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Introduction to the World’s Most ElegantBusiness Intelligence & Analytics Platform

ReImagine BI – ElegantJ BI

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Introduction to the Worlds Most ElegantBusiness Intelligence & AnalyticsPlatform

What are We?


Horizontal BIVertical BIWe are a BI PlatformWe are the horizontal framework for adapting BIWe help you achieve vertical BI AnalyticsYou do not need coder skills to leverage our platform

We are only about Empowering Business Users&Delivering Independence and Intelligence through Deep-Dive Analytics.Business users can now create their own prototypes for interpreting and working with true data intel.Business Intelligence and Analytics Is NOT a designation or role based dominion!

ReImagine BI Discover Independence to Imagine Limitless, Effortless Possibilities with ElegantjBI


The myth about Self-Serving BI

Happy Dashboard Developers & Analysts!

Frustrated Business Users!

Costs a lot, increased skill demand and you get nothing besides a fancy Visual MonitorSee Questions, Get No AnswersBoards dont hit back- Bruce Lee


How we address Mobility for BI.The traditional approach All the noise about Mobile BI.


Semantic Metadata Layer?Ability to bring in data?Ability to create new columns?Ability to do ad-hoc query and report design?Ability to change data operations and summary operations?

Unless provided, it is not empowering it is only rendering prescribed designs of dashboards (Packaged Static Dashboards)

Business user when empowered deliver performance with value

Dont send a soldier to war with their hands tied!Empowering Business Users without powerful Ad-hoc analytics..


How..?Exotic Gauges Placed in a dashboard with few filters is also a KPI!What are we saying here?Build your KPI metrics on the fly, without relying on the generic chart, gauges and tabular components of your dashboard toolWe are pushing the boundaries of traditional static KPI paradigm We are delivering KPI AnalyticsPerformance Management without KPI Analytics?


Data Governance Vs Data Anarchy

Anarchy happens when:Data source is mashed with ungoverned data componentsAccessed directlyMultiple versions for same data assets are createdLack of Fine Grain Access Rights Management for Data ConsumptionGoverned Data Discovery is about providing the ability to gather, manage and deliver data in a interaction friendly manner, without compromising on the data integrity, source chain of data


Platform Components

#1: Horizontal Value DeliveryHow do we deliver


There are two approaches in BI deliveryOne, Offer Technology, and then let Customer build the SolutionSecond, Offer Solution that is bundled with the TechnologyWith us both approaches will work just as effectively.

How do we deliver

#2: Vertical Value Delivery


Let Business Users Drive AnalyticsThe Value Chain Inversion


Adapting the BI

.And we will keep evolving..Going forward.


Gartner reports ElegantjBI as:

Representative Vendor:Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise-Reporting-Based PlatformsOther Relevant Vendor:Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics PlatformsNiche BI and Analytics Vendor:Gartner Report, Competitive Landscape: BI Platforms and Analytics Software, Asia/PacificListed Vendor:Other Vendors to Consider for Modern BI and Analytics, Gartner Report Scale, Size and Best in Class RoI

Lets Get Started!

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