e,enlng, October 19th.

    J:DllCATIO:'(AL SBSSIOY: Th• Rev. Kmneth lltnd(non will condu,t tho Wc:d,ly EJ.uu,livuot Seulun on Thur,duy, Oclober 201h, commencinr al 8 p.m. Oth,r epeak..,, are lllr. Frit, Ilart and :Rev. D. G. Glyn Jone,,, ll.A.

    _ ~'.h1 Blame Stallc? Buy a Philco!

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 10nla.obj-666407943National Library of Australia

    Page Eight

    J'-'M,l(,ilf SA111it/1, fht Hll"ll l,r/(1w1i CfJut,olfo, 1d1Q ,1/1.-,,,. tt 1111C!ttlfK• Jul ttecuwu at :JI.JU 1,i l.,r(1,1cl• 1·11slt/i11 ftrmt Zl·'C.

    KENNETIT TMPETI, tire (lLlil!! N°L'W Zl"n.l.Al11..i baritOUC'1 Whl> h&f-; be~u u. popuhtr vocalisit with !JLO )lfolb11un,e, intend, Lo lo,nv. to,· ltuly in the n~"al· future Lu atudy voice pro-duct.ion. li.r. lmpett. it1 a ~oung nurn \\-hO!H- voice "'howi; grC?Dt. promi~ti. n1:d in Miliu, he will study umJ...,. the bost to.a.c-hl-'lr~. 811fore hi5 d~p:.,rllU'Cl he will give n ,wi-jp~ of ru.ri.-::w~II l't:dlul.i theough 3LO Jlfolbounw.

    A\IATF.lflt BOXING .~ N ll WIWS'l'l.lNCl l'HAllPlONSHTPS: :?Fr havt- a..1Tm1ITT--"1I l.u dl'~t:tille W::it.-cYenr~ fr1>m Lhe 8tndium tLt, Rush• ruttr·i-1~ Buy, un J~th October, and ugoln 011 'rhursday, 20Lh lklob,•r. Tho interest in th~~{• ~pcrrt, fa univN·r::~11, und our r,outh1->111 11hd er State ha-i L.&Kt•U arlvanbge li! 1 llce tJpflott!uth Wak•s. In fact. ll wu.s

    TIME: Time, wnil:,;. fa1· no uan. anJ i\Ir, H. F:. 1'... Lamµc. oi "Uiuntoud l'alk" fnmo; :.1 t. llir,~ li'Fiencr:! lo !tLO, l\JC'1Lourn~, hr,w it 1 ;1:,, alwtlY:i- b~tm ruoo.:;w·ed, from tht· cltsy or the ct1VP n1an when bis l)rimitiVt:! tinwkce.pL•r com~i~t.Ld ur •~ tnM,uld~1-inK s.ti-nnU ,.,f km ... tietl rti~ht.--.--eat, wlt;l DXquis.itc Uenuty.

    'l'h~rt- ii; -som~thing VPl'Y romnnt1c and alluring Ir, tlw £1tudy of old duclc~ nnJ thne~kecp!'rs, E·veryonp rc-nrnm• hcl'H with rntrl' ur lcs.6 mi.xt'd .l'e~hngfl or joy er srrow some incid~11l or other ln whith lhe rell-tul1· rlo,•k Ila> ti:~;ur~d J11",1111lnP11tly. Giudere-lln Jost ni: the :;tI-'.k.luM" uf the ,nidni~ht hour her shurt-livt"rl ~l()ry rtf. wPll nfll! her sJipJ•t1r, irnd 111·.1,:y lh·!'s. anti hopes nn

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 11nla.obj-666408073National Library of Australia

    Friday, 2il.l OrtobeJ·, lri~i. WIRELESS WEEKLY Pasro Nlne

    Entertaining an Empire Statesman WF!BN tho Duk,ct York wn• horo, on• o( the bert bits of direct

    broadca$tinx that tram the Queen'~ Hall at Fed.era.l l'ttrliament Hous.ti, when lhe Duke w,a!( enter-lainf'd by Federal mernbct'S st. dinner.

    Tho same historic hall will be lh• ~cene of a Parliameoiully lhe l•Uer whioh appeals tn children of all ages. T6 •redn!Jy ror lhi~ class of , quit{' nccu~t-0meJ to t.he voga1•iflis or the nrlcr~pl1onl-". Sb(! is to broadcast .nn•ther of her dcli~htful Fairy Pl~ylt,r,s on Octo\.l~r, 27th, a·nd her young arti~ts will toll the wonclel'-fut stvt11 uf ''Once UpQn A Time" by S:Oni;t and 1'1tory. Although no ffll!lll-her or the O-pl~ will kctow. sl.e was- for fifteen years lhQ: prind_pal e::>11mno vo-cnli,;t at, Col-lins Street BapLi•t Church.


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 12nla.obj-666408209National Library of Australia

    WIBl!:LESS WEEKLY Friday, 21 ,t Oetober, 1927.

    ;_=·· ·•· I•••••···••·•·• •II I I •II•••·•• . I I •• I I •• I .................... .. •• I·••••••· I I•••· II•••• • I I • --l • lel I I• ·•· t • •II I I•••• 01 It I I I• 1,1• 1•• :I

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    Quality Accessories Wlttl'f'l&ll t:onE> 1'l>e'11'"'• ••·,... 11/.-Pu rotnn UUntl. 8J1eak~!'.II • • • 1 • ••• 8'/ .. Amplion A.R. 115 llpff\e.,, • , .Cl /il/-

    Am1,?1!1n A.JI.. 1 tl ~pon;lJ..eni •• £3/JOl•

    l,.2t1j,li111\ "".lt TU Sp('!llktff • • 6.3/16/•

    f'Ap St,lN'tlve Browninr Dn-ke K!t• . ..... u -• •• !O/t!i

    t,jfo111~9U .!i-lJMtwa\:'e Plu.:-in C/i . .............. , . ....... 1,1& Conti1ietiU,J 5.L.JI'. CondenMQ"-.

    llnns .... , •••••••••..•••••••• 9/8 Cel'Uf"i11d S.L.F, C-o~, ,00i1"S, f/j RiPJt1Jlt S.L.~·., w.itb Y•rnls'° Dial,

    .0005 •••• , .... . , ••••••••••••• !$/51 B.M.S. V~rn1rr l}{dll , • ·•,. . ..... 7 /9 Piloc. LlL~ \'"""" Dial• ..... ... n/. 1'.mmeo Vtrnlff Bak. n~. H""" "1/6 C-ertiJ1e.1J One--hol• n.nooat"ta • • • • • 2/· Jti:ltqrd Antfphllrl.l~ :i-Qi!lo'4• . .. .. . 3/· Aj"u. 201;\ $~kc-ta ........ ., ... , 1/G MµltfPQint .Del..HLO:t'•, G. arid j.,

    SHlic l»M . . ,.,, •• , •• ,, ..... . . . JS/I GIIISa EnclOliled Det~,.. , •• , • •• , !/G :!Git. Rpeak"°l' ~ ... . ......... ,v, itr. N1JUY.u Cqrd, .......... , .... t/·

    [conolron Valves 201A, 6 Yit . • o/ff 'rl4 AuMontlm Ilum-out.

    .00-03;; .0005

    Prk-e, !0i- e;

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 13nla.obj-666408332National Library of Australia

    Frida,, 2ht Oc:ohr, 1927. WlllBU!!SS WBE~LT -

    A Single Valve Reflex Receiver THE man to-day Is al• way• trying to aret the most ou< of • • Ingle valve ,ct. Many nn,J .. ,i•d ar• th" meant put forth hy 1kilful writ•rw, but 1oir.ehow or other ~uln,i: la the m"d by city peopla. A glantJ. It w111~t /1,t pvll',lf'tl •~t

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 14nla.obj-666408465National Library of Australia

    Pare Twelve

    J:t-erc 1s s sav1ng ·tn the cost nf up-kef'p and he'rr l• a ,nco.113 c,( Jit:1bntng in on a loud speaker to the local dotions, and only mt: v·alve usE!!d.

    But bclore proce,dir.g any Iurtlfer, too rnueh strc~• cannot be lnid on tho necessity p! mnki~g use of only a bigh grad£! cry-stat detedor, and thia llnit i• the m11ln ,r,ring of Lhe who!• l'eeeiw~r. A 1.11tca.:p ot·dinary crystal detector Is le:s!\ than 111clcss, so it is inct.mbent upon the c.onsuuct-Ol' to employ only a high gnde crystal det~ctor. Jt.nying- thf::: e-nd m view the writr.r htt!4 specifitid in th~ li~t of rf'lmponent 1,arls ne,•t'~~--~· a. Tfnrlie dt•tt!ct.01·, hut. t,thflr g(\od qu111ity 1..hf• tectors mny I>

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 15nla.obj-666408596National Library of Australia

    Fritlq,; 2Ht October, 1927

    'n .the pun.el into post!fon on the bnso-boa-rd_

    At !hi~ •Wlge it ls wl•e to mount Lhc• reaction coiJ in ik. positfon, pick Ult the dHc.ctn ur Tadion roJ which ~hould ba dt-illed Alt each -end


    in such n fa•hion tlwt" siJurtJength of 3/lOin. b,•s,s, rod may be fitted ;nlo eac~ ~nd., 1n jUCh ft mtrrmer, tbat the rod 1~, 1ncrea~ecJ. in length by menn.s o! thi~ brc1.-:.a.rod hy approx. tin., that f1J, n bra.s. rod should nro\lud,! J,h1. from each end ol' the rod.

    - Next IJinJ the reaction coll to tlio rod, using again Oto J'amilv cotton . . B!nelrf't1 and conne-et -the A bttHt•rt-it!lelf, to tho. B batt.c:rv trrminnt;. Turn Oil tbs "Rheo,tat, nnd if th• ,·alve ligh~ up you can &~Sure! you:r~e-1( that

    ~ , e~ .W.enl ov!ll" the ~ole witll J!>'r!!-

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 16nla.obj-666408724National Library of Australia

    Pace Fourteen

    th&'-' ia a. wi·ong connecticm :some-where, check ov.,,- all your work in the wiring before proccedinq rurthcr, and rectify this errQr. If on th• oth•r hand the V--dlv~ does not light up, then connect the A bottory to its proper trtlon ,,f the eurvc where it dves not recti!y. TbL, Is noM by suitably ndJµ~in1t the potcntia I on the plate and the filoruent current. H in doubt "" to lhe valve to use, ask your dealer to l9how yuu th~ c-urves of dift'erent valvea. and sclf'Ct one whose cha'tnct-Oriatic cun"e ba11t n. g.ood slr.nlgbt portion. To-day, th~re will be foun, l a wlde choke u! va h·es to sui~ all purJ)Oseij, and at various


    priees to suit the µocket, •o it should not L~ u hu.l"ri rnatt~r for the con .. at1·ucto1· to pick a suitable v;ilve. Follow out the dh~ccti0n11 enclo:=.ed in the valve packet, for A and .B bat-tel•ie,s ~upply, nnd for gooUn~.i;~• sake remember not to li,X)'Cct tho bc•t re-sult• fton> this rece,~r with only 4r, Y

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 17nla.obj-666408853National Library of Australia

    Frid~:,-. 2lot October, 1n27,

    At ll!arl'ickvill•, in a Mah Jlo,ttlnn 3.!i mi!f!i:; nirlin·, Iron~ 2BL, and 17 miles airllno from 2FC. All lbe )QCllt ~~tion~ were he.a rd Vt!.l")' nic~ly on th~ loud 8JJ{'.ake.r1 not 4roougb volume to doat~n you, ot c"u•••• but sulllcient to fill tho hone. The ~raker uo•-d wa, a Brandes T.ihl~ctm• which, beoldo looldnc vtr~• ntlr4ctiva on top of tho c•binet, io put•licu)nrly &01tt1i-tivo, at1 tho !llllgnot of the unil ls or generoW1- proPortions. All who heard this receiver expressOO eurprfae nt wltut could b~ nchle\·•d wi\h a ai111ple ,ei Jikq thi•. :f'or local r•o•Jl• tion it will pe fou11d ideal, 1mp CC/11· 1id•ri1,g that th• life or the A ud B b11tttrle, d•pondo weatly 011 tho num-btr of valveo uaed, It i• &v>dcnt that the11e c,.cct.norle!'I Fihotdd Ja~t s ton-aidcr•bl• timo. Hero 11 a s4vinll' to the pc>rlmnry cl•l!lliftcotlons, nam•ly, rt-oeiv!ng tub•B )'roper nnd auxiliary ~l.'•Q!ql lub••· 'l'~ld~IJ up rcco!vin,i i;ubea, w~ hov• general utlllLy tube• Qp.er11ting on ritbcr ztoru.te battAry or dry battery, kt'(!Ordlng to rr,.ireiren~,. Formerly, and unttl the a.dVEtnt of dry .. h•ll:ir-lhd1t-•upJJIY )'ower amplitlo1••· So mueh, for re-••eivtni; luues prof'

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 18nla.obj-666408984National Library of Australia

    Page Sixteen WIRELESS WEEK.LY Fi-i,lny, 21st October, 1927.

    A Section for the Trade WlnllLESS OX AIR "PLANI,;S, Ta e-n&blfl · hf'.tn ttJ pic-k up n+:W:l and

    ,v("atht-r- t

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 19nla.obj-666409117National Library of Australia

    J.• rid«y,1 October, 1!127.

    upon hoth lhe product and Lho method ,.ll' in..-rch.anrii~it11,c it. lncidentnlly this rurtieulnr articlC gi1rot:t 1wme fi.:-ure;i; reg:u·diug the big ·IUIW batt.ery phmt whir.h is now beinll tn1n.alled by the Clyde C:omp;iny. Thi,s a conc:re,te ftoor ~pace of ow!r U0,000 squa1·e fe~·t. A double. page spread neatly h1id out Hluatrates thC! variuus lyp~ o! lih:ra•, pamphlet., ~lotuera, •how curd.,, etc., ¼'hiC'h are produced from tirue lo timo by the CJ;-d~ Clvcr o.[it!t'8.Ling from a loop a(!:r!DI, tind found no traco whstt ... e\·er of hnm, but vastly inc-r,~sod v-olume. It deliver$ 85 milliampi:t on 180/200 volts, and i• •npplied with a Rayth,on JJ.II. Tube. IL is adaptable for all 1,ype:s of valves.

    The instrument is PnclQ:;:etl in: a neat meta.J ea~e witb .Bakelite t.,1p nnd alaminium has~, Lho whole mea5uring 10¼ x 9f x 6J,, weighing 2-3 lb,. It ha~ five termiMl•. hiphonl!fl. Pty,1

    announce the .e.a.rly arrival of a new and much big!;'er type Qf Burg;..,.

    Hullcq,, Lo he known •• lhe No. 21Jll8, or thP Surier ''il." The Bur"C"',f!.s No. 21:108 weighs about 1G-1h• .. or only 2•lluio. 1nort• Lhall Lheir w1•ll•Jrnown Nu. 10:W~. 1'hu, slighL •dtlitiunal weight. anil sllghOy lurg'er dfmcnKivaa u111kt1-s it pot'aiblo ior thi~ SuPf!>J' "Ir' to bav.u 2Fi ver 11cmt. gr~tt•r (·it.y. The Baltt'('S, will f'peralc cfficiontly and L'Ct::1t'Jt1tuic-1tlly on Utt.' Sup~r "Ii" gt?l'\'ic-P.

    Cyliudrkal cells pro,·cd lhrougb

    ye;t\rs: of 11Sl!1 coul-tdn on imprnvE-'1 mix. Tlw pfu•le electtu1yt..1 Jl\i;lkl'S 1·ecupr -aliou rapirl nnd ll1e in!1ultt.dnn hotwn!n ~elecled Cf]fa is of the very l,tttt. Tho nuter hox is lhoronghly pQrtLtr.ned n.ud I he posts equipped with ln,rniatcd nUl'I.

    It l, •ullklenL to "'.7 \hat t.he Su11er 1'B" .omlrndies all of tho quali. tiL~a which h.M·e worked t'lr Yt!Ur~ t,o-.

    wards tho success which Uurgt--lili ha• e.stnblfr.hed, nnd benefits through the new de~ign snd r""••rch of the Hut·~& enginecr3.

    T!lere is no "just-as•good" af! Burgees.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 20nla.obj-666409241National Library of Australia

    WlaBLBII 'WJ:EKL'I' Friday, 2ht October, l&i7,

    ... ___________ , __________ _...._.. .......... -.. ·-· ······--······················· GUARANTEED

    In QUALITY--SERVICE--PRICE The "EMPIRI:.'" Audio Frequency Amplifitation Traru!former ie made from the best of material, and is designed to give uniform amplicatlon over the whole band of Ul!eful fre-quencies used in Loud Speaker repruduction,


    Small JD Size. Big in Performance.

    10/6 10/6 . Earh. Earh

    The Price is RighL Guaranteed J2 J\lontbs. The Article is Ri1k l\fade in One Sue onJr-4 to 1 Rntio.

    Radio Accessories. We carry complete stocks of well-known brands of quality Radio Accessories, such as Menominee, Eromco, Radiokes, Grodan, Jg-r:rnic, Airzone, Mute1·, Pilot, Admnce ncccR~ories. Balkite. Philip's. and Tungnr Chargers, Philips', Rad10-tron, Mullard, Cossor and De Fore:;t Valves, Amplion, Brown, Tefait and

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 21nla.obj-666409370National Library of Australia

    Friday, 21.t OetobeT, 1927.

    Friday, Oct. 21 2FC, SYDNEY.

    F11rmer's Broadcasting Sel'Vice. W avo Le1U1:th, 44.2 lietrcs.. l!JJlLY l,COUNINO SESBIO>I.

    7 .. m. tQ !I a.m.>II>IG StSSIOJ:1.

    IO a.m.-"'Bls U,ea·• an4 co.cmnount!ti.ta. 10,S L.m.--Sw.d!o mu1I~

    10~~..m..-"Sfdr.Q" ldornll\l' .RuaJ4" nei.•

    lD,80 [email protected] mWlie..

    10.itl(ll.a-A~ J 0.d a.m.-Stlldio 11&.u1Le. lt.~-;;:.:.e!~" b(arcblns nn,alt ror

    lLi &.UL-.A....E.A. and B.wttt'• cll.blo •~ ...... 11.10 a.m..-Stndfo tz:1qUQ. 11,H a.m.--.A Wk aq hocu• c.oo'kfnr and to-

    c:i.DN by :r.n-. tlnth ln:11".t. a.m.--Oloiie d.o\lfTl.

    .mDD A.Y SF.$810N.

    12 noon.--'"Blir Ben" •nd an~aimcarinita.. 12.:.! p.m..-Staek Exehans,. fint cau. 11.I iJ.m..--Gffl.111W --.thrr forttHt, ralat&ll. 1!.5 p.J:Q.--..4.;ti,dfo mo.aJc. 1!,lO p.m.-S1nmna17 of "8Fd011J' Mornlnc-

    DnnJd" new.1. RTYfCf. RUPY wire]... D .....

    J !:.25 D,m.----.Studfo Dllulr., 1!.SO o...m..-lh ,rchlns h l llllic fOr Rbool cb!I-

    •=· n.•O p.~-.""'9 MorrUI, aotira.?lo. JS.~ lMI\.-THE OAK RALL INSTRtlM.EN-

    TAL TRIO, 12.M lMn,-StlldlD muala. 1 -p.m..- ''BJc ~.. WuLher 1.n~llia:wmct'. 1.a _p.m-"Sn.nln.l' N'e-w," midd1n· "'"""• , .. r.

    -.i ...

    1.ti;ro:,i~~:n~~~EN. TAL TRIO.

    1.%8 p.m.---St.ock E.zchuste. ,econd cad, 1..111 s,,m-Mattht~ 1111U11o fot teh'XN chil•

    4.Nrt, lAO J).11'1,-Mah!lm(Jl'e Korrie. IGl\:t&l'IO. 1 • .(G -p,.-..-Studii, nm1i:W.. Loll p.m-THE OAK RA.LL INSTRUlUiJt,.;.

    '.MU TRIO. t p.m.-"'H~ Dem... 010M dffll'TI.

    I Ji..l!l!l.- ''Bfc &n'' a.nd •nriC1Vot.-m"nt&. I.I p.m..-The FNtiiYe Ca:ro11'""• tlueot.. J.7 p.m..-.P¢0ulu rtt-0rda from tM Stutl,u:,. ~tti p.m.-A., 1.t, ».m.-Neua lt.i.Jlar kei,, l'llffta I.SIi 1).m-M.~lrut mtt•lo Ctn• 111rbaal f!hll-

    rt~ti. 1,-40 p.M.- P usla Rutt'"", M'tJ,ratt,(t Hrfft'fl 1"11,..

    mn·• O&Jt Hall), 1,, 6 p.m.---TBJC DAX: HALL .INS'I'BUXEN-

    TAL TRIO, 3.M J).m,-WtU ~f1', hll• .. , p.m.- Pnnk Bt,tb1l'ft. tt&rltfffte ftrem Pat-

    DU!,t"a Tea. Room•> 1 '"A Olnder Coa.rt;s)liD'' 'C~te.),

    t ,IS p.m.-TllE OAK HALL TNST!lUJ.1£.i.'l .. T AL. 'ffltO,


    4,15 1' m. Nn Il•H'°tt, toU]Jretu-1 " WbJlt dPbo. ii, M11lt.U'°1 i&t:.llaJ.

    C..:i!G p.m.-P~rda, u.,;ir 11no (ft'Olll Fu, 1111!-l-'1 Oak HallJ,

    j·!;At·~~~IC OAK BALL INSTRtJMl.?,;-

    • ,ll:'i 1",l'P,--N~ta M.ul11U'k.-:,, ru~ .. ua, .,O&nf1Y• Bw" ( W11nU11,lt!1',,

    ,t. ttl p.m,-Pn.ul. &l Juun, l.mrii.ooe • ''113..-.Allltn?'" (''l: .11.yh,.1r),

    •-'-Ii p.n1.-Sl ock ~:i..t"ha.aglf'. thirtl ealL ,.47 N~ Jl..UOll'tt-, •vubrlfl.te1

    •·necu·,~ r L:tve Yo1.1i" lBllf'Uu1, •UiQ p.m. w,11 B919'fcr. bee>ti•

    ti?.rt.a-inen: ••s~•• • Lill my ba by" (Ra•k.lti••LILU.l , '"l'wo-Llme Uan ....

    6 p,m.-"l:lli,; flm,.." FTom t110 Lf1!~ Thria.t.ri-, Plft Stl"l"r,t, Sytlmry. Otch.e!-u•al ttrm-..

    fl.Ji r,.m. litr,.m tl\cl Sh11.lio: N0ye Thi• njgh~ bu bee1\ ~t a.sid.e bT

    vw.rlowi broollcaatln, ttat:01,• for t f1-.t ('Qr-poe.e of' pa.yins: trihut..~ 10 t.htt ~rm~er• r.r •l~kh.J', a1ut f!'! aeai~ill.til'fn with tlln bdl(J JJr ;,1!.(ka.1c. Uurrau • f~cial 'ph)o C-T• m me hAJ1 be-en 1.rniAv~l

    Ancou•tW11 t'll:f~Wllt'll.

    :-;-2vr SOtfTtr W ALES "A .. A.Nl) "1.r CLAS~ RROAOC~TISG S1AH0~S.

    ::t"C.-Farmer "• Ur aad.c.ullns f;la1 tnn. ;!~~~s::~r~;;~:f'lia.n4th ti:! uiet ru,

    :BL.-BrHdc· ... tn •· Ltd .. Syan,y, way~. J111t,•th 3SS mf!t rl"''i. po·..-er 0,(1(10 ••nl le.

    20JJ.-ThH410l)'Alcal Br.aaduulnR tUa.t[on, Lolll., S}dn•,-, w,iurleni;tb. !Ut -m('tr.--!. ;o(l'1'1l1' lj()tll) w.1-tc.ti

    ,u,a•.--rr• dn • nil 1,• bot (;1111n,;il, 81d• ne), wa·uMln1th :l~u n1otr~1. ~er 1500 ,vatl•.•

    !UW.--OU• Sandal, fbd.r1n:r, ""'""lcrns:t'.b. i,?ti7 ual rr,. po'"·•" t,O'l wa.tta

    2llK.- }i( Bres,. Ddhu.ra1,. ~•II'~• 1-.'f.,rth !75 mrtN!ll. Tl,.,,,.:- 20.0 .,.,att~

    !IUS~;~tr~:~l~c!~nl~• j:;PP~l~: f''-'"'"'" ilO w.a,ta,

    C:n&.-81:u-,in •:lrttric C:o., S;,d11.-,, ,n,nl•nl'tb 81t rud-l"el., 160 "CYart••

    UJU.-H. A. beta1tla1. N°15w,anle. w.-.-.,_, :!!i.$ IMttta,. 111,l) ..-at(.I.

    Ask for t.he New 83X Philco Battery,

    4 ~j~hu',~:~--.~~~•· ''" to he tl'!8i"• tra.,a ti.!!:! p.m. &\Cttt Al~Dd-.!J;- "1itl prc:~n~ an

    or"[email protected]&l e-1.-c:tric ~l.to4e, ob.titled ••-ry Birth w' thci }~J.,,.-Lrte La.m;p."

    11~!:'.w':ri~::'L ror thla oce&al OD br, S.S'i t1.n'l.-!d11.bel Bt.tchefor. •Upr.imo:

    ''T,mUt•t 1"fll'b" tDttllirucli.J. JI 40 pm - A •horL mt'n•qe. tf,.fl Il-m- a. A. tl.11.rt.ll"ttl,,U\.•:

    "Thou UL f'lM!h, my ~tov~·· (Ta.JIQr). F.~J P,Ul -S~ot~ l\lt:U;nd(';t 1,t~la Rll . C~I: •nd Chlmu. Annu1111.L~~eirl1.

    tL~ a.m. ?-hi•~ p~ fr'GTII St.udie.,

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 22nla.obj-666409502National Library of Australia

    rngo l'wenty.

    U.J..'i 11.--m.-Ta]k on "CfflOrl U .82 11.111.- f"ii'j"h Marlu-t Rt'J""rL l~.,1 u n,, -lL-4.LbiL Mar-lu·t ~tt11ort. 12.36 ri..m -~1.tJ('l.. J.!llrh1trtl[O Report. H:.a8 p.rn -Ne~, fn,m the ·•sun." l!...t.:i p.m.-Hillb•r'11 1nl!trumenial Q11arl,et;

    DiN"C:11011, CuryJ CastJin~ 1.27 11 lll--Muek £nh.1Uh;.- IQOJK!rt. 1 Jill 11,m. --G.P.0. Cl0t-k .nnd Cbiml!'1

    folk t.o Childttll a.nil :-l1'lofllflal Enl.erU1ltu'Jtm~ for Childr-e.n ,n H••rllr ... 1.

    t p.m. (,, 1~_;.). (;)1.t'J.. and t:bimea. l.,lt1;,II' d(IWII.

    R11r1h:,;:; itifol" l'lllfi•1Jl braad~:1t. Jni'"('lj11ttl!'IY •·1 .. r i',1!:h: Hact:, by eogrUay ut th• "San,"

    f 1•.m -G.1'.0. CIQC'k and C.himn Now& from the "'Sutt."

    I.Hi p,m.-Crvll &rvicir- f:lurf'!I' 'fno: D~on •I""' Cm1n"c.'r B"'mer-

    •.i',10 p.m.-C.P 0. ()lurk and Chlmee St.Gl.-Thr,, ,SportJr-._g' :t;cfttr ot the 'fiun•~


    ..,m t.[lt '-ln uroe~t,r, ~r &tuMav'a Ra.~1r1•. !-:.Ii;>! :t1,m,-Wca,l1u.·r- ~u.rt and J,'or.eCMt, l1y

    ll(>UCUI,)' c,f .Mr, 0. ), .Marei;, GD\'U1unont M1"t4'0rul041&d.,

    , r,.m.-G,P.o: CJoc:k 11..nd Chimwu &Ou w•tt...

    J U.Z..-0 • .J. 1'11.en 6 Ce., M..ibo14rnit, .,.,Tet~nctft Ut met.tie, po-,,er JIH ... u. ••

    , cR--Gold Radii, EIC'Cttlc SerTice, r""' """'b&. l1ureCJ111an4, 111avtl•ni:tb 29-4. IMU'U, p•We.t J.Ot watla.

    l~•t1 Jl a il I o Br• 8ht,.1Gn, A.,dela fdf', ....-anlen.ctJa Ht ~et.r-. pow~t lOOff W-at.b.

    SbN.---iJJ.S P tJ',, J .. td ... ~ idald.t-,. wa-... ~ Jll mttr-e•. 1,u ••da.

    Friday, 21st October, lD27.

    'i .. a& :r,.ftl,-.Ml.l.!liG'~ 'i.'1 11.m,.-Ad'dr~ .. 7.5& 1,1.m.,-A11n•11mc:emu1t.

    'i-5~u~i~f.:t;~:j:~J;r~'.o·}!=~ ti.if u,n1.-J\Jl'1Jr~& by I'.rur~vr l·.r-n~t Wood1, li.20 v.m.-$4)11¥'& by .M.o.o.l&ni W ridr1to.'I 1•,m.-Au hadr h,n1r (Ir Cham.Uf'r- .M1.i.t1lt:...

    Du1 ~"I'll Sit11t 'rlu-(1 :i\t~ 'pf" (''Good..-lien")

    ~.nit Jr.m, -GD1. Far~ Orcluat.n.; ,'5-elMUon.t.

    0 i,.m.-Gl!:01"¥C ~•nurl. tl!nar: ~)•h-t-lln.."

    IUi JI'-'"· Mhi11 Jeant'-tLl!I,:c,n: PiaMforlt> aa!o. Stl!~!!.t".'d.

    D. HI p.m,-Gkli'J!:(' }". Manuel, t~(,r: (a) ·•My M-11,11.rr." (b, '"lhAnk lil•d rar .a fl:trdt"a.••

    ¥.17 ,, ni.- 11,Jil-8 ,lf-".&oetU- P1o.t\rn,.nn, l'lan.ofo.-rte .c-Jo. r\eJerotc,d..

    !t.2:2 ,1.111..-Geo~~ F'. M11m,ic>J. t.l!t1Q-T. "Al O:t.wnln;:·• (Co.fma.n),

    1u:1 p.m....--Itt;«u"'o' t:,{ forwud i:rrosramma. lil,!1 Jr.Jb.-c:Jc.e down.

    3LO, MELBOURNE Broadca1

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 23nla.obj-666409638National Library of Australia

    Fridoy, 21st October, 1927. WIRELESS WEEKLY

    Your Choice of Articles WH,\1 110 \(JI; i,:,011 about hrvadcast ~;-T Has It ,truck ;ou that lhPre are b. thou;ai,._n,1 .b...Dd one- th1np goma,:- an m the l,,rlko~tmi:: \',ii.lrld. or '"tuch )tJU ani rwt Hwuro untfl tiomc-1,r.)dy Lelis you tthol•l thrm. wrekll aflt>r thr y lu1ve ha.Ji JUHlril? F oa: lo"lanu, do y1)U undentand how vitul Ia lh;,.o 1.)lh't1t.ion ot 1-:mpirc Brn11.d .. l>o you know what J!'.-l h~ing Jone about Jt. when • lg h~cl)' t.o o«, and "'htth .. r you -Y.i!J ~ abl~ t.klt..$ wh1rh f:tnw•t fail to appttl.

    1'HH SOLODYNM~ f••uJl ~on .. tr1H•tlona.l d1,t.1tll!l of th!~ fH rnnu!I \n11v rlistance. Ttceivtr, which has alrt11dy provr-11 c pop1.1lar In Ausr-f"nl•"· Thi)", arllr1~ t•re-1ent1 1ome flntittly ngw and advantad ft: · W'(; •

    THE SDIPLICITY ()?st, VAL\·t. RECEI\I::ll TUE CUAMrlON SI\. Th~ comhinalion c,f 1,,en.!itiv1t\! , elect1:\o,ty and pur t.)-'

    11 th~ featurti of thia Rfc4.•iver. Tramcformer r,luit 1•fl1:1istant·1• coupkd it,udio frcquN,1·y clvts purlt)'. A ~,eparat.r ngencratnt· \"a.h·e i!iUVf!lirs tht- r••:1c-:tion

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 24nla.obj-666409760National Library of Australia

    1.10 p.m..-Metewvlodcal f.nform.a.tlo-n, w~athe.r • ror Vl~Wri&. T••msnla. Suut.b. Awr,t:OIU.. 11nd Nttw SOut.h WaJd: Oo:t!an fc;en~tfon ...,''J·frir•l1t'' new, umce-. St~iit E:,-.

    chnnJ(,,. !nformaJfi,n,. , Sl,lu,--CI,...,. 1fown.

    tJvn,tNG SESSION. 6,-30 p.rti Ana1«0i,; to Lette-n anll BJrlhda.1

    Gn-ot1.m~.:1 Ll- .,BU.LY BUNh'Y.'" I 1>.m.-GV.'.£1' HUMFY.EµY, Con.tnlto1

    "8lt1eli.Linl,,,' Snnit" (Scott}. "Will G' ~ Wlspl' (Spr-OM\.

    1.7 p.rn 'llfifi )I. $.HEPHF.&D h.u IINn• y~y .i.r,u.11,:f' t.hl111..."tt 1-o tell tht1 chil1lh'n,

    6.Z2 p.m. (,;L!;It: BRADSHAW: $1'H1.IN .._t I.he. P-tlino.

    1.3:$ p.111 HH .. l~Y BUNNY will il'!ll th~ cb.ildro11 abuut

    '"th•• AOveotu~ ot UK Treuare $r.r"k-,ro.'" I •0 p.111,-'1llerald'' nci'Yla •ortll"O, Wb.tb111t"

    !I.VD• p, ShiPrinrr mavctnentd. fi,47 p..m.-St.oc.ll Enhengf' 1nt""nnl\tlon. ii~ Markal r~0(Jl"U by J . .lt Ber-

    rett. LW. Jl&bbit. .Prief'S. G-~~ P+rn,-Riv-H" repn.rt~ ,.is J>.m.-N .. ,-s:-market ShttI' .. aln ~Y [email protected] ,._11.11.,._

    ciate~ SI.Ode a.nd Stat.ion Agentg. Eklv-rb St.rert, Me,JbtJurne. M&rbt n!porbt b:r thi, Vidilrlan Producen' (',o-.aperatit""I!! Co.,, Poultry, Grain, ll&)'. St.raw, Jute, Dafty Jt-roduoe. POJAl«it. At)d Or1fona,

    1-1~ .,.m. ~-,~~,f."r'atts.:il;nt. f.l.l p.m. Under- t.he •0,1,pke-:. -Of Ute OepM1.•

    mer.l tlf Ap!cultui-r, MJI. U. T. L.tVfCK. Sdrrnca 1i'ir-ld 01\idr,

    "1'ho H.,u~ Fl,.•• ,... p.nt.-COLL~owooo OITlu:NS'

    OAND, ~t,1n-J.., "~on, f)( Ille Sea.'• Fox trot. •·Jual t.h,- S-ame."

    f.40 p.rn,-T.ILY BURNAND and A~THUR $LATER·

    Jn .!St•ln:t.lrtn~ frnm thr;:- rr-p,rt1.,;,in.


    7,60 p.m. "liR. U. K.. LOVlo., will E~a)t to yl)11 abu~t.,

    '"l'bar rd':t!t:t.., '11 ~ri•la on •"lN'Hvity.'" Mr. Love Will be c-tad tQ att.Ohd to, YOUt

    wln·le!tB d.i.fflcultiteV, ... ntt we Hk Y'1U t.Q wrllt- to him tm- any advkr t.h,\t ftlll nu,y re,:iulre:,

    a ~· m. 'fUE: HEALTH ASS.OOIATION':, .M.ESSi\G-£ J.'O.U TO-DA'i 1:S,

    "How lonir >"Ou lh·~ 1U-~01U lAr~II!))' 1'11 how Wf'Jl rou live.·•

    ~-1 :P,DL- -COL.LINGWOOO CrrI2.Er,Js• B • .,,,NU:

    Ovutare. "ft;"gr11nd's Bo-,1," Muoh0 "The .f'laac Ylt-t.rJtJ'.'"

    tt.10 p.m.-c.H./1.t)YS LAMPE, contralto, 'fll1•a.dinc" (Eh1;.1tr),

    "'LO.e U.. Lti., Da.lllMk R~" (f.lriu), 9.17't ~OLOi

    "'Lcwe's Old Snos;• Part. Sonv, "'5woot a.nd Low" (ao), W.

    Bhnmond•J• &..2,j p.r11.-Mn. o. J , WII.1LAXS will OCl'P\•

    men.t tJ11 .. Tv-.rnorrow'11, $t.adlum ~w-nt ...

    t.:ls,,--CQLLlNGWOOD OITIZ.EN'S' BANDt S•v111 Fanwta. "'J'nfalpr," t.46 p.m.-MAtUJC J..AWTON. •ovra:ao:

    SPlt!!!ted. !,52 1>,m. MIL J. HOWLb'T'l' ROSS wiU

    -.pe1,k on: ''Tho 1JatUa or 'l'rab.lp-r."'

    9.1 B DlCJK..'-iO"N. tenor: "Th~ tkiath or Nelm,n" (1'...,hmJ, "llauJ. On lh.o llawlin!'."

    9.t;: p..m..,.......cOLt,(~OWOOD CJ'tt:lJIINS' l3A~01

    Trw:nbooe rc;:,lo, "'Tha Switchl.,ock" (l!QIQJ1t. A.. '!ht1m).

    ),'ox trQL, ... rho W.aru?ere.r," Q.~:,, p.m.-Annwnc.-mont. ROYAL A OTO-

    MOBILE CLUB OP V1C1'0{UA'B .SAYEi'( l!E.sSO.G.£ FOR TO,t>,W 13,

    "On~ mao'a (!tforts t.Gwa1'1.LI -'Jdcty may be .,r1,dl. but ..u t.«!C!tJn:r Wit Uh' Jfl II urttt tlaal."

    :0,Zfi p.m.- 'CJ\RDIGA}I;''· Mr. U. A. Wt.ilre, •P011.ln:11; rotlllot" of. the "A.rMu11'' and Lb~ "Atutraluian, wm 111vea'k on to-rnorrvw·• ra~.

    t.36 p.m.-OOLT,lr,,:'CWOOD ClTl1.KNS' IIAND,

    lnterme;:,cl'), •' An Evening Sunr," 9,4:, O,m.-GLADYS L.\11.P~. eonlralto;

    .,Fluter- Btmn" {Prank .BrIJp), "M1 Pr11-yCT"' (Sriub•IH.

    S.:'iQ p.m.-Rt.>ael .Notr,a, mDJ>Bed by tho Roy11-J AutomobH11t 011.1b t>f VldorIL Brti.Qlh offici&l wir.;-l\'Jla cc-w• !rOfll .8u~b,1.

    l'fEW :l.E • .\LA.'iD STATIONS: (Col'rcc~ L1•t.)

    IYA, Autldand, Th Radio Broadca~tin g; tin~:.un,£' tYlnetmO.

    10,H r,.m.- JO& ARONSON' .'i.ND 1115 HNCOPATD!O SYMPUOKISTS.

    10.10: p,m.-1UL.LlE LOJOlAJNF .. •,oultri:.t.t.o; " non~ eoon~ fWilh uk1.1l-ele,. "tlwffCI. Bawa.i.4n $1toda'" \"' uk,JJrde) ,

    10.52 p,m.· JC,E A.HON~ON AND HIS SYNCOPATINO S'tb.U0ll01''1STS.

    11 J>,m.-OUR CB.EAT Tl:IOUHUT; w:H.apµll')est! ii inc:reased not by 1-h~ .r:t1•

    l.ars(!'J:)lenl o! t.he ~ions, t.ut (If Lhc.-bet.1rt.'" -It.ta.kin.


    lt.-to J).m.-clOO tiAVE TH!l K1NG.

    4QG, BRISBANE Queensland Radio Service

    Wn v~ Lena:th, 886 llletres. 11,riday.

    IIIIDDA Y SESl>ION. t tt.1tt..-l(arkt-t W!Pori..t, ,.,Mt.her 1nform"tfon,

    "Th, t'lajl>" KaU" aod "Th DA.Uy Stnnd.&rd" Ol'WII,

    J.'ROt,I. llOTEL r.AKl'Jl'OY: p;ru~-Lunah hour tnQ&.ic, played by llo~I

    C11rh..,n $ym:e>boby On-bfttra. FROli. 'l'Ull 08~1-:RVATORY.

    l.U p..aa.-Stancb.rd tin:ie •isnal. , p.m.--Ir, G. C!Arlt (baritone), Aooon1r,.,nl.1,..-, Min l'hflll11111. .-ROM THJ,; STUDIO,

    8 p,m,-M'.,-~.,._.IJpO.ho BO!o. '·H1itleri1y Wing:a,. (.I"hillhie). Mi .. Thelma M&r-ih l &Olit-ana •Oli,,, '"Gk'uluU• "-fld Kind Art, 'Ibou, My Qu;Hri'' (Bi-ahr1111.). )%las Mirl1,1-m lllwnb.:rg;; lo, ''My t>ear Sogl" (Sa.od~r11on), Misa LU. Comloy; baritonf! ,.oJo, '·The Dti• =:• "~~~=~!;,., l~tio!,;.,~,'~~i.:1.f~ Morreaaev: 11u1,r•mo i:;9fo, "L•w• Pi))!!$ or J,ml\" (Oay), Mni. H~ DH\1tllb': var.ul dutc:., "AM J "'"·"t A-.Roan1b1.1f' CB~ 1-Mr. »:h1,u1J,_ 11.nd Mt1. S1,ath•m; .f(lpl' •o1o C•I.J "WH.h Ol.LtTtJ.v Grac•i. (Phillil'fl). (hl "'The Gii:u¢'' (PhillU,s), M".b• 'Ella B.lee: tontralto ec,Jo, '"Vio'hc-n the. ncrwjnr TMtt (.:pp,(a tn•• (81\rnby)., 1\tJ8a SI.rah Iuaa: J,ip~no 141a, "~ub,,rt•• St-r~n11Je'~ (Sch,1-btr-t), lll.ia: E.~r,. llosarty: at,pr&no 11,i,lo. ,;\l(')rnin~• (SPdY), Hlre. Anllol,llJ; leMr MIO. Nlkted, Mr. John ~tet,I: m~ pr11 t10 wolf), ''Rk,epy Uollow" Tune" (Koutibt), Ml.._ Plt.yUll Fol"Y: solo, ''CuC'.kM

    ~urgess :Went with U.S. Mall Flyer!!, .

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

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    Fridat, 2ht Ot10bcr, lli27 . W1 Jl 1:1.ll I I W"E..a. T

    . . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . .. . .. .. .. . . .... . .. . ... ... .. . . . .. .. ... ... ..... -...................................................... 'f


    buiU up through the Radio Public's apprec effort to produce the best in Radio Frequency

    REMARKABLE GOOD WILL created by RADIOKES honest trading, quality manufacture, and famous guarantee.

    RADIOKl!S fa- th;eJdcJ ulllt• !or ,..., SOLODYNE •1td ..U: popula..r circuh1.

    Price 25/• per unit.

    RAD JOKES New and ln>pro .. cl R F. Choka. ab•olvtely out• dou all rinb-S-11., efficl•nt and a1rni.-1hield• d.

    Price 8/6 each.

    AMPERITE iJ, the only ha.01 autom•lic. Hlia.ntent conttol ---rcfw:e lo ace.opt an7 lower prioacl imitatJo,u:,.

    Price 6/9 each.

    RADIOKES CIRCLOIOS co ... ide,ad lhe (meat R.. F. Tnn.formen oht.&mabl. oa ..,, market.

    Hich enet•J' tnMfc.r on top of broad, ~•U band., effideat, aelectl•e .rid beauti-fd1 lillued.

    45,'- per kit of three

    Metropolitan Electric Co. Ltd., 27-29 King St., Sydney And at Melbou.-roe,, Auckl•nd Hobart and Launceaton.

    All High-class Dealers Stock Radiokes.


    . ...............................................................................................................................

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 26nla.obj-666410027National Library of Australia

    Pei:e Twenty-Four

    C.::alh" lBM1.be1, M1-aa En,l'fn&?h!tm:; ,;ociil tlUl"t, ''From 011e.i1.1u PlH\~Omh11~.Hn.nM:'l Md Gn~t~l" \Huan .. )r,,llncli.), M.hie Ella Blee • u111 1,fi)l!lli r.11 liutnlt-1: lllf'.t:(.i)'.'"

    11 on tluo Sooortl.

    "IJrtuaty n11'.::ht11 iu Honolulu" (H11mpton). .. Th,.. Tarm.e.r.t tlr~n," pbt\•e,d un J,he Xteel

    Guttil.r by , .. nin~ Fnvn,. .. l'o"o No ~1u1ette}• '"WLd .n:iu !oryivt", .. --~•Ire ru.~ i;li-1'' SIItl.JZ:' by Artbu-r Jord.ltn.

    1.lli lLIJL~''AdV{'rtiler'" 11,cw, anvkt' . .1.30 ti,ni, .. Ta,~Jc:d Tima,," rlAtflld Ly I.he."

    Casb10 01'('hc-•u... 1,,,5, Jf.rJ1.-'•WffdJIC,wer."

    ··s11a.uls.h Shsw.L .. "Ob Ledf b.• :i.noo,'"

    I p.nt,-\',·,e,,n;bl'r tt(l1lTI itncl f'lo:i.11 dnwn

    ,\PT~llNOON SJ;;$SIOli. $ v.rn. -Cbitr1C1"1, 3.1 p,rn.-Rebt.)· from tbe- Maple J.i:-.a:f Dl.fe-

    Un:bl'l:'tnll :1,.Jel"finrl111. 8,tvf"(':tlon, '"KtttJa" (Jtnlt Cilbert\. } w 'l,rt,t. \Vht•n w~ du ~ dance·• (Gu.h•

    win}. I111LrUm/\nt.aJ, "'A,i.Qan~·· (Hriuig:al. Pl&ntlforte 11olo. ·•r>.,11ce 1,:t.,tileK" tGodJardl. Suite. "R.:iviCTa ~r..rn('J" C.8.Jtooh).

    1.4-5 p.m.-Ftum t.hi! &t.udJu. ~fo• lc• l ftatll:l on th~ Sonora. ''Tl:Jt- Snowy b.ccaawd DCMI."•


    ''K'llhl,,;>en Ma\·our1't!n:• '1.'rnur suJoo b)' J•'r11nk ~follin11

    "Jlon•f liu11rh." ""llf'lfo Aloha.." ..Ort, rro Kono:ia."' "(A.'ve•• oltl aw~t 11m1g,'' O.rriL• Ut'l'w-I.a.

    ... A1l)l.,M1J4>,

    ti 1t,m.-Or-c.hP.ltr.JLl wclt•~\io111J ftum thg AN-.u~hu C'lirr, O\·o:-rtor~•. •·Mt)rnlt1c nul,n &n,1 nli,:;hL"

    f.Snvvel, 1,•,,~ trot., •-1~11rk7 ll11.1" tMrirr-•). •·Rani,, 11f ~J1rll1J1:" (f:.hi.dlnl~) ..Bon Viva.nt" (Z,11.wecnlk). ~J•.-e-Uu:n, "TM> JJJue .M11~11tit•" (Leharl. \'1ctlin •oJo. "llrnf'1het11a" {hhi;lu,11,,ie), r:ntrni"te, ;(;11v(•ll~ froni l,H~n,,t1·• 11'hprr111,.).

    4..6/i l\,M.. Mt1.rl-i-t rni,ort,~. G p,m.-Chitn•~ alld tloar IW"'--n. G p.m. -0.P.0. ebjmm, A,l r.m. r.>inner ~h1tia fr-oni Lhe t."-nv('lll Uar• 1,,.,, ft-tot,m.,---, Mtttt:tY. StrttL Voc11I and IWJh:um..t'llilLI JJit.erl•.11~r-, frflffl th~

    Studio. ».m..---

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

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    li'rida.y, 21st Oe.tqher, 1927. WIRELESS WEEK.LY Pogo Twenty-Flv•

    Further Proof of the Dependability of Airzone Products

    , l

    . rP ,~ r, . {~-'-· ..J. -:

    Au.idHarr, Vad1t 0 RONDON," FILLl!4 UJllh rh• B~l ol Wirsleu [email protected]

    Airzone Radio Equipment was used on the Trip from Hobart.

    This fine auxiliary yacht, which recently arrived here from Hobart, bad a Radio Set specially installed for the ti:ip. The owner and navigator, realising what was depend-ing on reliable reception, purposely chose and insisted that AffiZONE PRODUCTS were to be used. AU weather reports and time sij!na)s were regularly received.


    SAiWl~E~J!o£ MANUFACTURERS PRODUCTS PTY. LTD. (H.J. HAPGOOD) Challis House, Martin Place, SYDXEY. l'hone BW 1328

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 28nla.obj-666410283National Library of Australia

    JC.A.l?LY liVENUlG SESSION. p.m.--Cblldr.on'• 11rlth [email protected] ''ha.ldo

    lat,,.• ,'1.J.'i JI-~ ehat b7 Mr. G~e

    Nii.Uan. Nl(WT l:ll'.SSION.

    1..30 p.m.,-1.!ll!llleal &clC'C!tion.. Fruit l>ou]t.J"J' .-nd r= ar::°S:., :;~;t W! COUtl(sy cl 'i.ltS f'.rn.--CU'Ur:nh,i: talk b3' Nr. Gtuts•

    N.a::ioh. (JllJQ. J:,lununit'il Ca.~mi...rea 7.r;;o p_m.-'"Mon:tiry" •reehll 'I.umanf.,n. ne•11

    i,,en-it~ R• ilwaJ" au1ri1un flrnrfoco 1111•1~ H,,bart Sc,..el f''~cbJi.nQ'" ,,notntto0$,

    fl; ti~.J'.O, lU,_..k. cbim~. I.J 11..trL--$~rta Builffl HPPlifld l,7 l-11". TI. W

    Newton ot Bohe.rt Sp1:1rt.a D•:tic .. CaWn.a St.. Jlc,he,.r-L..

    ,,o p.m-.Sn:iWO Cqnll'ert: l0.&1 Euhf Knisrbc (DN!lll',cM,Oprnno}. l\{iaa E. l1mr7 (nlCiC11lii:>r1ist). litiaa B.,.rt.ha ..M111r,ball (aopuno), At;. !tnby Pfo:we- (pip.obit}, )tr. Viclor Pha..rnG.h. (banjo aoka), Mr. 1.;, tt,36 11...m.-A calk by the ~F"O Com•

    mlaionE!"r. l·l.t$ tnu•k l 1 Lm.-!"Bf,r Hen.'' ~tudic, male. tt-m--A..P.A.. and Reu~r•a• Ato"1r .... lt.10 "-m..-St.-udln 1nusie. U.16 e..m.-A talk (lb f';o.nlfflinc- b7 llr. O.

    J .. ~ ( .. J-tedauru.") ll.~O ._m.-Clt""Ae du....-n, 1,1100.\Y AND Al"T>:ltNOON IW.SSIONS,

    12 ttoon ...... -Jfia Bm" and•nt.a.. 1!.! 11,.~tor.k E:1u:!hantt4,, tint call. 11.11 p,m.,-StnOJo :tn-:.1n1Q. U .20 p,m--,'"S}'dn•.,- lf.orutDa- H.f'1"1tJ•• 11.n-a

    urvl~ 12.52 p.m. n.111"7 wfn,lna UWll. 12.4$ p...m.,- -Studio mmtl't.

    Nof.ea 01Jri11,. Uitt atte-moon • det!£..rlotlnn r,f th& CaullieiJ. Ci.p wW bl!' l'~l•Ytd tram 3LO M'rlb(11tt'tlt!. &ci.tli: .,,., nt. clirl!et ft11m C1u1trrlntry Park will N ct.rtibed Jn ~ rurmhia by di• 2k0 B1114m# C~mmis-lione-.r.

    I p.m.-... lJ1i: Ben."' W~t.hl!r l.t1.t.eW,rtt11N. 1.B 11.ui.,.-.. NP"•" rnldda:y ~a ,e:-...

    vice. I .to ,~.J111.-St.11dio mas{a.

    Ouri?l2" ncl.n• th.• foltowill.1 r,11u1!,zj will ~ hf!'ard ~ The Plll•• Tbrllt.rr- On-bau. lllltfe-r

    tho lui.tmi ot Mr. l l• rl'J' Stvu"· r1ur Am11Jd., :Na•c:lty IJUrnd;. ~id Mplcal thoni«. •.• p.m.-(Jic;i•dcaa.w,J'II' .Li.rht O, Uhlltr

    1.1'f11/!~-~; cfi!!~t·w~ll::!! ~1::!"neJ.

    l...!A v.m.-Tbt- Aha.d Duo (•t,el n.ltarl\. t ... .n p.m.-Mr. 11a.rry C ..... b (camed1-11). •·•• p.111. -htnu,- .al1nut .. ol .Humou •nil

    H umo-J.r, h7 I.Ju. Qululr Al.aJcb. "·•• i,..tll.-hra-dca.11.k,r.-' L 'sht OnhMt.l'L 0 ',fr, Ch1Q:Hmt W HJlamt, 1.11 p.rn. -The A~a4. .nuci. 9. 18 p.rn.-Mr. lla.r17 0.b. l.2!i ft,· Litht. Onbatri.. I.Mr. p,m..-"J"'ht,,r Makh. 9.i'ifi p.m.-Jt.mwne 1,,t lllUciw 1.n,a- tlaJ"a pN-s.....,._

    iZ.1~·:~~~~~~l)'t~~~~-1n. 10.U p,m.-Tha AmbaaJiWlon D«.n4!e {l•nd.

    htoadcs,.e,t from the R•llroom uf the Atrthu-,,:,don.. Uurini: lnt.C' 'b.;,twel!-1\ lia:ttee11 "Sun" M-• will \to ~"-

    lt m.klnJ1h1-0,P,O. C'k>ek And tblml'!I .Natror111l Anthem,

    2UW, SYDNEY Sal1trclay.

    l"rcJSnmntn), 1 p.ln.-'Nbtore- t.o Go. PO...fR, Johanneah.11r llr•r-uuac

    Comp.• 11'1.J, Afrl4!a, "20 and !!II lllf'l,.._..

    '7.11"lf)fo~ ~tlona: (•) ··ewn~i" (Dvon.t).

    7 a p.m..-(h) ••v• ~ Parhok!!1u~." 'i,Sff i,.m,- 0[']:'an ••~o .. :Prottll,Or C, S&ttur

    •'Rhaprl.Qdy'' (C...c.iin(r).

    I.I urtey used Jl..urgess l!l N_ew G_!!inea. ......

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 29nla.obj-666410419National Library of Australia

    Friday, 2ht Octob,rr, 1927. WIRELESS WEEll:LT

    The Mullard Master -Valve with the Wonderful P .M. Filament with

    English or U.X. Base Remains the Same Price - - 13/6


    the following previous types will be sold

    HF and LF Bright Filament D SERIFS DFA SERIES ..

    at 1·educed prices

    2 ./ . each 6/ - each 7; 6 each


    Fflame.nt voltage. Filament eun-cnt, ..,,,.._ ..... Anode voltage- • , To ta l emiuion1

    wilh £n1liah or U.V. B~


    2/. 2 /. 6 / - 6/ -

    I 6 ·.

    H.F. L.F. D06 I 006 006 H.F. Dat. L.F.

    3,2-3.8 3.2-3.8 3.0 2.5-3.0 M 0.6 0.6 .06 .06 .06

    30-90 30-90 50-l ?!i 20-100 30-100

    5 8.0 I 8.0 Impedance. ohm.a.. Q0,000 30.000 60,000 17,000 17,000

    6 / . 6 / -

    1'1006 D3 JIF,

    J.O 1.6-2.0

    0.3 .06 30-100 50-125

    8.0 6.0 17.UOO 60,000

    m/a . . ..... · 1 S s O I

    I Radio. alao Rad~o, als o


    R.d,o. oho Purpoae • , •••• , Rc:sia:tani;.e Audio Re•1•lanc:c Detector Audio Audio Rll!ai.atance

    ~utling Cc,uehnM Coue1i:n1

    61- 6 1- 6 • 7 '6 I 7 6 1 1a Type OJ

    D3 I MZll DFAO DFAI DFAJ Det. L.F. Fil•m.e:nt volta1e . 1.6--2.0 1.8-2.0 1.8- 2.0 3.5 5.5 5.5-6.0 Filament C.Ul'l'tlnt,

    amp• •• , • , , •. 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.35 0.2 06 Anod.c Yolt-.J& , • 20-100 30-100 ,0-100 .10-100 $0-100 50-100 T o t • 1 cmiHion,.

    ,., . ......... 1 8 8.0 s.o 20.0 25 0 1.5 0 lmpeclan.ce, ohm11. 16.000 16,0(10 16,000 7,000 6.300 13.000

    P u l'poaa • , , •••• Detector Audio Audio Power Power Audio Ampl.i6tt.T Ampli6l'r

    Every Valve is guaranteed lo function perfr.clly


    7/ 6 DFA4

    5 5

    0,2 1.1-11,

    I S.0 27,000

    Rc-ai1tane.r. CouplinA;

    A . L al f'ritrh.ett, Au.t. ( Ltd.). $fdn•Y A. B•a.J Pr;(a1'~lt, A-u•t. ( L td..), Mol.bou:rn• £dear V. Huiilto.n, Brisban.• Wedma Ltd., Adelaide Ciibb., Bright & Co., Pcrl4


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 30nla.obj-666410548National Library of Australia

    Pa~ Tw~nty-Eight

    'l~~-»;~~~l"~c:V~·c.n1ns, .. lb) ··,~ :A.W.ll)' tMln Yoar

    1.U JJ,m.·-VJc.t,ut, t..:iltip, ¥ictlln :411.1101 (llJ Hrmg-a.r.ian l),u:.ce- N,:,. &." (b) ''Cr-ti.JI• Song" (Pff:hdbh).

    'l.U P•ut-V~• rz'tu'nw. t:rl('AW •OJIY1HKII

    T.11~1~~~eia J a c;1'11un. b&rhflfle,

    1,ii4 1,1.m. Miu ,IL,y O'lk'lrn. aoprano:

    ii: "Y.t:;::.. Pf.O':i11).Jinb'' (from "ll-il'h JJnklil">·

    8-2: 1,.rn.- M•tJ.~ ArHn• Sauer. !'I,~ ........... ;Dtant1:

    "'M.otnlnl{.'' · •'(.",oqoet:4.o [TurMl'),

    1~fvJt;;:..'\t?,~rJt~~:SON AND HrS 1 1Mr1.-.MEJ..BOlTR.N f.'. 00S8.RVATORY

    TIME. SIGNAL, The bc-11 .t.rik~ O.S&-it. ::.s lh.i 11li,:m1.1 t.h4r ~1"1tt.1nda & llow mueh rw to ,-,~ .Jone.

    11 11,rn,-Of .. ri'l11tion of Uenl~ an tllil!" Yura. by Mr. Norl.l\llo MeC111.nLEY AND IJQROTH\· ROXDl.JnOU, Violin amt V1o1a Duet~

    '"Andante M(uU,.HClo" 3.!0 11.m.-D1!S1:.ri.Pl li;iD b;y ltr llod M'-CGn-v:or,

    Qf Cridlll•

    tion of A•J1t.r&lHia our REA T/rJ{ HV.S-SAGE !or '1'.'o-duy ia~-

    .. Pn,vf"nth-e m~Luyf. ... "Nl'rro Spirlt.ul.l.l" (C, C. Wb•tcl.

    8tl!~LIJOt.~"lE: (:l!t)H.AL US'ION': Madr~at.I. "SwNtte Flownr•'' (Wa.lmia.Jeyl, Chl.)MJS, ''"rhanb be Ml C-.oJ, •• ~1lJA.b (Ue,..,,..

    delk!lohn) 1.34 JJB.ASli QUARTET,

    ,''Avwmn.•· ·••v.~Jr.l~r." "Orown Di.11mond& .. (Anl:t"t) ,.,o 11,m.- A .SJ)

    10.16 p.m,• BRUNRWlCR D'R.ASS Qu:'ARTETJ '1111 Fi•H• Del R,ej;iftlf'nt.().. fDonrvof.ti) •

    10.2.5 J).tn, OLADYS LA.MrE. eontl'L'lfto: "$..ihanm" (LanEJ, "0, Nllfh'! ot Stars a.11d ::;i,J,-ndor" C'Ihomp.

    ,mnJ. 1

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 31nla.obj-666410676National Library of Australia

    Friday, 2hi Ct·tober, 19:H.

    ·································~················································--······· ........................... ,. .... ~ . . . . . . : ~ . . . . I What makes =

    Burgess Batteries~ Better •

    The answer is a single word-Chrome ! You've heard of Chrome- the great preservative. How it toughens leather, strengthens metals, and gives to paints an everlasting resistance against heat, cold and dampness. Now you have Chrome-built into every Burgess Battery you buy, strengthening it against heavy usage, protecting it against wear and weal her

    Ask for Burgess Chrome Batteries

    ~"1;:W ~YSTEM TELEPHONES f"l"Y. LTD.

    280 Ca5Uercagh Stred, :: S)'dney 25's dridae: St., Melbourne

    CharJef StTeet. Addaidc

    Q'ld, AJtt!nl4 l Cam1dll Cycfe and Motor ,'\Jil?nq• (Q.) Ltd.

    Ctf;ek •nd A4 .. •lafd~ Streeta, 8ri11-bane • .................. _._,,, ........................................ ._ ...........................................................•

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 32nla.obj-666410801National Library of Australia

    SCL, ADELAIDE. 6atllniar, Jl am...----aif-. Jl.t > •~•t lntnrm&Uo,t •a4 .. Adnr-

    tl6(,"' a... '"'"1-. U.JIJ v 111,-MD&! itl!lna on tho &Ii.Ora. • "llfattJAl Nomqt.:• 1 -rb-, IIJbdo.'"

    .. S'1110a \!Mt CeilaNr. • ;:or:.:. Friar of orden"' S>~ "" ff•rol4 IJ DOOD......(.."k.imat u.d elGN .,_.,,,,

    Arr.t;Jl.NDON fl;Y.S,SION. l p III it.lay lttim 1~,ci t;.w~r ftair~orl, .. i.o.~•.! Ec!h,,)" tCt'ft:-J), Ma 'M 'rutMr, Kr. W. 1. nawortb,

    Chnru,. '"Tb~ Elphin '.At!'' fSkph,n ClDnr,, Mlu"I" Turn~. Ci.1rnf~t1. Hl"rrur-•

    DJ'k ... UC(,rfl 'f11rt11•r, ICvrlVll V•Jl. Ettl)'n. T:.arn,.r. All •P'Pffl (Fli!tr:h,,r) )t4kfu~. W•av,ns •onr. llllaa M Turnrr. c.a-. lonr. lJn't'lfll aod )t~ M Twrn". Cbun11t,. -:w~rf'J' UW: MaW:n.:• Tlw Compa1111y

    t.10 p.m -By •itid )""'""'"'°" of th, maeaar• mrtit • d-,.iption nf ih• ,rni,=tlir1r •IR tw-.-:h-r11 1mm cf'I~ Exhlliltlon fh;IltJlr,er,

    to pm.·· flport.inr "'911lt11. 10.a "'in-R

    .O.o.c• Band.

    6WF, PERTH. Saturday. la nuon TUM> in, 1:.1 ,~.--Nu.ila.1 rrosramra•. inchldlnl'

    r .. [email protected] .. s.l•homi b7 ll• Ettfya Wlll .... A llC.ll

    1!.,, p-. lt.rlrta. 1:r•a. ;aind C"•blN, J 1,.m.--'1·,m., •,s~l rrCIQI J'"'nh Ob,,c,,n•ton. ) I 11,"1, Wqthrr Nol•. •uwlii!!d PY th~

    N.~\t11r,,i. cu:111 fi•Jroa1.1 of W~t-ern Au-1-t·•llll, 1 2 p.n~ l'Jou dtlWD., L li "'"8l.-'hu,.. Ii-


    ffPORtr.ilO fl}.R.t,.IO'N, 3.!'11) J1,n1.--l.lrL.allC'd dl'tlt'tl1nh)u uC tbe 'r~th An•

    nlvll'?'i..ily nC lh,t (ormatkln r.t th t Wt,..•'11 A.11.,traHan T\lrf Cl:ab, rrlayfd fr,1Tft lbe A._. Raecoa,_. tif!:mvni.. &•ct: nnuk. Crlcktt ,.,.uJi.,.

    ,I.JO p.-.-c?o.e dawn, C.t." ,,.,._. Tune In.. ej.6t) p .m 8it1hQ117 IHftlt1c111 ror 1:W K1ilJi•11.

    b)- lJucl• ltaa. 7-10 pa• Srioria l'elltll t.. ';,IO Ji,.M Market... f\ .. •• and C".ah~. TU I',. Talk & Ttnw, PS"1l•1 ft0"I r4"11ll C-Wr,-atcir,, 1,1 JI •.-"'"ta.tbe-t- tiot,._ au:,pfoi•d 1,,- t1'e

    lbt~roloctt"ttl ll tnu ot W,::·t,c:ra. Afl•tnJia cnNCEltT Nrmrr.

    •. , p I'll M!Ukaf ('11'0f'J'arl1ole. iu.Iuthr.r WCl(',I I aod hmtrarr., a,m'.>en

    Clrddu--.1 m•~ by HOJ"f"•• :-;r,-n tluewd IIJ' )!'r R•l'llld l"artinctat> H •fff ltom Ho,,··· l~t Tt~!,.., wmta~ 61rN"t-

    Par11:c mqa1c:, by i.,oJ t1 F.1'l,H1 "nd. ht. l••"C:" Orch,.tn. r,. "'"" rroM ti~ Pf"t!I\ l'al111,1a ltOTel Ho· ~,, __ ,

    10 D 1n 1 .. te n.nJ• IHm•. l>y f!ffl'rr-h1o, til '"ni., l)a ll' Nr...-. • N-e••P-.Pl'r Coy

    K'i'.l-• wilhlb ,..,_. • llnql:llttfR•"-t Wcatvr ~ .at1MI FoN.111. G i'.O 1;$ork dl)mN, ! I p n::a Jlnadeu.t h.,, tfirwt wfTe fNtn

    h!:iperlal Ilo:cl 114-tt 0..Me na111Nn 11-, Mr., 81,,-ppar.t.,• 'J'r,o,

    U12n rm. Bl'tti~JJ Wtrt"lffl N11w-. Shir,1 Y.•Uhrl'l wir•lto•• ranp. W•alhu ir.turrn,ufon.. ~l.nt t'ln •rtnotnttffl•nu.

    1'~a.tfo1111I AMMM-.

    Sunday, Oct. 23 2FC, SYDNEY

    WOL'-:nlG 8f'.5St0~. 1n 1\\ am Pr,:,:nunn. .. •ftftOUm-t"mrntt 11 • m R.~ Bo-n."' From th~ )\i.l!t>rton

    r.,..,,111r11d P""bJV'rl1n (:'huttb. Mflrnlnv ll•1y"I .'lr1r1 h ShN·• H

    • 11 ""' Xnt:J .,, 11, ffl(Hl.l...tEt7 c,,.,1'-r.• .~::.•t.k1lt~\

    JI.R. ,01n:r11 HAG~,-!'\l(~HT F.SSION

    6.l4 ,, "' },\ J.;1;\' N C'RIHli A to.Ill l>Pt th.- ft"'co nt 1n11:oik " 11r1

    I.M .f,·U>n,~LR,;~,i~l~t.~'r~lLLJE: sn,J (t.tD.t: thiei, ·•" (Sc:}t,brt.Jusun), Solo, "ltb'll•r IBW"W-hl:ht

    Hf:&JIAN' WILLlS fi,l}o. "Ta~·• tAlk-flh~

    C'"LYDS TBORJ'f-! .

    ,.u-K-°iW111,:tl'~llf:,': p~~jl,~it.&l J,1 M,. Sm,ru '" ·nuithrt!n° 1N'l'Pf'lham\

    ibJ •·rn Que.ta T'ffl• r,hrinir Conc.-rU:at~H tAl.a.N!I.

    ; !'O ,. tit Fartb,ar itcc,u from .the R

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 33nla.obj-666410933National Library of Australia

    Friday, 21,t Oc·lobor, 1927, WIRELESS WEEltLY Thirty.on•

    ORMOND'S LATEST TRIUMPH Surpassing all pre-vious recards of Condenser design !

    When Ormond produced thPir Standard S.L.F. Condensu lhl'y aUained a triumph that alone was enou11h to ensure the endurance of thetr repulalion. But with the eager•

    npgs of enlerpnze they aimed at evc,n grealer achievement. The result transcc-nds any• thing previou•ly accomplished as you will readily admit if you examine the new Ormond ''No. 3" S.L~. Condenser at your dealer's. THE NEW ORMOND "No. 3" 5.LF. CONDENSER is a typical Ormond product -highly finished, h,ghly efficient. It is cheaper in price than any yet, but still peerlc .. in performance. •

    Tho No" ORMOND "No. 3" S l,.f, CONDENSER it the ~••ciaion S1rol1h1 Frequ•nc7 condennr with a i:rr•atly triduced t,,rn..- anci highly fin11he-d Bakelite •nd platet. ~pffi.U, Ula~ v•nu atve hi•h mu1mum and lo.,.. ni,nimu:m capacity with TRUt:: S.L F. rcaclir1, thtou1houl lho full 180 defree• aca!e. No bunchint of hall the. wanlcn1ths bt-twHn O and 27 d~re-e.- · all •tatlons arc • evffllJ' the dial Supplit'd -=ilhcr with 4 in. B.k.ehte Pb1in Dial or 4 1n 8a.k.el11c Friction Cc,n1rol Daal 1-:1.:-h IA cngaicd jn 180 •in1le J,:aricCI, 1how1n1t O at the 1horte1f w.eve~n1th1

    stations arc •till teft-tred lo 1n MP.tre1-•nd toward!i 180 lot longet" wave-lenath._ E,1•1 to mount-One- hQlc fixin1.

    ·r.,..nals ..d Scldcrina Tac• lor conncctioN.

    wnor.t:l!IALE m~nmttToJtS .roa VICTORIA 1

    Jr.,.. G, 11:ull"r u4 "•· Pty,. Ltd-• J~(..ut P • Oit.c. PillClr, M•LMlurH.

    Ru-rht•t-. Ltd.. !H Co!liM Mtl._,,.,,,,,-t..

    H M I" p,...tfn.fJI~ .ltoacL lktna'• OerNrt I JONUON, 8NGLA t. 0.

    Backed by over

    25 years'

    BRITISH Manufacturing


    rAet'ORl" UF.P'RfllAE1'''1'ATIVF.t J~ Anl,,J_._ H.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 34nla.obj-666411062National Library of Australia

    Poi:e Thirty-Two W.RELESS WEE.ltLT 1-'rit!KY, ~I •I Ortober, 1027.

    •································ ·································•···················· .. ······· .. ······ ......... _ ......... . . . . . . . . . . .



    Built by the makel'l'i of the famous .Matched Tone Head-phones Table Talker and Brandola. This Ellipticone has a mellowness of tone only rivalled by an old violin, a sharpness of speech which it quite naturally renders.

    This Cone Speaker is absolutely accurate over the full range of orchestral music and the human voice. Nothing is lost, nothing is blurred or distorted.

    It is extremely sensitive and attractive in appearance.

    PRICE •• •• £6/10/-All over Awtralia or



    C C

    i ! i i ................................ ······················································-····················•....-..~,

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 35nla.obj-666411192National Library of Australia

    )'riday, 2hl Ot·toher, 192'7, WJJl&LESS WEEltLY

    ! :

    I 1

    \bur Pleasure in Your Radio ~II be Greater I

    ~ii '

    That toe• teasing, s t irring rhythm that the big broad• ,astini: dance ur• chestras take , uch care to put on the, a ir-get it a /1,with •, out distortio1\ !


    \Viti c;nrr w-u clrac. full: h>ncJ r«:rf'11ion1 fr~ ln,m di-\1racun;: imern,il noi.~t

    The or1,:;inal 8 rlgh, Sra.r .. Ba:1i Type-" cell conttru\' .. tion aivH chem 1miu1uJt p(IW1!r, •ilrnC'~ in op.era rion and Ion, li(r. - anJ thc't' co,.t nn mor.c than or~ dinan t-autrit-1!

    c~t Bnah, s,., • r ,-our duler••-rodayf


    11..-iu,dl, Ch,~. llL

    T;.-::,~: ~~~1:fti::~:r :.~:>~r~= .. ~~t.-~:. .. v:t"'\~.r .. ~~~! ~fV£NTf.J;N \'t·:AR~ 6U I LD1N(; IJUAI I TY BA'I fl R I FS


    International Radio Co. Ltd. 229 CASTLEREAGH ST. SYDNEY

    Paire Thirt;-thn•

    ••.....,.-nn•••••• .... n..-.••••••...,..--•u•••••••••••• .. •.••~••••••--•••••~- ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••---••••••••

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 36nla.obj-666411320National Library of Australia


    l'qo 'Xhlrt,,-fcur.

    1.19 p.m-E11-t1 Btmi. C.r,tralU. t.11 p.m-•·no .Hak.b-. Jl'iaufo-:"la saJ.,

    (a) -~..-• (U.t,u,.yt. (bl "hnarvl!e"' fUaolaCI), l•l"lllu-,.- \lk>l,oa071).

    I.a: p.m-lAllftnm lbeaula,. Zar,tc11D111 ••v&HI·• (U'ucd~ RWl"at'.U>,

    t.15 p..m.-E,leen Hord. C1.Ju1n.ltet1 lt p.m-Tbt- Cot1.:;ervat.orllHQ J.aJlu' Stritia

    ~llUl.c:ltt-1 (a) "A1}d.,,r;te C4nr.ab11.,•· (Tuhalko.....,1',i). (b) '"Pvlh'" (Gluoandot:),

    M lae Alurid Budul11&.Do Vloll&. .115- J~ (:-Ut,..n, ViollD 111.u FJoAOOe- Fonlia•. v~. Mis.I Jloaamand Ccinfotd, 'Cc11o,

    lt.11 i,..m -S•tional A,.~.._ C!OH .Jowu.


    lllOIL'ffiA ROA.D, MELBOUnNE: Vrlomuy (0,.....), "A...,...- (lf-UO,

    »-tit.Ian. N~llo), llY1Da,. ~I). II, -rlMt Clrrlstian warrior, -.

    Jahn •bmd.· Sarli,Lur.11: IL Tlmot!IT. 4 1.-L k..-adluc;. lte!T, 11 'i--11,

    t:•~~~1~r~~rJ~oll~~ ... bJ' p~:~J::rh r-s;; •rdrit.ual 1t1tt>rpu·t11Uot1, tN1r1 JJ4.SO JI .,, Christ1a.n ScH11ee ·r.,s.t Book. "iklrotK-. •nd llo! •Ith K1!7 ta the Sulphn. N b7 Jbry Baku f:6u.

    Jl,rzn. No. Jt1: -Oh I C'm.t.: .. p~1t01:. ~ •NI Jo:, a.nd DOW"r .. rdlna11ee ._ 1M ordft" u, u fdlows: A• ~b r"l'l1l .. to.te •PPl'\Wllth• tb~ }l,aptimlal 1''r111l M6daoi4' Ella Kin1J1t.fon alnp one Tllnfl' o! ,.1,, hymn, •·r LH1. M1 l'1ea:rt to 'i1,e"-'" 1.t·ht1 Mtnh:tr-r Lhrn pf'Oftt1Ltnt••11 the 8&1r,1t.larn•I Ji'ormnl& •ad Uw C'"".aqdidavi ia batitb,,t,d ,a U.. PooL Fl,llo.illC' OI• }lw.purn, of' H("b caJ!olU•t• t~ c-balr alas:• • l:ri"l!f TrimnPhaJ Chi.lit.

    FROM TffF. 8Tl1n10 --8 SO Daa-'l'tlt; H&ALTH ASSOClA.TlOK.!

    M~AOE }'OR TO-D.\Y flt '4 Pt"tl~tl, t1ran 1--oa'JI wlll t1nt ,!N:.a7," u.m.-lH\ITN,-WlC.K C1.TY lJA~O~ Ov.arllJrl', '"The Cf"eai City" toawconl.

    P .tQ p,"'.,.. M,'DAMF.. f:'i..1.A kJNGSt'O.N, tloptaftOI

    -.Wllh \ •nfu.nt Clad.'" Ariil (l'(AU --ri.. Cre;al»a" flla7dal.

    LC.7 p.m,-.unu::-.. \\ .c;K C' rY RANDI ~-. rt.ioa, .,G,,unod' (Rh11Mr).

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 37nla.obj-666411455National Library of Australia

    FridR-y, 21st Odobru·, 1027, WJRZL~SS WEEKLY Pago Thirty-Fiv1

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 38nla.obj-666411588National Library of Australia

    I ....-sLO W•lb-oon,e hu plallSUN (111 Ill• troduailll' tOJ" t.ha 13.r.L dm• In All• ir•lj" I

    SE,.',-U.. Sf'OSTIAKOF'J', th• 1.-d.Jns Tuor (If ,i.- 1.aac,,aa "Doo C~kl;· wlao ,.,...ncly a:,blftec.d • 1Dat &eclMfa.l IOClr .t Aw-lftlla aad !>{1w Zn.lan4. a-ta.n StrfflAt• .. Niebt." (Cl nl&u). .. J~a dUbna • :mublJr," from .. n,R',,JeLto."

    t .7 p.m.-b6tJNtiW1CK c11·\· BAND1 t,.u.pb.OD.JGID Solo, ''SchhPWIHrtHed" (Van

    Brena). -_,, c. w.n. ...

    bWTISM-uo. '"A !'ll'q-llt IA JaJH• fBraJihood) t l~p.-..-MADAMB EU.A IUN'GSTON.

    ~pnno: .. J .M.oul'"ll .. a I)""!!'' (ll•nfldict). ••cod•• O•f1kn"' ((.-11:1be1t 1.

    I .II p..m.-lUI.UNSWIC~ Cfrl' llANDt "'UAfinine.l 6y1111,1~ (Bcbub.n.l.

    t ..JS p.m-SCNIA !'.J'OSflAltOFT, Tcar1 --SU.ow"' (Varla.moff).

    """When s.h• Elian wen Sb.1tiit'IC'," fr\,lm •·r.a 'rf.111~•."

    t.'2 p.m--HHUNSWlOE CfTY Bll"l>1 Hrma. ""R,Jckdak'" (Ownl. .&tr Varla .... N.,.rir:r. Mr Co4. to T....-

    (.ll.rff lllCIPT&nal. Min Joan Dod._ (•lncuticmiltJ. Mn.,. Jacl; Crttn (.•opnlUll. Mi I H-uby Pi.-. (pl,in'tn),, ltn,v :illt.ehlh (('(,r ht!I •ot4"111I. Mr. Tbom:t:111 !;flt,n ,:(11' (huitanl"). Mr Jrnnk Dalton (b.uit.nnc).

    ,.iO "'Mrn-u,.,.... ~P«~tol JalPntat. n..-. .-rrlc. Bntith (>me!.aT Y.'ln1"' nc•• 811.ti,. whJun wi.rdeh. l"allJ."e.. I p.m, ••ther foreraMA. ~t.tlun • cOOUD.oelllt!fl.11, NatJc:inal Antbau.

    Monday, Oct. 24 2FC, SYDNEY. J . .\n.LY VOJt?\C~G S.E.SSIO?ll.

    -...-.1o"'"----M.ORh'TNfl S"&SSJO.N.

    11) •.m H•s Hen'• a111l prr,gramm., an11(lo\lD('C!• IUt'RUI.

    11'1.5 11..m ..fttutUo ,nu,ilt-~ 10.u,,_•·sJ:dritY M0>rnlas H,n!d"' ~ -· 11..IO mgJe_ JO.U • •-t..u mlaat..., u.,efq ld'ot'lllatinn

    by t,h., 21-'C Coaun•lonnr. 10. \.;i • .nl. · Stt11fio m141e. 11 .. m. . ..-•ora Brn," Ab.n:binz m111lc. fc,r

    schOQI C'hildf'SI. U.5 a.m.- A.I' .A. al!Mt R,t1.11••'• CebJ,,, Strvk-n. u.u LDL-A r-41n •• 11..30 a.a.-ei... itller,,1 fflfl'.l'Int.te K•lllflo, Lc-adcrl. 1,6.\ l).rn.- J, rum The Studh>, a&o.rpre1 Huall,

    IOl)r&tb): 'o.&r Bt.rJ ot Wintff .. (O,,

    , J• ID >·rva"'• 1·-. ILuctaa, 1-... u.. a-..tary_ cunt"1to: ..Londoll llrl,t..·• (M.ofrOY)

    t .5 "P.m.-Tlll-. OAJC HALL JN'STR.UIU:N• TAL Tnto.

    1 IS 1'·"'· l'',~m The f;ludlo. Annie. Pa1 nt, m. .... io: w~n • m. .. ny --.*n ••nl•'' (S~Ulv•••·

    , ~•J p.m.-t·r.:,m P'ar&er"• T• llooail. ~,rtle'4 Gri1nt. eoprano.

    1 2r• s:..~.- TJIY, OAK HALL DlSTRUJU;l,J. TAL TR1O, uu~ ,,.m.-~·r"'m St.ui:tlu. Jb.rpr

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 39nla.obj-666411714National Library of Australia

    Eriday, rt&t October, J.ll27, WlllELESS WESS.LT Paii:e Thirty-Seftll

    -~Jusy·-·ARRivED·-1·--······ ·-·····-·············-··-·-1 Another Shipment of the




    Tlie lut diree smpment, of the HEGRA CONE

    SPEAKERS were sold eat withm I few da7s of their arrival





    becauSt ii' s COOD l

    BUY NOW and don't be disappointed.

    BECAUSE-The HEGRA Cone Speaker incorporate• an adju.iable Loud Speaker unit which " auperior to that oupplied with many Loud Speaker• collin111 two and three hmes 111 much.

    ~ . ?


    BECAUSE- For greet volum~. clear tone. beautiful aJ)pearance. ,ound en,ineezin~ con1truction, • and low price, the HEGRA Cone Speaker "' in


    United Distributors Limited ~ 72 Clarence Street, and 28a Martin Place, SYDNEY

    hf• A1u.hwlhtn Dl,drlt,,uton ot ".RAY.O•l'AC,, BA1TERIBS ~43 Queen SL, 27 St.. 28 Qu••• SL, Cr. J• n•b QIIAT 4r H-.n-U St., 61 St

    BRISBAN£ AD£LAIDE PEltTH WE.Ll.lNCTON, NZ. LAUNCESTON, Tu. • H-4 aou,ke StTeet, MELaOURNE 109 Collin, Slreot, HOBART •

    ...... N••-•••-•---.. •111•.i~•a.••· .. ••..-Jl!ll' ..... ___.,_ ..... ~ ..... • -~•911••••---·JI•--•-••--••.,..••••-••--•-•-----

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 40nla.obj-666411847National Library of Australia

    Pill'~ Thlrty-F.lght

    •.t! 1 m. r..-;rr flunt,o.r. cootrt,lto. a.,o p.m.- r,,;.m 1ho u.,.~k:i. ·rll.atre. ti.,vdnQ', 1\, tlerului.:t.or )Ir. ~&anlir,- l'onrr

    I 4 p.M,. ho•· tho Ba.plbt Hall. l;lUmo. ,. .... SJd Jlanm, ci fiot ct)'a Cboir, C. ....

    \G.l''W Oomno. 204 p,,..m I t(ltn the Ha,rmar"t 'l:b8tra. u,...

    rt.ctlf'11l 1t.-mr1, ,t>.10 1,.m .. --A 1(:-U.1 Cunri 11 ,tar

    al.JO rm ):•tlo.u.l AoilMm. Clow: dawn.

    2BL, SYDNEY Mor.clay.

    'l.ARl '\: l(OR".U-.,G 1- lf"S" l I I • Ill M'OflNING I· • JOS'

    to JO & n, 1, I' U Clod;; and C'hlc,.H. N I I froa, tbcl lffllo.

    10 .ro Lffl N'•• tram Lo. Ually 11--:nP Pirt.orial""

    I .M am. Nuaical pNCftmm• fron. the

    118!.:rl~~{, po \1-xk and rb1mt11.

    u11L~•;_j,~ll 11!, prc,rnmm• tram Ill.- Stiltl. 0. h.lJ am Tu.._ OA Tnnb.' b7 Jtlu G..n

    Vulcy n~cu:..ra Yicaen·• Spona

    ~i:?~,1 ftqJief. t.~ e fft:!-J>O!HknW. .,.,. "h~kn.,, Ja ·t::.~1oU;;.H •111\ Hl!'tilth," by Mr'" J-•

    11sPtttaJ tr n •~ ••ndt;.:n~ a,.pem.. U I p.m., UI' 1d. P • tf'Ollow ,llip:Jeal lfA-.

    U 16~1.m tr, f(ltmatu~ Maflil, SbiJJpl11c anNII~ (JUII ti»- St;QdJch

    1.10 p.ffl..----,,""WII {n;,a:a t.J,t, "&un..• an p.m.-1Muaknl proa;ramnM lromU..~Uldro. I.IQ o.m "N,•n t"-'rU Lh• ·i:1u11:• I ,o p..m U11r11uw11.n O.r1H n:i.M. brr•1kut

    !roan W Oun,:'OWlln c'.abarct. • p.m...----0 J> .0. t1eu and C blma..

    ;N.w• trcm th& ""Sua:• • 10 .....,_&rbl S,0,,-, ( 10 p.JD-. .-1),u,pwan D:.oo- llA'Cli. 4,:,n p.m 4•w. from tile •,sun." 4 u t-..m. f~amo ul II sht • s,.rnsnmmo 4.IT p.m. ll.aoC'ln.- l"UllfflcNINC SESSlOII, 7 p.M, :\llrttk. 7.1 P-"' AddJftl. E. Wa,-t, ':'.JI p.a.- Muic 7..!I A.ddn-M 3. 'K'.. Powell r....,. "; II p ... --&elertloOt f~ .Dkit'f'II h7 llr.

    Hwth Burdock, f.QI> 1,.,.,,,-.lCu• ic. ';.AL, p.m 4u.r11a1 br JCat.hwn Jl.,a11.

    NlQUT llESStON, U p.111-.Addr-... Praf. L Weod_ A!O pm.. -&inrt t.,. Huold Cab .. LU p.m.--lnatrumPDtal Qnn.\,, 1-n ~euni..

    Nonfra ffNder, N1.1r1,.11,.. Lll>la', Ada Drook, Ul'I 11111- Piario •o:k,t, .Ada Br11111'

    l ••~a,,r-lnsr S11ni:." (llendt-llMlb•I• t. .. U,,MO ~" I llaadefaDhe).

    Friday, 21st October, lll!!7.

    I p.m luhlr,,u l,y Rev. Jl. D, S. lh,m.m~Od.. ••)1~0di111' 11rul•U Mth "

    I IS 11.m.-- -&tin b7 llanal.S l'oll,h. I.U p,Ja.-t ... lnm~ota~ Qrulrt.,t. Daa Sc1ilb,

    Nu~ IAnl', Mi>nka JIONH'. AU IJirvuk. I 4i p..-. Sonp 'lr7 !4.1- Jratblceo kyan..

    2UW, SYDNEY )lond.ay •

    D Lm !Iowa. ablppb:ia:, mell,, .-&uilio tt,.,u, tU5 •·• ft'o11t"n".: &Aton. t.llJj a.m. 1.ta4.,. ot fn.rwu\l »~.-r1un"lfl• JA A .m.-rlt'IH• daJW'"ft. J p..m.--6\ladlo ltaaa. t.P p.ns l\al:llee ot. t'cr•-ard u.m.. a ».-.n .. -eloM 11ow11i. • D m..-DaftM and h•'-l"'~"11f•l 11.-m• r,.,,a

    z,;t.udj1, 2i V; 1,"' 1wo11 .. m.~ r,f forward pr01u•mme--• p ~. -tlGM d,,.-n. "i p.m. \If~ 10 Co. 1l~p.m ScMu,ra.i.t-UoeL t 11 •·"'- -Oriran, MJlo, PrPfl"$l'Ot c. r ......

    f;fi.-lftfll. f ~1 l'.m, J,_ft1•'f' W, lJOWGlll .. t

    • To...-tt Pl•ftfH~r." , 11 p.m MiH Jean t.,J••l-d..t. •pn.JJ"t

    6elrled. 1-11 P-M- ,Ilk.I f'~r Nc.Afp~a. COIW'•ltos -1 40 p.m Mt, JtahonU. baa.)o llll«M. j fO p.m. M...._me Liili,an .May, aopnu1(tJ

    S,l,,etod. 1.11 p.m. ~Prorenor- C. S,1~t, ""'Un t-

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 41nla.obj-666411974National Library of Australia

    Fnda,, ~1., Oclober, 1927. 'Wlll&LESS WE&ltLT Paro Tlllrt7-11LD1

    · .. , di 7(,ewlu!ion i,ificepliOll


    Until you'~ actually heanl the true to na.S.m-9• Gf (he Clarlt11m yoa'w neftl' hea.rd jl.!$L hew wen your scl can perform. A Cmltone LOt,d Speaker will mrolutionise rour ~ • • brinit the broadrastenl _m,iDrnear _ - trne:te-nalure! 1'he Clarli- ~ Dt models J,. m~, prli:ed. and may be -n 111 IIIOl!t leuinic: radu> supply aton., cat lh.s


    SuppU-of' aw,vthi>IV i1t Ra~ and ~t .,,..;pma,t.


    6 - ·-

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 42nla.obj-666412104National Library of Australia

    Page Fort-,

    $()m.-tMn~ llitt'' (Terk«l. H /ut! ft,111 J.U~nin.:-iu 'r~nl;:hL. )t~lh"!t

    1lNtr!" ~Wi.ll.J.A.uuJ). 12 . .r.o p.m.-Wn h•\·a :much pl~ in 1ntro-

    CJ•1oins w rout FRED WALKER. ha~; •·r Did uvi Km>""·'• (H. ·r~n:), ·"1-,aath·' tr. '°"

    J p,m,-hl'1,i.l~t1Jl"\14' Ob,,u,Nai.C•t'Y 'time Sit:nsl. now 1.1.ale tl'w. U,d 79" ,..-rltc, I I:) tb.1!' old lolka at hmM Um wn-k1rul T ~n't ,pu.t. it; ntr. Do it now~

    1.1 p.m..-.JOE ARONSON AND ms fi:YNL.:0..S\".M.PBC)NlSTS 1 ""rh1.1 Birtl! ot tht! Illu£::a" CHendenon),. "Tha Wind hlow thrane-b Hil Wh\,Ju~or. fu• t

    lh11 S:..!M" (Conrad), ''$11-1~1tt, o' M!tl.i!"'" (O'ff.&J(a11).

    1..7 p.m.-\Jt-'U'tlmJtJJr;knll lnlvrrn~t.lun. 'l\"'t.,.tJi-,.r f1•J'l'{".a11t (or \'ictor-i&, T-.a1mania~ $,, Au.,. it11lia. and .Now ~i.ith W~lr-. Oceoa-n for~ ,cat. lhvn .ttC,ort.i,. tlztin!all for Victotul.,, S~tb ..A.urnralia •nd Nrw So~'!,D W•JeJ..

    J,.l& n...lh.-J'OE la.RONSON ANO UIS RYNCO-SYVPHOfflaTS t •·()t,, WW a Pal w.aa WhllaCil"' (luJln). '"'l,c, llo'll•n .. (RQ,iie). •Ct,""'rln ll«or.i.o Btt, trol'l'l Sunbt lt..-11"

    U-,ta). p m.-GJ,A'DYS J,.,\t,fJ'Jt:. crintsrallt1.

    '"l'hcrughta Jlavo WS~" t LiXA 1,cbmann) ''A [email protected] Not.c,. (lwpn1).

    1.82 n.llL--JOE A IU'.JNSOS' ANO IIIS H'YNCO..flntfHONl.STS: "N""'" (Dennja). "Tis.kt! in the Snn'" (Wood.a). •"Vt'bfpped Otwm," piar10 sali> (La.111t!).

    1,4:! p.Jn.-ollARIE LA W'I'ON, th.a rnrl wilh t.h~ voi.OII! and bars,: ""Oh.. 1-b11t we two WM-e M:iy!~ (GaunodJ, "Wake tls:i" (l'hlliliia),

    t.M ri.rn.-JOP: ARO~SO:s' U"D ffi:,\ S \"NCO-S'l.'MPH0,;1s1·s: ''Wot.t1e ¥nu hav~ ••Ith Vel'' •'Jliy T1ui,hie..dorn OottA!:e tlf Drt-3au'•

    (f..,llo). "Who•• (K=l•

    I p.m--clflM dOt'P'TL

    AF~OON SESSIO~. a t1.m-s-n:rmo QUARTET;

    •·Rmtdo Ca.pp~• \llo! 1.10 p.m,--.ILl!S. r;OROTHY SILB'.:

    "H~ft.,.o 1.26 p.m.,,-,TASM'.A 'l"JE"tlNAN', 'ee-U():

    "Al~ Ai-.r-~1'1n11,1A" (Saint, fiaen11), a.ii p.m..-Wa hav• mucb rl~lil'e In QCI• ia-

    1.l'odudnu to 7ou RUSSO AND Bl!A llJl'ORP. VoeaHata.: OP(!flhtJ CJloru from "1-'.rnJLni"° (V~niil. Soi b7 Sl$Cn.or Raeeo, .. 01 J:'101'et1TIL." fro,na

    ••La T,_....,....,. lY-1). LFnda flrd.ful'd : ~ DuM. ..Ullrt.a.rane.,.. from -ratea ot Moll• m•fl" (OtrM:Jbacb).

    t.dS ~.m.- STUOlO QUARTET; .. Feiativa.1 MAnh.'•

    a.&i p.m.,-DOJ(.{M1rY 1tnxnrmcrn .... w1a.1 "Cl.tJr-o de- Luna'" (?tft"()i,w-dl).

    a.G'i ll-ff'I.-GLAl>,YS .LA.MP&. ('tm.tnlt,,1 "Oh 'thank Me Not'" (Ma.llin•Gn). "C:'1bfln Gald" (Ba.rrt.ock).

    4.4 p.m-STATJO~ 'rR]'O: '"Del OrinriU!'' ( I~lltc I.

    4.14 p.m.--GLAlJ"YS 1.AM'PF.,,u "Drink t.o Mo! OnlT.'' li.rr. by Quilt.ct'. .._l Ha.ft Tw,,,rJ,..~ 0,cf'"'" fl~hrt Jrf"lAndJ ..

    Ul p.111.-STUDlO QUARTET: ''InU'ltl'l\ez-r.o :l'rc:m ••M-id!\lm:n« N11h1.'1

    Vros.'m."' 4.1UI p,m.-AI.IS..C!. FLORA l"ELL. lnSNrlM o!

    School,: ''t)ttm•Uit ~('fl'•H

    L4li p.m..-.. Ile:rald,.. ne-.,,..., ~toe. St..o¢k EX!Cha..Nr~ ln!nnnnUoa..

    • »,m.-CIOMI> down,

    EYE?'l"lN'G $"ES::IION, 1,311 Jl,!11.-Aece-ot.ancee t.or Wednudu"• ra,::~

    at KJ,tletnt1. IUJS i::,.tn.-An,n1r,r,n 1.n ll'L~ and hlr1.h1lay

    J:r ,,.m ··u,,rall-1'' 11t'••r11- f'J•r.-ice-. Weuthtl' 11y1J11J11Ji4, Shirtvi•llr ffl(.l,llem11ntA

    #.52 p.m..- Sr.uek information. tL5"i p.m, lli"111•r- ti;tJ11'f"OI. ti.6~ i,.m, -Ft111h ~arket repo:i;-t;a by 1. R. Jk,r-

    r\!ft UiJ.. ft.ellbit 9rkvt-. 'i -~ p.m,. Mark~ n:porta..- by lhl• V IC-lbri•--.

    Pnxft.t-e:J:'6-' Co., l,i.,J. 1•nult.ry, £'t'Atn, ha.y, !ltr.11.w, jntr. da.{.-y N'o,J\lcnn, Mr, PC'l'ct J-;,•&1)'e!t.t,. 1'lr. WIii Hnl,hurrt, Mr. Q. S. Sim,p .. .11nn, .Mt-..i, L. Ahu, Atr. 1-l. 0. l!!dwu~'j,.•~.~~tf;_ tei.o~ 11).lG p.n,. IHtUNS'A lGK crrY BA1'D:

    Sr'l'"(lion, -''1\ litln,i.wny- C:d" (Monc-kton}.

    JO~~~~~ M~\N! r,.tu,-J~ Ano~SbN ANll Ml$

    SYNC"'O,:S'r'.Ml'HONT~"TS I '''Browr. Eyc!!i In Yoor Ori.amp" ('fTnrH•nlj, "One Nl);hl al Lc,'1c in $pa.Ju•· (Ban,;). 'B.i.t-h.artt'" i~ih•1!-r).

    u 11.1'Q. -Olm

    11.40 11,m.--COD SAVE. 'I.lIE KL~G.

    4QG, BRISBANE Mondny.

    MIDDAY SESSION 1 p.m,• ~rk-r~ rE"POrt.6; ,.eathr.r lttform.a.1inr\

    111.m11ll,"41 h:v the Commonwe&ltb Weatb,r rtureau : •~~• tk'lrvien 11.up9lied b; ''T'h-t Unily AuU" and "Tbo Dall.v Stand&t'd." FJtO:i.t llOT.bL Ct\RLTON-

    1.20 p,tD..-Lunr.h ftl.1t.'lft: ph1;y-ed b7 Uot.-J C,uf. tan Symphor,;y O.rc~tt·-. ,,~ROM. Tff.E OlJSERV.A.TORY-

    1.sM!:5(4ndftrd ,lme ltr!Jal. !.! l.lJb...---(:lotir, dr•Wtl.


    a.30 r,.m.-A.ft.ern.ooa ~ mu.le 11.lal'etl hr Hct~ Ca.:!i.on S,mpbony OrchMU'L Mt.OM THI'.: S-TODIO-

    ,.U p.m.-Nows. •c;-viec, • \JppliH b:, "'l'h T.....,..pb:'

    4.30 p.m.-Clo.-tt do,,rn. EARLY EYX."

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 43nla.obj-666412237National Library of Australia

    J, rhiay. :!1 l O, tf,ber. l~.!7. WIRELESS WEEKLY rar Fn..ty.OM

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 44nla.obj-666412360National Library of Australia

    GWF, PERTH. Monda1. 12.30 p 1111...-T\IJM In. 1!.J.S p.m.-M&tkctt.. N""- aad c.awr.. 1 p..11L-'1'1fMi alc»I tn:a. Pirn.b Obwnaterr. J.1 r,,t11-WNU1er Noc.. ll\lr,ohed hr t.he-

    Mcworoloek&I Jlu.--u 01 W•lt'J'D Au.Lraila. 1.!l Q1lutdle. 2 ~ dawn. 1-14 p,..,._Jf'ao,e 'lb. a.a P~ IJ'a c.._c,m,, rtlaf'!d-

    trora Oarlt.on ear'"• Jlar l;)tl'Mi, VOcal aad. ln1Lr\.ir.t1t1bt•I tnW'rJudu f.rom U..

    S&adla. , ao ,....,...cs...._._ '-'& p.-.-1'1:M ta.. 1,..ii,O ~ 10/I lll• )(1ddift. b:, 'Oe~lc,11

    Hor, •ad Du.tty, 1.20 p........Stnc.U, Mukai.I. N,.-,.

    "-'!t=~~t.a.!: =~=: I -,.....-Tl•• akul lrolll P...U. 0~. 1.1 -,.ra-W$a.Ulllt-r ""'- 11111,olw:>d b1 the

    VatHtoloe~ lh.1,_u af W•'D Au1LNl1A. lllVSIC AliD IIUl'fll.

    U lt.J9~ ~ llldmlifl&' Toed ... x.--ltem11 bp -....n. C•nnaDl'U aN W'j ... K'- ZJda Llddt-lL aopn.M. ll&Ju 1-),oJ,.. wui... A.JLc-., plaalt!.TY.RNOON SE!ISJ.ON, I p,m..---C,11.O, Cf1.1t1k aud shhB-. ~. l ".ia.-Tu11• lo. Nl~tJtrn. I.I ~•-Uoben StodL ~c, •~-

    'N•thn,. Item. d latcrM-•n~t..

    1.11 p,m....-Ortbtt.tbl N)ffllana l,f ,tr, StuJ10 'frlu,

    • 11 11.m,-,F.Mbloa Talk h ,..,ulU Xdaa ... cit llroonoolloUd.H...,._ •.io-a...--.

    rn p.m~~JJ,~.N~':;.,~Eli!\?t;\' "Undo ffrlC't.or ...

    , pm. -"ll•cle ,,.._... i,.u .....,_ ~!CRT ST.SSIOl'.

    'T .JO p,.aa • .-Ill Uidc-al Mlet Uon. ";',l\6 {',m.-l'hT,d~al m.1hura IAtk bf l,loatu,aut

    &~ln•ld Ma.Jtinock.. f.10 p,a.-•lffTCUFY" ape,da1 TumanU new• ~ Railwa7 auUoa: ""'°'lloN Wn.Lbtt lntunaation. llobu\ ...... k ·~-· c,hl,.11Jr• QllOUatJon,._

    18 JJ.trt.-C.P.CJ, C:lnclc and ~bun ..... I.J p..m..--StQdio CODN:TI.

    )Ir. )L A. Jacob,oQ (_..r~),. lilr J....,... lllldat h•• 60f""at). 1--.- ,,....,._.. .... Jo,reon'l u.,u,., Trio, llyi:iart.

    9 t,t.m.••-Wt!ot•l,tr r.a.llt 1,n Ta11nia11Ulh 84ut1 Spol.4!

    C111dl. ltffl'nta1n.• ft7 )(r. E. T EmlDl'tL SUI ~rldtJl o11k1aJ w-ir.-1..,. ftl"ll,L • H r,.,a..-..,.•reu,ry .. •~lal l11tA'f'i.-t.lq n.,.,.

    M!N'l.-r, Tum,anlu J111111lrk:.L w,,atlu-r rt• J'"ri.a. n p.J!:1., WNlhtr f

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 45nla.obj-666412495National Library of Australia

    l-'r!d4y, 21,t Oetober, 1121. WlltELESS Wl!:ElttT Pal!'e Forty.TJ,m

    The Master of the Bow Cossor Valves bring out his superb artistry.

    A GREAT change has come over Radio. Old standards ,,f quality of reproduction are fo:,t disap-pearing. New Cossor Valves hAve been evolved. These wonderful new Cos.'lOr Valves, with kalenised filame,i,b;-at last en-ables everyone to hear the music of the studio and of the coueert hall as real and as life-like as if the artistes them-selves were !n the room. All the subtle low notes are there and every varying

    n:::t 13/6 6 Volt) Each

    Super Power

    Valves 15/-UX Bases or English

    shade of tone throughout tl1e whole har-monic scale is reproduced with amazing fidelity. I•'rom the 'cello to the Bute every instrument in the orchestra pours forth its mellow notes unspoiled by any mechanical limitations. · But remember that the secret of such true tonal puriLy and absolut.e lack oi microphonic noises lies largely in the Kalenised filament-an exclusive CosMr feature. In your own interests, there-fore, accept no substitute.

    WBOLP.8.AI.JI; O:"liil.T: tl:ail.t4 DL.tributon, Ltd., 71 C1JLnnc• Stn.t.t, 8TDNET.

    RF.TAIL: 1V. 811ffy WUN. Pin ud t.oafb.l'lt StrHta.

    CohlU., Mool"f, WiRtea 8vp,1tllt11,, ftow• Sh-Mt. K•..-h KINI.lo SvpplJ~ •b P•rk StN!ftt,

    ErlttlO:mle R11dt

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 46nla.obj-666412629National Library of Australia

    Pare Forty-Four

    • .,• ... \Iliff 1----. t I p.a..---.1Mk l.Adudalal

    £ogp at. tba piano. 1.11 p..m..-Wln and Wic&. Enldl,..h t1t1tl"r•

    telh"1'-,. t 15 p m,-t'rdllll tM Xlac'• Kall.. S,4nt'7 I

    ,...._ rttim the NllUI CG!ICt'rt o! UHt Hoen• ttW lncun~ A ~ nnfW ~ U. fg1J-.e-, p,tn.-11.ill• lAoMl'a linl.K.b frnlnontura

    AOl'.!1"11'"'·• i.U pm,., Mr. H .... n BG.°:,.~ri:h (pl.u1btt. '1 42 ~ w,. Ckmu1. Wll'iAma lha.ntoMJ 8 ,, p....,_ ..UJ. f"...tbel J'rinr1 (C'Olltnbo), p. ra-~um .. o( loU11wi111 d..r':1 Jn"O-

    #",..ftlQ)l't. $ .P m.-G 11 .0. Clnc-k •1'1d Chmie1 IL p,n WH.tller Re-poet anl'J Ynl"f'Cll;,t, hJ'

    COll.!'in,7 ot lb. C. ~. lla.?'1:111. ~l'Jlmfti&: ll~locU.t.

    t.l l"..m. 8Mqeu1.ft'I' 1,lsbt Otthnlnl. 9.1% p.m,- .Mr, St&flk,y H. t...._Llett.. 9.UI JI·"'-- lltsa Du.l~le 0.26 p.rn. &fi111 1..,1111vr• Cot.w:.h. rm-Mr. H11arro JlolflnhiN-rh.. t.-ts p.m- 11.r. ClrmHiT.: ·w1111.a,_, I.SO p a--8,.... .. t,n' LiJ:ht On::bntra. 10 p,,a.--C: P.O. C.oc:k •ad t;t.imft. 10,1 p.m_M .. Eth•J J'rlriid, 10 8 Jl m.-T~.- Ambu.•d(lT• Dar,rt1 B•11d,

    broedr.a•l ftoru tb.e Jl.1.ll"rnom at tJu, AmN.a-&arJon. DlrriOI' tnV'r,,111-II betw,w1n dAAC

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 47nla.obj-666412758National Library of Australia

    FrirlRy, 2lst Odnber, 1.0'J7. WIRELESS WEJl:KLT Para Fart:,~

    Unfailing Power Always WITH EMMCO ELIMINATORS

    Punch I Power I Snap I The cleaT, steady Row of strong. silent radio house power direct from your light socket into your set: hour after hour, as long aa you care to use it. And at such little cost. When you instal an EMMCO Eliminator, you cut out for all time the constant replacing of expensive dry batt.-nes. Your set 11 always ready to give you full, clear volume. You just

    hook it up to your set without making any changes in your wiring,

    'l'UE f:MMCO 1

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

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