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  • 1. SUCCESS STORYSlovakia Steel MillsSAP And Outsourcing Solution ForSlovakia Steel MillsStart-ups do not only exist for Internet-based business, Project experience, a professional approach and goodbut also in older and more traditional industries. In this pricing have made S&T Slovakia the preferred IT partnersense, Slovakia Steel Mills (SSM) is a relatively youngof SSM. The indomitable commitment of S&T helped tocompany. It has been founded in 2007 as a wholly build a foundation of mutual trust, enabling one of theowned subsidiary of Steel Assets Management B.V. inbiggest SAP and outsourcing deals ever in Slovakia. S&Tthe Netherlands. A new steel and rolling mill is being Slovakia will also take overall responsibility for all theconstructed (Project) at the present time in Strazske, systems over the next three years on an outsourcingwhich will directly or indirectly create 750 jobs in the basis.region. The implementation of this system as the core of allSAP and Outsourcing for successbusiness processes will decisively help us to build upmanufacturingSlovakia Steel Mills as a fully integrated and automatedState-of-the-art steel production is not possible at all production plant.without IT support, not to mention the planning andJan Tusim, General Manager Slovakia Steel Millspreproduction phases. SSM has planned installation ofan ERP system at the very beginning of the Project,This project poses a major challenge to our employees,when the Project Engineer has commenced the firstnot only due to its scope but also in respect to projectdesigns of the new plant.management and systems integration. Vladimir Hric, BS Manager S&T SlovakiaThe project was also a greenfield operation for S&T.The underlying basis for talks with the management wasgood, due to the fact that S&T had the best possiblemanufacturing industry references. This experience andthe inherent commitment, stipulated in CorporateGovernance on the part of S&T led to an extensivecooperation with SSM, currently, for period over sixS&Tmonths.Extant, S&T Slovakia is implementing the SAP systemsS&T offer is based on an understanding of userand installing the connections to the productionneeds and on meeting those needs with ITfacilities (MES) and central production planning, solutions based on state of the art technology.including document administration.We provide assistance to our partners indeveloping their business operations and resultsThe coordination with numerous subcontractors andthrough the use of advanced informationsuppliers has to be perfectly organized. A large numbertechnology and a wide range of services, such asof people had to be motivated and their workIT consulting, development and implementation,coordinated in order to define architecture solutions,as well as the creation of custom IT solutions,which have been precisely-tailored and competitive,processes and systems, maintenance andrecollects his thoughts the S&T key account managerpermanent customer support. S&T group withRoman Gacik.about 2.200 employees and a sales of 411m inGeneral Manager of SSM Jan Tusim is very satisfied with 2009, is the leading provider of IT consulting, ITthe results. The production process was perfectlysolutions and IT services for customers in Centralmapped out. Tusim manages one of the mostand Eastern Europe as in Asia.technologically advanced steel production plants inentire Europe.www.snt-world.com

2. SUCCESS STORYCBAS&T Provides Connectivity AndCommunication Services To43 Shops Of CBAmessage to the support team that informs theThe customercustomer and takes measures to solve the problem.CBA Asset Management PLC is a public limitedcompany with main activity investment in subsidiariesBenefit to the customeracting in the retail sector by chains of supermarkets support from specially trained team of experts,integrated in a common trade network called CBA. high-quality and optimized technical support,CBA Asset Management PLC has been established in reduction of IT-costs,2006 to manage its subsidiaries CBA - Veliko Turnovo more resources for core business activities,Ltd., CBA - Gabrovo Ltd. and CBA - Ruse e.o.o.d.. state-of-the-art communications technology acrossthe entire company.CBA Asset Management PLC is the only shareholderof three subsidiaries: CBA Trade Ltd., CBA LogisticsLtd. and CBA Franchise LTD.CBA Bulgaria Ltd. was founded in May 2003. By 2007CBA already have more than 200 shops in the country.The challengeCBA operates in Sofia region, East and North-EastBulgaria. Before signing outsourcing agreement withS&T, the IT activities in CBA were organized by theinternal IT department. By increasing the number of S&Tshops and the growing demands of advanced use of ITinfrastructure the need for external support became S&T offer is based on an understanding of usercrucial.needs and on meeting those needs with ITsolutions based on state of the art technology.The projectWe provide assistance to our partners inThe infrastructure is entirely based on a Cisco typologydeveloping their business operations andis chosen to be of the type star and every single shopresults through the use of advancedis connected via MAN line to the main customer data information technology and a wide range ofcenter, located in Veliko Tarnovo, where router Cisco services, such as IT consulting, development2811 is used. Connection security and dataand implementation, as well as the creation ofinviolability are ensured by the use of VPN tunnels custom IT solutions, processes and systems,with AES128 crypting. An independent channel is maintenance and permanent customerconfigured and built between the main and reserve support. S&T group with about 2.200CBA data centers in order to ensure uninterrupted employees and a sales of 411m in 2009, isbusiness processes. The transfer between the main the leading provider of IT consulting, ITand the reserve line takes less than 5 seconds. A solutions and IT services for customers inmonitoring system based on Nagios is also built and Central and Eastern Europe as in Asia.installed in the S&T data center. It provides 24-hourmonitoring of the quality of the provided service aswell as checks of the physical state of the devices. If aproblem occurrs, the system sends an automaticwww.snt-world.com 3. SUCCESS STORYMERCATOR GROUPBusiness Continuity And SecurityClient systems in other countries. With the new infrastructure solutions, the Mercator Group canThe Mercator Group is one of the largest and most benefit from services, such as customer monitoringsuccessful retail chains in South-Eastern Europe and is enabled by the Mercator Pika Card system and newpresent on seven regional markets. These fast growing video conferencing solutions.markets have helped Mercator to capture importantmarket shares, mainly with its large malls in capitalBenefits for the clientcities and regional centres. Mercators aim is to 24/7 availabilitybecome the first or second largest fast-moving Reduced infrastructure and advancedconsumer goods retailer on each of these markets. communications costsChallenge Comprehensive view of the network and services (operation monitoring from a single location)The Mercator Group decided to redesign and optimize Premium support and maintenance delivered bytheir transaction channels with a payment processing S&T professionalscentre. Their existing leased and redundanttelecommunication lines were proving to be a largecost for the company.Mercator Group d.d. relies on S&T professionals toBy deploying advanced network router and firewallmanage firewalls and network components insolutions, the Mercator Group wanted to ensure thatnetworking segments across six countries. They delivertheir networks and services perform with the sameeveryday management and configuration tasks as welllevels of reliability and security and reduce costs at the as active control of system operations to ensuresame time. The advanced network infrastructure minimal downtime and rapid disaster recovery. We areprovides reliable connectivity that is required for real-pleased that our collaboration with S&T has given ustime payment transactions and enables proactivethe opportunity to work with a reliable and highlyoperations monitoring. The Mercator Group intended qualified IT partner with deep expertise and end-to-endto upgrade this infrastructure with support for theservices.Mercator Pika payment card application. This would Rado Brglez, IT Manager, Mercator d. d.enable them to improve customer behaviourmonitoring and improve their product portfolio.This powerful infrastructure also allows Mercator toS&Tdeploy new network-based services, such as videoconferencing and voice and video calls between officesS&T offer is based on an understanding of userto reduce travel and meeting expenses.needs and on meeting those needs with ITsolutions based on state of the art technology.Project We provide assistance to our partners inS&T provided seamless, secure, and cost-effective developing their business operations and resultsconnections between remote Mercator malls and the through the use of advanced informationhead office, as well as between the head office and the technology and a wide range of services, such aspayment processing centre. The first stage of the IT consulting, development and implementation,project required S&T professionals to assess andas well as the creation of custom IT solutions,analyze the existing equipment, services and generalprocesses and systems, maintenance andworkload for the implemented systems. Inpermanent customer support. S&T group withcollaboration with business application developers S&Tabout 2.200 employees and a sales of 411m inprofessionals then designed a plan for implementing 2009, is the leading provider of IT consulting, ITthe hardware and software solutions and solutions and IT services for customers in Central