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Factual writing Stephanie Yarrow

Factual writing

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  • 1. Factual writing Stephanie Yarrow

2. Leaflet 3. The techniques that are used are many different things like they have used things like bold text and the coloured backgrounds that makes the black text stand out more. As it is an ocean based campaign they have also added dark blue headings which are bold. This makes it stand out more than the rest of the text, so then customers or volunteers will see what that this leaflet is all about. They have created a leaflet about what you should do if you see a stranded whale or dolphin on your or the near by beach. They also have the bullet points in blue too as they are important too. They have added pictures to this leaflet as then people can see what happens to a whale, dolphin or porpoise is it is stranded and dies on that beach. The pictures of the humpback whale and the harbour porpoise have the source of where and the picture was taken. This certain company has lots of sponsors that are willing to support this certain charity and some of them we will recognise like the RSPCA, the environmental agency and a couple of universities. There is a couple that others may know. I know the Yorkshire wildlife trust, The environmental agency, RSPCA, Sea watch foundation and the WDCS.All the writing on this leaflet has no hard core facts so all the writing is accurate and it also clear and easy to read as they that chosen the right colours and background colours so then they dont clash or you cant read the text that they have put on the leaflet. This is mainly pictures on this leaflets and there is not much text which makes it it a bit more easier to read and there is also everything that you may need to know about the information that you have on the leaflet. You may have a few questions about things that arent on the leaflet but if they arent on the leaflet then they maybe think that you dont need to know that certain thing. This is more of a formal leaflet to tell you what you should do if you find a mammal beached on the beached around the UK. There is references of where and when the pictures were taken e.g. humpback whale found dead in the river Thames 2009. 4. Leaflet 2 5. The techniques that are used in this leaflet are kind of different to the other leaflet that I have chosen. This one is all about animal rights and they have cute pictures of young animals and they are saying that these animals shouldnt be used for testing products on. This leaflet is bias as it has only one side to it and that is animals have rights too and they shouldnt be used for testing. On this leaflet there is clear text and there is clear boxes that have the important text in them and then the rest of the text is in a see-through box, but still has clear text that you can still read it. There is a black box at the bottom and in that is white bold text but still clear that people can read the contact details so then they can contact this company to have their say or whatever they want to. There is also a form on the page too as they have their own magaizne that that you can order and the money that you give for the magazine you get the magaizne which tells you that you get the updates on things that this company is doing like how they are helping the people use something different to test their products. There is also their logo in a purple box with bold white text which makes it stand out and makes people look and maybe remember that logo and think when they see it that is the company that is helping fight for animal rights etc.All the writing is clear and easy to read which is good as they want to explain why they are doing this and why they think you should agree with them. There is lots of words but it is still a mixture of text and pictures just most of the pictures are facts and figures but the thing is and the same with the illustrations too there is no reference of where they got them from and whether they are their own facts and pictures or they got them from somewhere else. The illustrations are photos and they are of cute and cuddly animals and they are also young animals too so then people might take a bit more interest and they may think why is there baby animals on this leaflet. This is an informal leaflet as it has words like cant and wouldnt in them. They are giving you all the information that they think you will need so I think as that is the case there is no room for interpretations but there again it depends on your point of view and whether you agree or disagree with the leaflet. It doesnt have any references to sources and plus it is bias about people using other things instead of animals to test certain products like cosmetics etc. So because it is bias there isnt a evidencing of argument. 6. Instruction manuals 7. The techniques that are used in this is that they have drawn their own pictures for the how to guide Im thinking that they are their own pictures but again there is no referencing of sources so again we dont know but because they are drawings they will have been probably done by the own company who creates the Nerf guns. The illustrations are very detailed so then you can see where things go and so then you can follow the details properly. The typography is also clear and few words but you can still follow the instructions and it is also accurate as otherwise the instruction would be all over the place and people would have problems following them. There is no bias in the instructions as there shouldnt be as it is instructions to follow so its fact not opinion. This is informal as they try to write for the kids who have bought this toy and are trying to get it fixed or put together. The typography has a 3 main colours so then people can understand the instruction manual. The main text colour is black but it is readable as it is on a white background which makes it stand out more plus they have highlighted the numbers in red so then people can see which number is which instructionThey have also got red arrows and red text on the pictures so then people who are reading the instructions, know where a certain thing goes like the foam ammo. The red text is also on a white background which makes it stand out more so people can tell which thing goes where. There is black background for the titles and then in capitals and bold white writing is the titles which makes them stand out more than the others. 8. Factual journalism 9. In this magazine cover there is lots of different techniques from the illustrations to the text. The illustrations are photos that either the journalist that have written a article in the magazine or what people have sent in. The typography is bold and the words that they want to get across they have put them in capitals. The white text stands out and goes with the theme of the snow and it also stands out because of the background that is a dark colour. Then the text that is on the white background has bold black text. There is yellow highlights makes it stand out even more. There isnt much text but the text that is there explains everything, and then with these things on the front you can decide what is going to be in it and whether it is a magazine that you want to buy or not. You can tell that the BBC has designed it and all of the articles thats are inside are probably by some of the BBC journalists. All of the facts are their own or what people have seen in other magazinenews etc. and think that they should write a story about it. 10. Newspaper 11. The techniques of this newspaper articles is that they have a big bold title that people can judge a pone and make themselves decide what's good and what's bad. This is a libel case as the newspaper reported that Frankie Boyle was a racist comedian, but he said that it was a mistake and that it was a misunderstanding. There would have to be several codes of practice like the NUJ codes and maybe the Editors codes of practice. They write formally and this article that is next to this writing is the correct version as they had to write the correct version to tell everyone that it was wrong and what is right. The writing is clear and really readable but in the other article they were putting things in that were bias to make people thing that Boyle was wrong and that he was making racists jokes. The typography is bold, clear, san-serif and black. The photo is a photo probably from one of his TV shows and they have their own recourses of pictures so they will have used them . Under the picture there is a caption but there is no referencing of where the picture is from or where it was taken.