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Career development tips for library and information professionals. Presented by Emily Allbon at CILIP's New Professionals Day, 10 Oct 2014


  • 1. Make yourself a must haveand go placesEmily AllbonCity University London@lawbore

2. Me BA Literature Library trainee at IALS, MSc Info Science Corporate v academia? City University London Lawbore GDL, MA Academic Practice new start? 3. Read! 4. Tip No.1 Gain a good understanding of theWHOLE business 5. Tip No.2 Dont limit yourself to library stuffLalalalalanot interestedin anythingelse 6. Crossovers,convergences,the spacesbetween are allvital! 7. Tip No.3Developnew skills 8. Tip No. 4 Communicate withoutsiders Think as broadly asyou can aboutnetworks For me, this wasstudents, alumni,academics, lawyers inpractice, tech people,journalists,publishers 9. Tip No. 5Find a thing thats yours aka carve out a niche 10. Tip No. 6Raiseyour profile 11. Where might you go? 12. Credits Must have button by ntr23 Orange by Beta-J Lalalala..I dont wanna hear this by Hilde Skjolberg Mind the cracks by Peter H One and other morris dancing by Feggy Art Walpurgisnacht fireball by Margaret Wommack 1952 LIFE Magazine by hastingsgraham Alien by kreezzalee Pumpkin carving by Kenny Louie Levitation 3 by Curtis MacNewton Blue vintage suitcase by Kristen Taylor