 Stone Age – Early period of human history Because most of the tools and weapons were made from stone Paleolithic = Old Stone Age  Began roughly 2.5

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Early Humans

Early Humans KWL ChartEarly Humans Stone Age Early period of human history Because most of the tools and weapons were made from stone Paleolithic = Old Stone Age Began roughly 2.5 million years ago and lasted until around 8000 B.CWho were the Hunter-Gatherers? Early humans spent most of their time searching for food Hunted animals, caught fish, ate insects Gathered nuts, berries, fruits, grains & plants Paleolithic people were always on the move Nomads: people who regularly move from place to place Men hunted animals; Women gathered supplies and took care of children Adapting to the EnvironmentMade shelters out of animal hides, bones and wood Used caves as well Discovery of fire Gave warmth Lit darkness and scared away wild animals Food tasted better, was easier to digest and lasted longer

Caveman Diary Cave Man Journal be creativeImagine yourself as a Stone Age human.Write a diary entry for a typical day you experience in the Stone Age. Be sure to add as many details as possible so we can easily imagine what you are doing.

Answer:What does your area look like? What did you do today? Who did you interact with?What did you see, hear, taste, smell, or touchLanguage, Art, Religion1st spoken language was created Made it easier for people to work together and pass on knowledge Made paintings on the inside of cave walls Usually about lions, oxen, panthers and other animals Not sure why they were created Might have been religious Might of brought good luck on a hunt

Cave Art Gallery Walk Walk around the room looking at each piece of Cave Art

Answer the questions in your notebook for each of the picturesWhat is this a picture of? How do you think it was painted? Why do you think it was painted? (Importence)

Activity Cave Art Create your own cave art On the brown butcher paper, create a piece of artwork that might have been found during the Stone Age Your cave drawing should be of Something beautiful you have seen An important event from your life

ReflectionWhy did you choose this event? What should a viewer see in the art? What action is happening in the art? What seems to be important to you? The Invention of Tools First to use technologyTechnology: tools and methods to help humans perform tasks Most tools were made from Flint Hand axes or hunting spearsOver time, humans got better at making tools Made smaller and sharper tools Fish hooks and needles from boneshttp://humanorigins.si.edu/evidence/behavior/tools/early-toolsMake your own tool!Create a tool that you think would have been useful during the PALEOLITHIC ERA.In your notebook on page ________ Draw a picture of what the tool might look likeMust be in colorDescribeThe materials you might use (Remember you must use only things found in nature!!!!)The uses of this tool

What were the Ice Ages? Lasted from 100,000 B.C. 8,000 B.C. Thick ice sheets covered parts of Europe, Asia and North America Early Humans had to adaptChanging their diet Building sturdier sheltersUsing animal furs for warmer clothing Using fire was keyOceans dropped exposed land Land Bridges allowed people to travel around the world

How did Stone Age people get from Asia to North America?What might have made it hard to migrate to Northern Asia?Why do people migrate?

Quick Write Answer the following questions in your interactive notebook: How did the ice ages influence human migration? Otzi the Iceman www.iceman.it/en/node/226

Neolithic Times After the last Ice Age ended, people began to live differently People learned how to domesticate animals Domesticate: tame animals or plants for human useLearned how to grow foodCould stay in one place! Farming slowly started to replace hunting and gathering Theses changes marked the beginning of the Neolithic Age or New Stone Age 8000 B.C. 4000 B.C.Why was Farming Important? Farming did not begin in one region Asia people grew wheat, barley, rice, soybeans and millet Mexico people grew corn, squash and potatoes Africa people grew millet and sorghum

Beginnings of Agriculture Which do you think had more significant results, domestication of plants or animals?

Did farming change the way people lived? How?Growth of VillagesVillages were started in Europe, India, Egypt, China and MexicoLived in mud-brick houses that were packed tightlyPeople hunted, raised sheep and goats, ate fish and bird eggs The benefits of a Settled LifePopulation started to grow More workers to produce a bigger cropPeople began to practice specializationSpecialization: the development of different kinds of jobs Not everyone was needed for farming anymore Pottery from clay Plant fibers to make mats and clothThe benefits of a Settled Life Tool makers created better farming tools Began to work with metals (copper) Tools and weapons 4000 B.C. mixed copper and tin together to make bronze Bronze was harder and longer lasting than copper Became widely usedQuickwriteWhat did the invention of farming allow people to do and how did this impact modern day civilizations? Early Farming Society

What did domestication lead to? How do you think lives changed after domestication? How did farming contribute to the development of how we are as a society today? Journal #2 Neolithic Era Write a journal entry for a day in the life of a farm family during the Neolithic Era!

Write about: How you farm Things you use to make clothing How you use your animals How your town has grown


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