Six things I learned about business

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Six things that were learned by Lee Drozak, owner of My Office Assistant, Virtual Business and Administrative Consulting.


<ul><li> 1. Copyright 201 My Office Assistant, Lee Drozak 1</li></ul> <p> 2. #1Alone is not a good thing 3. Alone we do so little; together we can do so muchHelen Keller 4. #2Boundaries are a good thing 5. and should not be compromised 6. #3We are all influenced by thosewho surround us 7. Your choice of people to associate one ofthe most important choices you will make:Brian Tracy 8. #4The best price is not always the lowest 9. Rely on value added services andsuperior customer service 10. #5Not ever ything is online 11. We are designed to connect with people andface to face clinches the relationship 12. 13. and you can too! 14. Thanks!Copyright 201 My Office Assistant, Lee Drozak 1 </p>