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1. And why we never stop learning 101 2. I hadnt heard this Polish quip until recently. There is too much drama in the world and if I am not in the circus and my monkeys arent mine I DONT NEED TO BE INVOLVED IN THE CENTER ARENA OF DRAMA. Sometimes this is difficult but dont act on others expectations and dont get involved in matters not our own. Some people dont want to change. 3. My son is fully grown but I have learned while he is never a finished product, neither am I. I now understand why we love grandchildren. We get to do the things I thought might screw up my kid; eating ice cream all day, not changing our underwear, etc. My daughter in law is not my daughter and she will help select my nursing home-I love her a lot. If you can keep them busy and exhausted through high school-they will stay out of trouble. Or so I thought. 4. I am one of the 10% of people who are SENSITIVE to light, sounds, the environment, and peoples energies. My whole like I have heard STOP BEING SO SENSITVE. I have finally learned to reply IT WOULD BE NICER IF YOU WERE A LITTLE MORE SENSTIVE. My grand daughter is like me. I am trying to teach her to cry on important issues and count backwards like Peg and Cat when she is sensitive. 5. A think of beauty that can kill with a touch Minnesota nice kills. It is far easier to not discuss our problems and quarrels. Over time those quarrels can fester and disturb the relationships we have those we love. Having the tough conversation is better than living with misery and resent. 6. SAY NO!!! There is an old saying ask the busiest person you know to complete a task because they will do it quickly and efficiently. I no longer need to be that person. Not listen to evening news or internet stories about starved animals and other heart wrenching stories. Sometimes it leaves me feeling slightly hopeless. Not whine-really whine- to others. Save the whining for really important things they may be able to help with. Create a blog or whine in Facebook because people can unfriend you or move on if they dont want to be part of your circus. 7. I was a good college teacher and even got awards. I really tried to listen to my adult student but realized I couldnt reach them, help some of them or they really didnt want the help. After years of teaching I burned out and realized my job wasnt to just teach, but to listen and set the example. I worked in organ and tissue donation. Some days after that job, I thought I couldnt go on and depression overcame me. After listening to the parents of a deceased two year old talk about her, they told me not to cry and that they did want their daughters eyes to go to some one else so they could see. That was courage. 8. I realized the other day I had colored my hair, worn high heels and panty hose and applied make up since 1968. Now my legs rarely see the light of day, the razor is less used and I apply makeup for me, not for someone else. People dont die if I dont meet their expectations. 9. Appreciation I was walking down Hennepin avenue and guys were wolf whistling at the young women next to me. I yelled to the guys Thank you! The guy said, It wasnt for you! I said, How do you know? The young women laughed and thanked me. Their skirts were way too short. There I said it. No one told me getting old would be more than a bad back and fat. People now call me maam and offer me a seat on the bus. Gray eyebrown, ear and nose hair 10. Friendships and relationships change over time- most people dont like change but it is not an option. Make new friends, but keep the old- one is silver and the other gold. Put the toxic lead friendships that are weighing you down on the end of a fishing line and cast it on its way. People will make time for you if you are important to them. And they wont if you are not. You will never regret going out of your way to brighten someones day or just saying hello. Friendships 11. Dating and getting old Aint for babies Has pluses and minuses I have a new appreciation for vitamins and energy drinks. Sleep is a gift and awakening every morning means I aint pushing up daisies. Eye cream is wonderful. Sometimes I feel better about myself and my life after being on chat rooms. Confidence is not something you get; it is something you earn and have to keep building on-especially when you are wearing a Depends. Social media 12. I unfortunately am no longer surprised at how some people will exceed the lowest imaginable depth of lying, incompetence and nastiness, while others will reach out to help, and exude honesty, helpfulness and compassion. We need to teach our children taking care of others and their money as we get older is not an option and the government cant afford to take care of everyone. Moms money shouldnt be paying for my trip to Vegas. Children should celebrate Mothers and Fathers Days as it is one of the few times we get recognized. 13. I have enough to do living day by day. I decided to not create another list of things I should have/could have done. I have created a list of things I am glad I DIDNT /wont do! Take LSD, go to medical school, move to LA, have bum implants, date Tom Cruise, sign up for a yoga cruise, plan my funeral, become a (bacon) vegetarian , become a super model, become a monk, date a Kardashian, learn rapping, love broccoli, vote for Hilary, etc. 14. Change what you can Make good choices every day because you cant take a lot back. Chose who you want to be right now, particularly when posed with a challenge or tough choice. Set a good example. Try not to screw up too much. Say you are sorry when you do mess up. Accept, embrace and celebrate change unless it makes your back hurt.