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  • 1.Using Visual Languagein BusinessIyad Mourtada

2. Why do smart managers make bad decisions? 3. Business Intelligence Emotional Intelligence 4. The Continuum of UnderstandingKnow (Cleveland 1982)Why KnowHowKnowWhatKnownothing 5. ALLOCATION OF MENTAL SPACE 6. Having more information is not always better 7. Turning Information intoKnowledge 8. Marketing is all about spreading ideas. Seth Godin Market-based marketing (Inspiring)Companies sold Ideas / Customers bought ExperiencesCustomer-based marketing (Persuading)Companies sold brands / Customers bought Emotions Mass media-based marketing (Informing) Companies sold goods / Customers bought benefitsProduct-based marketingCompanies sold commodities / Customers bought products 9. Ronnefeldt Tilting Teapot 10. Jack is looking at Anne, but Anne islooking at George. Jack is married,but George is not. Is a marriedperson looking at an unmarriedperson?A. YesB. NoC. Cannot be determined 11. Professionals, who haveknowledge and experience,may think they can makedecisions without reallyusing their minds. Theydont expect new thingsand they make miss them.They look at the detailsand forget the big picture. 12. iyad.mourtada@gmail.com