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  • 1. Re-Caffeine Horyun Song 2014. 4. 18

2. Re-Caffeine "Exchange your disposable coffee cups for your teams victory. 3. Re-Caffeine Make the myriad of coffee drinkers Care about coffee even when they are done drinking. Encourage them to compete for point. 4. Flow FEEDBACKFEEDBACK RECYCLERECYCLE WINWIN Paper Plastic Glass BUMP App Points TEAM Regional Coupon }ONE BIN 5. Three Teams HOT ICED WhIPPED 6. How? 1. Each player joins through cell phone application. 2. Like Bump, the user bumps the cellphone to the recycle bin in order to open it. Viola! 3. Recycle bins will have each teams flag. 4. The user gets instant feedback from recycle bin and application. 5. The user can participate in team messenger for strategy development. 6. Team uses points to increase the number of trash can. 7. Winning team (and region) will be sponsored by coffee chains with discount coupons. 7. User Position Map OldYoung Not really care about coffee Purpose: Coffee Morning-must After meal Because girlfriend wants it Selfie Need caffeine right now For taste & fragrance Curiosity New Frappuccino For the Show Brand loyalty Nothing particular Popstar fans Barrista Its famous place Cafe=Study Business To chatter Sugar driveHyper Youngsters Place matters Tis coffee, pal. No Need 8. Hyper Youngsters are young people who drink lots of coffee, love the act of it and effect of sugar and caffeine. 9. Place Matters does not really care about coffee, but they regularly go to the cafe out of need and sensibility. 10. Tis coffee,pal. considers coffee as something to be considered carefully or the meaning it holds. 11. No Need does not care nor go to the cafe that much, other than the dire need of social place 12. Hyper Youngsters Persona Jenna (Studnet,19) She cannot live without her cup of coffee. She especially likes it with high sugar. A morning without coffee is plain torture. She denies it, but her friends know that jenna is a sugar addict. She is not particularly frugal, but she lives off on pocket money from parents. Thus she cannot buy the expensive brand coffee like Starbucsks all the time. She is as long as there is a cup of coffee, or rather, a cup full of sugar and syrup. 13. Place Matters Persona Ricky (Engineer,28) He cannot care less about the taste of coffee . He goes to the cafes because his girlfriend wants to go. Every weekend, she comes up with fresh cafe to go. They will have waffle, macaroon, honey bread with coffee. To be honest, he does not taste any difference from bread. Bread is bread, flour. She tells him that this is place is famous for this and that all the time. He will listen to her talk, all for her. Where she is, he is. 14. Cultural Probe Plan Package 1. Pictures of Trash Bin 2. Deck of cards Participants 10-12 recruited fromHyper Youngstersand Place Mattersgroups. They shuold not be direct friends, but friends friends and acquitances. 15. Cultural Probe Package Give it Away ~Pictures of Trash Bin~ Give the pictures to anyone you want to and take a picture of note of their reaction. Later they will start to recognize public trash bins around them. Intention: How much are they aware of things? 16. Play a Game ~Clear Zip-lock~ Play card game with at least two friends in a public space. Please take a picture or note of the process, facial expressions, whos the winner Participants will feel uneasy at first, but soon will over come the first awkwardness and play the game. Intention: What do people do in open places? Cultural Probe Package 17. Contextmapping Plan Pre-Session Sensitization -Journey map for a week (Present)- Participants keep track of their daily life, closely related to drinks and foods. Journey map will be recommended not to be percise, but traceof edibles in certain moods. Also, various stickers of drinks and foods and things related to their occupation will be given. 18. Contextmapping Plan Session 1 -Your Dream Coffee Shop (Future)- Participants will collage their futre or dream. Many Koreans wish for or dream of having their own coffee shop. Therefore step by step, they are asked to design their coffee shop. Location, independent or franchised, concept or mood, menu and interior will be considered. In the process, they will start to notice the smalles thing they have passed daily like what kinds of plants to grow and where to place trash bins. 19. Contextmapping Plan Session 2 -Ream Mapping (Past)- Participants will need to recollect their memories. They will be given very general outline of a coffee shop and asked to mark where they would sit depending on their company. They will choose different sits when they are with best friend, business partner, group of friends or alone. Further, they will take detailed notes of their behavior accordingly.