Rocking the Boat, Creating Change: NAED ADventure conference

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<ol><li> 1. Creating Change NAED AdVenture Marketing Conference @LoisKelly </li><li> 2. 1. Challenges 2. Qualities 3. Essential strategies 4. If youre the boss 5. Open mic </li><li> 3. My biggest challenge in creating change is: 1.Afraid I might hurt my reputation/career 2.My boss is resistant to most new ideas 3.I hate dealing with conflict and controversy 4.The approval processes makes me crazy 5.My ideas go against the organizational culture </li><li> 4. The top reasons my organization resists change: 1.Execs/owners will never agree to it 2.Not enough resources/too expensive/no budget 3.Weve tried that before and it didnt work 4.Need more convincing ROI 5.Like the way things are </li><li> 5. Assumption s Fears Love way it wasCertainty The real obstacles are usually overlooked, not addressed. Discomfort </li><li> 6. Troublemakers Good Rebels Complain Create Break rules Change rules Me-focused Mission-focused Problems Possibilities Alienate Attract Energy-sapping Energy-generating Assertions Questions Pessimist Optimist Point fingers Pinpoint causes Worry that Wonder if Obsessed Reluctant Source: Rebels At Work </li><li> 7. We have no money so well have to think. -- Sir Ernest Rutherford, father of nuclear physics </li><li> 8. The Change Quest See nee d Face fears Prepare Frame issue Enlist support Communicate like activist Prepare for conflict Succeed or quit Assess Reframe Adjust </li><li> 9. Low Medium High How much value would this idea provide? Do we believe its possible? How much do we want to do it? Can we measure whether its working? Is it worth taking on? </li><li> 10. Prepare </li><li> 11. Prepare </li><li> 12. FOUNDATIONAL: relationships and trust Prepare </li><li> 13. Whats at stake Show how the idea relates to what people want. What could be Make the status quo unappealing. Why it can work People support ideas they think can work. What do people in your organization really want? Is it stated or unstated? Frame idea, communicate to effect behavior Frame issue </li><li> 14. What its like today What it could be like Frame issue </li><li> 15. What are your unshakable beliefs? Frame issue </li><li> 16. Swim down together! DIT vs. DIY Enlist support </li><li> 17. When just 10% of the population holds an unshakeable belief, their beliefs will always be accepted by the majority. 10% tipping point Network research scientists, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Enlist support </li><li> 18. 21 Urgency + purpose Persuasion science Process vs. presentation Communicate like activist </li><li> 19. We fall in love with talking tactics and forget to connect new ideas to business strategy, beliefs. Communicate like activist </li><li> 20. All change requires difficult conversations. And talking about the REAL issues. Disagreement &amp; conflict </li><li> 21. Consolidationonline channels. digital business costsmargins Urgency is not sufficient. Our brains are wired to run away from threats. </li><li> 22. Objection Meaning Response There are no resources Its not a priority Explore importance, acknowledge How will THIS affect THAT in future? Desire for certainty What is known. Discomfort of unknowables Wheres the ROI? How will we know its working? Create measures Lets develop some consensus on this Uncertain of its merits What would it take for you to see value? </li><li> 23. Assess </li><li> 24. Where are you? Agony Phase Just getting started? Time to let go of idea? Quit? Positive Negative Low High Buzz Frustration Assess </li><li> 25. Know when to quit </li><li> 26. If you are the boss. </li><li> 27. Be kind and thoughtful: Safety Call BS and be called on BS: Authenticity Invite cognitive diversity: Creativity Have a strong backbone &amp; gentle heart: Empathy </li><li> 28. We cant do that because. We can do that IF </li><li> 29. Be willing to look at the real problem </li><li> 30. What is the risk of NOT changing? </li><li> 31. 35 Appreciate your rebels. Appreciation a greater motivator than money. </li><li> 32. Newsletter, resources, posts: @LoisKelly @RebelsatWork Find this presentation at: </li><li> 33. We know that norms in consumer services becomes expected in B2B, but Travel text/email alerts Order status updates Zappos 1-day delivery Deliver to job site pronto 24-hour delivery tracking 24-hour delivery tracking Live chat w/ service rep Availability beyond 7 - 5 Customer reviews, ratings Customer reviews, ratings Press x for Spanish, press y Multi-lingual Frequent flyer miles Loyalty rewards </li></ol>


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