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<ol><li> 1. Three Favorite TechnologiesScott M Busse </li><li> 2. Computers are multipurpose devices that can be to carry out a serious of different actions Compute arithmetic Connect to networks Provide storage for personal and public memory Can be used as a platform for programs and games </li><li> 3. Microsoft Word Is a word processor that people use to create textdocuments Microsoft has cool features like word art, clip art,and a drawing table. Word is used in business to create many things likeadvertisements and reports for others. </li><li> 4. Smart Phones Smartphones are used today for many things. They have built in GPSs, internet browsers, andmusic players. Smartphones have an application feature that allowsyou to download many apps like games, weatherchannels, and internet shortcuts like Facebook orGoogle search.</li></ol>


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