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Evaluation Factual writing

Evaluation factual writing

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EvaluationFactual writing

PlanningBefore I could start to produce my booklet I had to make sure that I knew what information I would use in my final product, as well I needed to know what style I would use for my final product. In order to make sure that I had covered all of these bases I started out with researching the vegan lifestyle. What benefits there are to having one, what the disadvantages are. What's wrong with my current diet, and the ways that its affecting me.I also wanted to know what peoples opinions are of the vegan diet and what people know about it. In order to make sure that I received a wide and varied amount of different opinions I created a survey on Survey monkey. With this tool I was able to quickly and effectively create a survey that would be usable on a social media platform in order to acquire peoples opinions on the subject. As a result people surprisingly did not what to know about the different effects that being vegan has on you. But instead wanted to know about the different foods that they would be able to eat, where to eat and the current effect that their diet was having on them.

As a result of this I received a significant amount of answers from a wide range of different groups on my questions. Ultimately non-vegans said that they would be more interested in becoming vegan if they knew more about the vegan lifestyle. As a result of this I concentrated on researching what being vegan means for you as a consumer mainly focusing on health aspects of the diets, covering both the advantages and disadvantages of veganism.As a result of this I looked at the elements such as vitamin / protein deficiencies in vegans. As well the cancer risks that are possible when consuming meats. As a result of all this information. I had to ensure that I would have sufficient information to educate the reader, as well as enough content that would keep the booklet engaging.Thus I stated created a mood board, this would allowed me to reference all of the different aspects that I wanted to be implemented into my final product. Some of the main aspects that I focused on were; the different visual styles that I could use, the colour theme, the different fonts and reference material.

ProductionDuring the production stages I made sure that I would utilise not only the skills that I have learned from previous experiences and topics, but to also ensure the use of any information that I might have gathered / learned from my pre-production stages. As a result of this during the production I had to focus on picking a particular style to focus on using. Originally I intended on using a colour scheme that mainly consisted on a range of shades of both blue and orange. I quickly decided that this would not be a great scheme to stick to as the colours clashed heavily when I used gradients. As a result of this I decided to go with a more casual theme consisting with a range of orange shades complimenting a range of greys.

ContentThe actual content that is displayed in my work is rather informative and visually pleasing. Some of the main reasons for this is due to the fact that I have attempted to make sure that the content that I have conveyed is not only gender neutral but so that it is also easy to read in such a way that would guarantee that the reader would be able to understand what I have written.In terms of the visual content, I have attempted to ensure that any additional observable graphics and effects are engaging and only serve to improve upon the text. In order to achieve this I have made sure that I use a range of basic colours that compliment any of the images / logos that I have included in the leaflet.

SkillsWhilst creating my content. I used a wide variety off different tools and techniques in order to achieve the my final result. First of all I had to utilise photoshop in order to create my content, as a result of learning how to use photoshop over the course of the last 7 years I have come to have a good understanding on how to handle to program. As a result of this I used photoshop in order to create all of the different visual elements in my booklet, I used many simples tools such as the ruler to ensure clean lines, as well as more advance tools such as the layers style menu, this allowed to be able to improve upon my content visually via the use of shadows, gradients and glows.During the production of my booklet I used a range of different skills in order to effectively covey the style that I wanted my booklet to have on my audience. In order for this is occur I had to ensure that I used an effective colour scheme in my content that would captivate the reader, or at the least not deter them from reading the booklet.

Time managementTime management is an essential task when creating any kind of content effectively, as a result of this I created this I created a schedule. This allowed me to be able to finish my content on time with hopefully no issues. Despite only being very basic, my schedule meant that is I had not complete any content I would have to ensure that was completed out of collage time, in order to ensure the maximum work effectiveness.

Areas for improvementOne of the main areas of improvement that I needed to focus on was my time management. One of the main reasons for this is that I was constantly changing my ideas of how I wanted my final products to look like. As a result of this some elements of my booklet do not look how I regionally intended them to look. One of the key points that clearly show this is the theme that is visible on both the infographic and the fact files. One of the main visual irregularity's that are evidently on these pages and no other, Is that of the shaded squares that are visibly highlighting different titles. My original plan was to implement them into all of the pages and use the texture as a place holder. Unfortunately I was not able to do this as a result of having to recreate this new pattern on each new asset. The reason why I wanted to do this was that I enjoyed the final out come of this style despite the amount of time that It required me to create.

Another area that I sound have improved upon was my file management. As a result of the fact that I was using my own laptop in order to create all of the work that I have produced there were many different pre-existing files that were folders and files with similar names. As a result of this a substantial amount of time was required of me to reorganise files, if I was to do this again from the get go I would have created a naming scheme for my content, this would have allowed me to avoid the issues that I came into contact with and possibly spent more time creating / improving upon my work.

Another area that was lacking was the colour scheme that I used. After the peer review of my content via online methods, a large quantity of people came to the conclusion that the booklet was very business like, educational yet the overall booklet was very monotonal colour scheme, especially in terms of the colour scheme. This was not my original intent. One of my main reasons to this is due to the fact that I intended to use a theme consisting of range of different blues and oranges, but early on in development I decided that the colour scheme looked rather sickly, as well as being very hard to work with. Despite this the original theme did suit my target audience better.

Final ProductTo finish up my product, I converted every page from my booklet from a PDF to a PNG. I then proceeded to place each image into a PowerPoint presentation so that the booklet would be in a easy to access in one digital file. Overall I can confidently say that I am happy with my finished product in terms of the leaflet and infographics.