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1. @KTNUK Technical Textiles - Funding Brian J. McCarthy - KTN 12th June 2015 2. @KTNUK Enhanced individual protective equipment MOD SBRI Closes 29th July 2015 Technology inspired innovation Advanced Materials Closes 9th September 2015 Smart 15/16 Closes 16th July 2015 (four calls per year) Proof of Market, Concept or Prototype Innovate UK Details of Current and Future R&D Calls 3. @KTNUK Smart Materials including Smart Textiles Materials for Demanding Environments environments-competition-scope-tickets-17026197816 - Advanced Materials Specific Calls 4. @KTNUK Ben Walsh Lead Technologist Advanced Materials Robin Wilson Lead Technologist HVM Innovate UK Contacts 5. Earlier involvement of design in the innovation process would be hugely beneficial in helping deliver better technologies more likely to succeed in the marketplace. 6. Design is increasingly being recognised as tool to embed values such as sustainability and resource efficiency within product, service and systems innovation. 7. 8. Barriers to promoting the role of design in R&D and innovation Barriers include: Unknown unknowns what is design? what are the benefits of design? where to find help? Design often applied late in innovation process if at all Skills barriers e.g. design procurement, technology exploitation Collaboration barriers Cultural barriers e.g. risk adverse Lack of access to capital for investment in innovation and growth Gaps in support mechanisms Multi sector and SME reach required R&D and innovation have multiple barriers in themselves 9. KTN Design in Innovation Partner and signpost: Research Develop the business case Tools and resources Collaboration Business models Finance Networking and information exchange Capacity building Good practice Technology Transfer Offices Technology Sector Design Sector Research Sector Innovate UK, Catapults, BIS SMEs and Start-Ups Industry Trade Associations & Support Orgs Innovation Brokers & Think Tanks Public Sector International Good Practice Science Parks & Enterprise Zones 10. Technical Textiles Northern Ireland Cluster @KTNUK What of the future? 11. Brian J. McCarthy Knowledge Transfer Manager Textiles, Packaging and Consumer Goods @technitex M: 07964 563373 @KTNUK T: 0161 306 8500 KTN, Innovation Centre North Campus, Sackville Street, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK Technical Textiles Contact Details