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400%SolComLease LineFaster internet speed - 10/100mpbsAbility to record & play back calls instantlyMore robust & allows for an IP PBX telephone systemTheir Story Setting the right toneRich Tone Music is an independent specialist guitar retailer. They stock and sell a vast range of guitars, basses, amps and accessories along with other related equipment.

Rich Tone Music is owned by Richard Thomas and James Ferguson. Both James and Richard are fully active in the day to day operation and control of all aspects of the business. They are not owned and operated by a large board of directors, and while professional, they are not overly "corporate" nor out of touch with the industry and their musicians needs.

Whether you can't play a note or are indeed a professional musician - they treat you with respect and provide honest advice.Their GoalStaying on keyAs with all customer facing businesses, Rich Tone has an enormous reliance on their staff to respond to customers & online enquires. What if the internet went down? What if the phone system didnt work? What impact could that have across the business?As technology takes great strides forward so do Rich Tone & Solution Telecom is consistently developing their existing platforms to allow cost reductions across the business whilst improving the service delivered to their customers. The lease line that has been installed provides a robust internet connection allowing the telephone system & other online facilities a near 100% reliability rate.

The installation has been a great success. Its has been a pleasure to deal with Solution and they have been efficient and true to there word. SolCom just work immediately we suffered no down time at all and we particularly like the fact that we have completely customisable hold music! Rich Thomas, Owner, Rich Tone Music Ltd Their SolutionSolCom was introduced to Rich Tone in March 2014 after initially being developed for the fast moving and heavily call dependent taxi industry. SolCom is reliable; over 90% of system faults that do occur are identified and fixed before Cornerstones Education know they exist. The increase in bandwidth has allowed for remote staff to have easy access to the database and any call functionality they require. Then there is the smarter advances; using IVR to route calls and all voicemail are now emailed directly to the relevant member of staff. Should there be any need to review a call; SolCom will have it ready as soon as the call is complete. If the worst happens and a component of the SolCom system breaks SolCare+ is in place to react & fix the issue within 4 hours but with resilience and dual clusters built into the platform the calls are not lost!ProductsSolcom | SolStats | Lease LineTheir SuccessRich Tone achieved the following results from its SolCom endeavours:400% faster broadband speedCall recording & monitoringDedicated lease line connection provides stability