Lean UX and Rapid Prototyping

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A quick visual overview of the process small UX teams can take to gather insights and move forward with conceptual prototypes for apps, web apps, and websites.

Text of Lean UX and Rapid Prototyping

  • 1. Lean UX & Rapid Prototyping Ethan Machado Content Strategist Experience Design March 25, 2014

2. The War Room Collaborate Ideate Consensus Team- Building 3. The Team Product Owner Interaction Designer Content Strategist Visual Designer 4. The Process Research User & Biz Needs Map User Journey Brainstorm & Sketch Visualize 5. The Outputs - User Journey Maps 6. The Outputs - Prototypes Exhibit A Exhibit B dfdfdfdfdf dfdfdfdfdf dfd 7. The Benets Increases Collaboration More Effective Than Wireframes Improves Client Buy-in Potentially Faster Time to Market