Russ Choma, Covering the Green Economy

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Russ Choma, investigative reporter for Investigative Reporting Workshop, presented this slideshow in Los Angeles at Covering the Green Economy, a Western Perspective.

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  • 1. Funding the future of the green economy
  • 2. Russ Choma
  • 3.
    Founded in Spring 2008 by Charles Lewis and Wendell Cochran
    Bartlett & Steele: America What Went Wrong
    Frontline: Flying Cheap
  • 4.
    Stimulus money going overseas
    Projects built before stimulus
    Lobbyists/financiers/Chinese manufacturers
  • 5. Green Energy: Where are we at?
    Were not #1.
    Much more serious than ever before.
    All about the government very, very dependent industry.
    Policy and incentives.
  • 6.
  • 7. Green Energy: Where are we at?
    Not as bleak as you might imagine.
    Surprisingly bi-partisan.
    Big Business.
    Lobbying they arent defenseless anymore.
    On the federal level, the biggest news is:
    Continued stimulus money
    Renewable Energy Standard
    28 states, including California already have some form.
  • 8. Frame #1: Greenwashing
    unjustified appropriation of environmental virtue
    You have to parse the truth from the hype
    Just as true in the energy world, particularly anything involving politics, as in the grocery store.
  • 9. What is a green job?
    • The Department of Labor definition: Green jobs must either be in industries that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources, or must be jobs in which workers' duties involve making their establishment's production processes more environmentally friendly.
    • 10. Monica Potts, at American Prospect wrote a really fantastic piece about this a few months ago, and she points out the trouble of green purpose versus green execution:
    • 11. Metro driver?
    • 12. Diesel truck driver?
    • 13. Diesel truck driver hauling a wind turbine?
    • 14. Diesel truck driver hauling a wind turbine today, but turbine for coal plant tomorrow?