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  • Designing for Empathy


  • Hi

  • Anything on demand in few seconds..

  • uber food delivery

    marijuanatoilet paper


  • uber food delivery

    marijuanatoilet paper


    Is it all good for us?

  • Why empathy its important: #1 Google Glass Episode

  • Why empathy its important: #2 A love story

  • We are facing a crisis of empathySherry Turkle

  • - ability to understand and share the feelings of another - its crucial to understand the world around us, people,

    cultures,behaviours, but mostly emotions.

    em pa thy

  • To understand others, we need to walk in their shoesRoman Krznaric

  • Marina Abramovich

    Technology was invented for human beings to have more time for themselves but what happened is that

    time is consumed by technology.

  • Designing for EmpathyWe need to focus on

    Human Emotion Centred Design

    Learn itFeel it

    Spread it

  • Learn it#1

    Emotions Studies & empowering emotional intelligence

  • Feel itTo jump in other shoes


  • Spread itTo trigger conversations


  • Designing for Empathy means

    #1 Continuous experiences across bits and atoms

    Case: Virgin America and Nextdoor

  • Designing for Empathy means

    #2 Integrating internet in the world around us

    Case: Binoculars Google Tellart

  • Designing for Empathy means

    #3 Reclaiming the art of conversation

    Case: Uber

  • Designing for Empathy means

    #4 Defining a new emotional dictionary focusing on

    voice gestures signs

    Case: Lapka and Facebook

  • Designing for Empathy means

    #5 Building trust relationships

    Case: Airbnb

  • So..

  • as reality is reacher than screens..

  • and the future of internet is out of screens, spread into the real world embedded in magic enchanted objects and


  • lets fight this crisis of empathy by being present and designing real experiences into the real world

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