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Factual Writing existing products Nicole Tunningley

Factual writing existing products

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Factual Writing existing products

Factual Writing existing products

Nicole Tunningley

Nerf Stampede ECSThe Nerf Stampede ECS instruction manual has a step by step layout as to allow whomever purchased/uses the product to learn how to use it (correctly), whilst also including an anatomical diagram of the product and an illustrated piece on how to clear a jam with the product.On the other side (the back of the product) has detailed, illustrated instructions and diagrams as well as cautioned warnings. Websites, helplines and addition distributer information. The product has clarity as it should be easy for its target audience to read and understand so that they can work the product themselves such as very clear instructions like Remove the Clip, but this cant be said for the caution piece.The products also has aspects of conciseness with examples such as the previous throughout and accuracy with the information provided as it is written by the company on how to work the productThe information in the manual is factual and therefore is not biased and avoids ambiguity because it would cause a problem if it was opinionated or vague as it wouldnt help to set up the product, the font is also easy to read which makes the information clear and impactfulAs the product is instructive, it does have a slightly indirect, formal language using Do not instead of DontAs it is a manual it doesnt reference sources, argue a point or have any legal constraints but it does have certain codes of practice such as health and safety information for trading standards e.g. Do not mix batteriesOverall, I think the design and layout suits the target audiences as it makes it easy to read especially if you are looking to solve a specific problem on a certain area of the product. On the other hand I do not think the caution aspect stands out well enough font-wise for how important it is. Even though the quality of the image is bad the black font doesnt stand out enough on the dark red, white on the other hand would. Another thing I dont think is as professional as the rest of it is the segment in which it states what quantity and type of battery you need for the product to work. Its a black bold font in a grey box placed on top of another grey segment of the piece making it less eye-catching and that information needs to be quite visible.

Viva! Lambing liesAside from the titles, this leaflet has no conciseness in the sense that the text is heavily detailed for informative purposes.The accuracy of the information/statistics are considered debatable as there is not link as to where they accessed said information to check if it is recent or even possible.The text avoids ambiguity in the sense that it does not falter to seem false or vague, for example Each meat-eater in their lifetime will be responsible for the death of 23 lambs. They dont use language such as It is thought that or using words such as approximately.This piece of work is heavily biased as they are against eating meat through slaughter and are clearly disgusted with the well being of the lambs. So, the emotion in the text is heavily opinionated and passionate with the word choice, mournful bleats.The language is direct as seen with sentences like you dont want to know, believe us! making it seem more personal. It is also informal using abbreviated terms such as theres to make the author of the article seem relatable to the audience.One problem with this piece of work which is common amongst these kinds of product is that it doesnt use the factual statistics provided to evidence an argument of pros and cons and as they are trying to convert you to vegetarianism they wouldnt address the cons. Though as a professional piece they may want to take it into consideration as someones diet can affect their wellbeing as well, meaning they deserve to know the cons.They have referenced sources such as BBCs Lambing Live show, stating how it glosses over the truth of lamb farming. Whilst also discussing the supposed hidden footage they had witnessing something that promotes their opinion when in truth people already know it is a morbid

Newspaper Political promotionThe article piece has clarity in a sense that it smoothly suggests certain opinions, five more damned years, in a political aspect.The conciseness has no context but it is such a strong subject that you know what it is referring to, Condemned again.This particular product shows statistical accuracy with the comparison to another but that cannot be helped with something as popular as the general election, otherwise accuracy is debatable.There is definitely no uncertainty as these particular papers hold strong opinions and are certain of there choices, therefore avoiding ambiguity.Newspapers are infamous for being incredibly politically biased as is seen clearly in the reference comparison previous. This can typically be because of the owners of said newspapers advertising their opinions on the matter which in turn prove to be quite impactful.Newspapers are quite commonly indirect as they are essentially not personally informing one particular audience on their matter but are, as you might say addressing the nation. They are also very formal with there language and choice of words, this can be due to their target audience being older and of a different social grade to, for example teenagers. Therefore saying they were not rather than they werent unless quoting a subject word for word.Evidencing of an argument is something that should be achieved but of course isnt always, due to newspaper companies being so biased they wont want to make people think that they are incorrect by voicing certain opinions against their in a light in which they seem incorrect.They do reference sources in places such as image captions and author credits, such as By political editor reference Tom Newton Dunn, this is respectful and fair to the author of course.Legal constraints includes for this subject issues of libel meaning they are not allowed to print facts that are untrue about someone and contempt of court. This means that if the court has stated that this witness will not be named the journalist for this particular piece is not allowed to investigate further on the identity of said witness.Finally, the editors code of practice ensures that people in the articles of the paper are entitled to a personal life due to human rights, this has in the past created problems amongst journalists and the subjects in which they report

Info graphic How-toThe clarity of this product is quite complex and detailed for an older audience, so it is not really clear to understand in comparison to other products.Factually accurate but the data is organized and aligned based on your preferences or what you need.Doesnt avoid ambiguity as you are supposed to use this work to to interpret it how you want but it is factually certain.It is not opinionated and is therefore not biased.The language used is informal and direct so that it is personal and relatable to the audience.It does evidence an argument as it suggests the pros and cons of certain platforms through comparison.It does in fact at the bottom of the page reference the website in which the information originated carcheo.com/buildwebsite.The poster itself is composed of info graphics and is therefore pleasing to the eye