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  • Amber wholesale in Baltic region The key providers of amber to the worldwide markets are the Dominican Republic

    and the Baltic Countries. These shiny stones of each of these regions differ


    The varieties of these shiny stones

    Natural Baltic Amber

    This is these shiny stones in its most natural form. It is normally irregular in color.

    And its nearly always irregular in shape. Wholesale of this version of such shiny

    stones is done in the Baltic region. The primary use for this version of such shiny

    stones is in fashion jewelry & art creations of high quality. It is lop-sided and does

    not always have a uniform coloring. It occasionally has blemishes and appears

    similar to something that is formed by nature and is not manmade.

    For making each piece, an unprocessed stone is cut, grounded and polished. After

    that a setting was created for that very stone.

    The collection of drfinejewels-Amber wholesale in the Baltic region is large and

    all of them have been handmade.

  • Minute sections of the Natural Baltic version have also been tumble polished.

    These are generally referred to as chips and do not have a uniform shape. These are

    able to be drilled.

    Genuine version of such shiny stones

    This term consists of pressed version of such shiny stones and Natural Baltic

    version of such shiny stones. Both of these are 100% pure that does not have any


    The making of pressed version is from tiny pieces & rejects that have been melted

    jointly under lofty pressure. It generally has an even color. The tinier pieces of this

    form of shiny stones of first-class quality are not easily distinguishable from

    Natural Baltic version of such shiny stones except for it having an almost uniform

    shape always.

    Beads & settings in a good number of jewelry happen to be pressed. The reason for

    this is simply that the pressing provides manufacturers with homogeneous pieces

    that are made use of in production. Furthermore it holds down the rate of the end


    The beads for almost all Amber wholesale in the Baltic region are nearly always


  • On the website of Dr Fine Jewels you will find some necklaces. While in some of

    these pressed beads is used in the others natural hand crafted "beads" have been


    Some forms of such shiny stones

    Ambroid is an item that has been fashioned out of tiny amber pieces set in plastic.

    This plastic has coloring, because of which a good number of people cannot make

    out that its plastic. At the time people opt for inexpensive jewelry what they are

    often given is ambroid, which they are not aware of. As it consists of chips it is

    fobbed off as these shiny stones. However the fact is that its plastic having chips

    and not anything more than that.

    Copal is basically a form of such shiny stones that is distributed by Dominican

    Republic and its neighboring regions. Its the produce of a diverse genus of trees

    compared to the trees that produce the Baltic version. How this is priced is based

    on the number of insect inclusions it has, which is usually more in number

    compared to Baltic version of such shiny stones. However it behaves in a different

    way to the Baltic version. Copal is younger compared to the Baltic version and has

    diverse characteristics since its the produce of diverse trees that grow a huge

    number of years apart.

    There is also Imitation of such shiny stones, which is fashioned out of plastics,

    dyed glass and treated contemporary tree resins.

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