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ElegantJ BI Overview

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EJBIR1001P-ElegantJBI-Business-Intelligence-SuiteReImagine Business Intelligence
Managed Memory Computing:
Puts the power to choosing the data you want in memory in your hands
From special skill, consultants, device, operating system, complex licensing or any transaction systems
BI Democratization:
Simplicity: Make product design simple to use and reach
Independence: Give customers the freedom to choose other platforms and options
Scalability: Should grow as use and reach expand
Use the power of
Power of having More:
Expand BI usage without increasing cost of hardware, without changing the hardware
Power of Managing memory allocation:
Optimize hardware with application and priority of BI analytics, rather than number of users
Power of Speed:
Power of ReImagination:
Power of Choice:
From reliance on consultants
From applications that bind you to specific devices and their OS
To design infinite dashboards and KPIs on your own
From limitation to use selected Operating System or Devices
From Complex Licensing
From designing your hardware needs based on the software
To let each person who matters, use the power of BI
From long and tiresome implementations
Visual Analytics is about monitoring
Deep dive is about real analytics to get at the heart of the matter
Deep Dive allows your business users to choose the dimensions, time and compute measure on-fly to reach conclusions
ElegantJ BI has an interface ready to let you dive into your data to discover your winning formula or the key hurdle
Visual Analytics monitors, Deep Dive discovers
KPI is no longer used only for monitoring
ElegantJ BI KPI Analytics brings you the power of reaching the cause of performance or non-performance in the KPI interface itself
For example, cause of a peak in sales of product now can be accessed from the KPI interface itself
Start the analysis from KPI itself
No need to visit a dashboard or review several reports anymore
KPI Analytics, the new way forward
Beyond Time Series
ElegantJ BI – Unique time series allows you to select dates in a unique way on the fly
A comparison of data from Easter of one year to Thanks Giving of another year to Christmas last year is now possible on the fly
During analysis, most of your data is compared for specific date and time. ElegantJ BI time series is just designed for that
Compare, filter and analyze data based on time that matters and has an impact
A dimension with infinite possibilities unleashed
Device Independent
ElegantJ BI is built on responsive interface technology and is 100% browser based
ElegantJ BI does not require any desktop applications or plugins, so no installation required on desktop or any other devices
Company wide roll out on desktops, tablets and mobiles is possible within minutes and there is no need to maintain or change any OS or hardware devices or install any upgrades
Design once, Use anywhere with intelligent UI rendering
Mobile BI, access anytime, anywhere, from any device
Design once, Use anywhere
Our definition of Self-Service
A KPI can be designed by a business manager of your organization
A key Dashboard by a regular user of a spreadsheet
Analysis by a novice without writing a single line of program code
It is just as simple as drag and drop
Improve user take up and BI adoption by empowering your users with little or no training
True blue, user managed self-service BI
Reporting staff can be redeployed for more productive work
Improve organization performance with
Use your existing hardware. Scale as per need
Cost of reporting & spreadsheet support is eliminated
Cost will no longer limit the potential
Rollout BI applications with fine-grain security at column value level
One meta-data and one BI object for all users, instead of different sets of meta-data and BI objects for different groups of users
For instance, a Dashboard with aggregated sales data can be accessed by Director, Regional Manager and Sales Team members in context with their role
Develop once and use it across organization- True Personalization and fine-grained access rights management without writing a single line of code……
Unleash application potential with fine-grained access
Built-in algorithms, easy to use with complete drill down
ElegantJ BI forecasting and predictive analysis transforms the way of viewing and analyzing past data for future predictions
Using historical product, sales, pricing, financial and other data from multiple data sources, user can analyze trends and patterns and establish the most optimum strategy for future success
No Script, No Expert, Just Right Click
100% browser based
Connects to most databases and applications
Self-service BI; works with novice user as easily as it works with power analyzers
No dependence on special skills;
in-house IT staff can easily maintain and develop the application
Quick rollout to various locations and large number of users with short training and no installation on client devices
Design once, Use anywhere
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