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 Meet our classroom teachers. Kindergarten Teachers: Mrs. Riely & Mrs. Palmer

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Text of  Meet our classroom teachers. Kindergarten Teachers: Mrs. Riely & Mrs. Palmer

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  • Meet our classroom teachers
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  • Kindergarten Teachers: Mrs. Riely & Mrs. Palmer
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  • First Grade Teachers: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Iverson, & Mrs. Fitze
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  • Second Grade Teachers: Mrs. Horne, Mrs. Bell-Fischer, and Ms. Sharples, long term substitute
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  • McDonald School Garden By Mrs. Bell-Fischers Class
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  • We have a school garden that is producing fresh vegetables for the fall. We will be serving our vegetables as a side dish to complement what is being served at lunch.
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  • When you get a chance, please come by and see the garden. We have plans to do some fun activities across all grade levels this year in our outdoor learning environment.
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  • If you are interested in helping with the garden in the future, you may contact Debbie Bell-Fischer in Second Grade.
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  • Third Grade Teachers: Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Hall, & Miss Spinarski
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  • Fourth Grade Teachers: Mr. Bascom & Mrs. Boehne
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  • Fifth Grade Teachers: Mrs. Parce, Mrs. Berg & Mr. Hamma
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  • Special Education Teachers: Mrs. Abbott and Mrs. Ray
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  • Specialist Teachers: Ms. Sant, Mrs. Carscallen, & Mrs. Berthiaume
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  • Students with inappropriate shoes will not be able to participate. Check out the new P.E. webpage! www.duckspe.word www.duckspe.word
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  • Winter Concert Thursday, December 11th Kindergarten, First, and Second grade classes
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  • Third and Fourth Grade Music Program Thursday, February 19th
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  • Gifted & Talented Teacher: Mrs. Pancheri
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  • Developmental Preschool Teacher, Mrs. Ricks
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  • The Developmental Preschool serves Moscows preschool-aged children with special needs in an inclusive Special Education setting with typically- developing peers. The Developmental Preschool also serves children in other preschool placements around Moscow for various developmental needs.
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  • We love your kids. Thank you so much for sending them to us. There is nothing more important than your children. Our Principal: Cindy Bechinski

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