The colonies

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<ul><li> 1. Colonized Mexico,Southwestern US andFlorida St. Augustine was thefirst major Europeansettlement in America(1565) Most Spanishcolonization happenedin mid 1500s After England defeatedSpanish Armada in1588, colonizationslowed down</li></ul> <p> 2. Tried to create severalcities in early 1500sand failed. First permanentsettlement in 1608-Tadoussac Settled mostly incentral US and Canada Controlled MississippiRiver by 1718 Major cities were NewOrleans and Montreal 3. Settled in New York Mostly tradingposts Major cities wereFort Nassau andNew Amsterdam Today these citiesare Albany andNew York City Settled in early andmid 1600s 4. Took over someof Dutch colonies Major city wasFort Christina,now Wilmington,Delaware Settled in mid1600s Brought the logcabin with them 5. Colonistscame inseveral waves 1st colony atJamestown, Virginia1607 after and earlierfailure at Roanoke Goal to gain wealth Later Colonies built bydifferent religiousgroups Goal was to settle </p>


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