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ze2i Technologies Private Limited is into the business of "Meaningful Transformations" through its core activities of Coaching, Training & Development, Consultancy, web development and BPO services. ze2i was founded in 2012 with a very powerful purpose which was "to enable individuals and organizations reach a higher level of thinking thereby giving a meaning to their existence". ze2i Technologies has played a pivotal role in the lives of millions of people comprising of students, working professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate companies. ze2i Technologies has been instrumental in providing a deeper meaning to their life and inspiring them to achieve much higher results and professional profitability. ze2i believes that success is a combination of five elements. To be successful, one needs to continuously expand ones knowledge, create strong attitudes, develop new skills, form good habits and implement result focused strategies. The company has grown phenomenally since the time of inception in 2012 by using the same philosophy and is continuously moving towards its vision of "creating 1 million success stories by 2020." Today ze2i is a team of very efficient & dynamic people and is associated with a highly qualified communication, soft skills entrepreneur coaches and talented employees.