The High Stakes of Reform

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Topic: The High Stakes of Reform Speaker: Dr. Monsinee Keeratikrainon Advisor and Co-Founder, McKansys (Thailand) Recrafting Post-Modern Thai Telecommunication Industry: Reliefs & Reforms September 25, 2014 Four Seasons Hotel

Text of The High Stakes of Reform

  • 1. MCKANSYSHigh Stake of ReformMonsinee Keeratikrainon, Ph.D.September 25, 2014Proprietary and Confidential MCKANSYS (THAILAND) 2013 Copyrighted.

2. AMboCuKt AANutShYoSrPresent position:Executive Advisor, McKansys (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Positions held:Partner, Deloitte (Thailand and SEA)Country Manager and Country Director, Frost & Sullivan (Thailand)Delivery Head, Wipro TechnologiesIndependent Telecom ConsultantSenior Consultant, True CorporationProduct Manager, British TelecomAcademic works:Guest Lecturer, Mahidol University College of Management (International MBA)P/T Lecturer, Assumption Univeristy, Faculty of Science and TechnologyPublication:Development of Telecommunications Infrastructure and Policy in Thailand: A Case Studyin Political Economic View of Telecommunications (2010, Lambert Publishing House)Strategy Cookbook (2013, McKansys s Copyrighted Handbook)Education:Masters and Ph.D., majoring in Telecommunications , Temple University (USA) 1997-2001Proprietary and Confidential MCKANSYS (THAILAND) 2013 Copyrighted. 3. KMeyC DKrAivNerSs YoSf Telecom ReformYesterday TodayTechnology convergenceLosing ground of operatorsWhere we are todayIncreasing demand for bandwidthEfficiently manage resource scarcityAvailable for download at, Anti-monopoly movementIncreasing penetration and accessibilityImprove service qualityVariety of service options and pricingProprietary and Confidential MCKANSYS (THAILAND) 2013 Copyrighted. 4. MCKANSYSEvolution of Telecom ReformEra of privatization leading to major reformPrivatization era begun100%in 2001Study from cumulative distribution of 84 telecom privatisationscases globally, with graph reaching 100% of sample in 2001.Source: Figure 1 of Chong and Galdo (2002)Where we are todayAvailable for download at GenerationRegulator4th GenerationRegulatorProprietary and Confidential MCKANSYS (THAILAND) 2013 Copyrighted. 5. EMvoCluKtAioNn SoYf GSlobal Telecom ReformWhere we are todaySource: ITUSource: ITUProprietary and Confidential MCKANSYS (THAILAND) 2013 Copyrighted. 6. SMpeCcKtrAumN SRYefSarming FrameworkConcept applied from CEPTs ECC Report# 16,2002Proprietary and Confidential MCKANSYS (THAILAND) 2013 Copyrighted. 7. IdMeCntKifAyiNngS YDSemand which serves countrys best interestProprietary and Confidential MCKANSYS (THAILAND) 2013 Copyrighted. 8. FMraCmKeAwNorSkY foSr Spectrum RefarmingProprietary and Confidential MCKANSYS (THAILAND) 2013 Copyrighted. 9. MCKANSYSAre users ready?Proprietary and Confidential MCKANSYS (THAILAND) 2013 Copyrighted. 10. FMroCmK MACNKSaYnSsyss online users surveyJan, 2014Sep, 2014Around 35% ofInternet users own 3smart devices (As ofSep, 2014). Up from30% in Jan, 2014Almost of Internetusers carry 2 activesim cardsProprietary and Confidential MCKANSYS (THAILAND) 2013 Copyrighted. 11. FMroCmK MACNKSaYnSsyss online users survey>95% use 1st prioritysimcard for smartdeviceSatisfaction scoreof current 3G>1/3 uses 2ndpriority simcard fortabletsAlmost 50% ofInternet usersrequest 4G for theneeds of speed andthe belief of itsindirect contributionto nationaleconomic growth>40% post-paid sim, avg ARPU: 840-860>60% driven by Network Quality and Coverage>40% driven by package priceMore than 50% of users give 7-8 out of 10satisfaction scoreAlmost 70% want to see improvement inbandwidth quality and speed