Getting to Know You  Name  Birthdate  Favorite Book  Favorite Movie  Favorite Cartoon Character  Favorite Farm Animal  Favorite Animal  Parent’s

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Zoology/Animal Science Intro

Getting to Know YouNameBirthdateFavorite BookFavorite MovieFavorite Cartoon CharacterFavorite Farm AnimalFavorite AnimalParents OccupationWhy did you take Intro to Agriculture?What do you hope to learn?

SyllabusUpon the completion of this course, students will be able to:Identify the major livestock types and breedsBe able to define common animal/livestock termsKnow basic FFA historyBe able to recite at least three paragraphs of the FFA CreedUnderstand how an FFA Chapter meeting is runKnow the offices and duties of FFA officersBe able to draw the FFA emblem Be able to successfully define the five parts of the FFA emblem.

Have a basic understanding of Parliamentary ProcedureBe able to write up a main motionParticipate in a mock Parliamentary Procedure ContestHave a basic understanding of food safety proceduresParticipate in a milk and cheese tasting exerciseHave a basic understanding of animal breedingKnow the parts of a plantBe able to accurately complete simple measurementsBe able to draw a room according to a set scaleBe able to ID common toolsBe able to complete a simple construction projectDemonstrate reading comprehension and be able to form informative opinionsBe able to successfully demonstrate thought out opinions on various agriculture issuesBe able to complete work within a set schedule.

General Classroom Rules 2015-16RESPECTYourself, others, the classroom/shop and the teacher.Do not be disruptive in the classroom/shop. (If I am talking, you are NOT!)Have your binder, paper and writing utensil EVERYDAY for class.Classroom/shop must be clean before you leave regardless of the bell.Stay on task and choose to use your time wisely! (This will minimize homework)NO swearingNO hats in class (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Cell phones MUST be put away during class. There will be times I allow you to have it out, but only when I say.First offense and you will lose your phone for the class periodSecond offense will result in loss of phone and write upThird offense will result in loss of phone to front officeiPads will only be used in class during assignments and with permission.Participation is a must. Everyone has a voice and all WILL be respected.Accept the consequences. I would like this class to be a lot of hands-on working in class time. This is possible only if people cooperate. If you make a bad decision, accept the consequences and move on. If you make good decisions, we will have a lot of fun doing projects in this class.

Classroom RequirementsA three-ring notebook is required for this course. Students need to have dividers labeled Notes, Journals, Tests/Quizzes. Folders and spiral notebooks are NOT acceptable. Notebooks must be organized in chronological order and will be graded on neatness and completeness. Everything done in class MUST be in the binder Syllabus General Classroom Rules and Classroom Rules and Responsibilities MUST be first pages of notebook. Bring Binder to each classThis notebook will be graded each month. (Possible easy 20 points)Dailey there will be questions on the board. These are to be answered when you arrive in class.These questions will be short answerThey will often be review questionsAnswers will be gone over in classThis will be part of your notebook gradeThere will be a seating chart for each class.

Assignment RulesMost assignments can be finished in class if you use your time wisely.If you miss a class, you have 2 days to make up the assignment.It is your responsibility to get your missed notes and assignments.If you do not turn in your work on time you will receive an missing (M) in the gradebook until it is turned in.You have until the end of each quarter to turn in all work.If work is not turned in by end of quarter the incomplete will become a fail grade.No assignments from previous quarters will be accepted in the following quarter.

A test or quiz receiving less than 65% can be retaken.A retake can only be granted after student has prepared a 30 question test with answers on the given material.This must be completed within 10 days of given test.Retake grade will be the one that will be recordedAll retakes will be scheduled out of class time ONLY!NO extra credit will be given.Any extra credit questions on test will count toward bonus pointsBonus points can be applied at the end of the quarterWork ethic scores on a scale from 1 to 4 will be recorded at the end of each quarter. At the end of the semester if you have a 92% or above, you can choose NOT to take the final. You will receive the same percentage you have earned as a grade on the final.

Tardies and AbsencesColumbia High School Policy will be followed for ALL students.Students must be in classroom and ready for class to begin when the tardy bell rings.Transfer students must be in classroom and ready for class to begin 10 minutes after tardy bell rings.If you arrive late you must get a pass from the office to enter the class. Three tardies will result in an absence.

There are no textbooks for my classes so it is important that you attend each and every class.It is the students responsibility to get all notes missed during absencesIt is the students responsibility to get all missed assignments and complete it within two days for each day absent. Any test missed must be scheduled with teacher and taken within 5 days.More than 6 absences per semester may result in having to petition for grade.

Current Event Friday:Every Friday we have class we will do a current event reading. Could be an article, web search or movie. You will read/watch the information and then answer these questions on it. The questions will be as follows: What is the title of the article? What is the article about? What type of ag is it about: livestock, production, manufacturing, research? What are three questions you have about the article? What would you do different if you had a chance? What was your opinion of the article as a whole? You will also list and define two words that you have not read before or are used in a new way. You will be graded on how much effort you put into your writing. This needs to be at least of a page long.FFA InformationLooking for new membersDues: $25 Paid by end of September will be guaranteed a t-shirtWelcome Back BBQ: Sept. 1, 5:30-7. Bring your parents. First Chapter Meeting: September 10 at 6. Meetings on 2rd Thursday of each month at 6.Look at FFA Board for schedule of eventFirst District Meeting-September 14th BBQ/Workshops (5:30pm)First District CDE-Dairy Cattle Judging and Dairy FoodsBenefits: Self-Confidence, friends, trips, fun, college creditsSchool Website and FacebookShop Open 7-4 most days (Includes Computer)Vending MachineBuilding and grounds WILL be treated with respectIntro to AgricultureAgriculture: The science, art or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops and feeding, breeding and raising livestock.

Livestock: Domesticated animals raised in an agricultural settings to produce commodities.

Crop: a plant or plant product that is grown by farmers

Commodity: a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and soldDairy Cows: Idaho-581,000 and US-9,208,400Top Ten Countries:India 44,900,000Brazil 23,229,193China 12,297,297Ethiopia 10,676,783Pakistan 9,444,000United States 9,198,000Russia 8,136,896Sudan 7,518,000Tanzania 6,900,000Kenya 5,545,000

GENERAL AG FACTSBeef Cows: 2,220,000 and US 87,730,000Five Top States:1. Texas 10,900,0002. Nebraska 6,150,0003. Kansas 5,800,0004. California 5,250,0005. Oklahoma 4,300,00013. Idaho 2,200,000

SheepTop Ten States:1. Texas 650,0002. California 570,0003. Colorado 460,0004. Wyoming 370,0005. Utah 305,0006. S. Dakota 285,0007. Idaho 240,0008. Montana 225,000Oregon 200,000Iowa 195,000

Pigs: US #3 at 62.1 Million (China and Brazil)1. Iowa 19,200,0002. N. Carolina 7,900,0003. Minnesota 7,700,000TurkeysTop Three States:1. Minnesota2. Arkansas3. N. CarolinaLaying ChickensThree Top Egg States:1. Iowa 2. Ohio3. IndianaMeat ChickensTop Three States:1. Gerogia 1,222,366,0002. Alabama 1,002,979,0003. Arkansas 878,819,000

Field CropsUS top 7 Field CropsCorn 84M acres and $63.981. US is the largest producer of the Worlds corn 32%2. Grown on over 400,000 farms3. Export 20% -- highest exporter4. 80% of corn is consumed by the Worlds livestock, poultry and fish5. Each American consumes 25lbs of corn annually6. Used for food, paints, candles, fireworks, drywall, sandpaper, dyes, crayons, shoe polish, antibiotics and adhesives. Also, ethanol fuel.

Soybeans 73.8M Acres and $37.6B1. 2nd highest US crop. 50% of worlds production2. Soybean oil is #1 edible oil3. Products are oil, meal and hulls.4. 30M tons of soybean meal is consumed as livestock feed

Hay 55.7M Acres and $6.7B1. Production exceeds 119M tons/year2. Mainly domestic use but export is growingWheat 45.7M Acres and $14.6B1. Over 160,810 farms produce over 2.27B bushels/year2. US produces 10% of the Worlds wheat3. 2/3rds comes from the Great Plains (Texas to Montana)4. 70% used for food, 22% used for animal feed and 8% for seedCotton 9.5M Acres and $8.3B1. Only grows in 17 Southern States2. 30% of the Worlds Cotton grown in US3. 75% used for apparel (7.3B lbs/yr)4. 18% into home furnishing5. 7% industrial use. Cottonseed and meal used for livestock. Cottonseed oil used for cooking. Sourgham 3.9M Acres and $1.3B1. Primarily used as an animal feed2. Worldwide-50% of sorghum is used for human consumption3. Drought resistant, easy to grow4. 1/3rd produces bio-fuelRice 2.6M Acres and $2.98B1. 3 types of rice grown in 4 major regions of the country2. 2% production of Worlds total-2nd largest exporter with 10%3. 50-60% used for food, 18% used for processed food, 10-12% into pet food and 10% used for beer productionFruit Citrus, Nuts, Non-CitrusUS most popular fruit


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