Rocking the Boat: The Impact of Social Media on HTA

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Supporting evidence-informed decision-making by producing and brokering HTAs is central to CADTH’s mandate. By taking advantage of the cost-effective tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, CADTH is using social media to support organizational objectives, including improved communications, transparency, patient engagement, dissemination, and knowledge mobilization. Presented by Dr. Janice Mann (@JustSayIt_MD) at HTAi 2014.

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2. HTAi 2014 Monday, June 16th DR. JANICE MANN @JUSTSAYIT_MD 3. Twitter The Basics Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140- character text messages, called "tweets to sign-up 4. CADTH on Twitter CADTH @CADTH_ACMTS An independent, not-for-profit organization providing evidence to support informed health care decisions. Celebrating 25 yrs in 2014. En franais @ACMTS_CADTH 5. CADTH Twitter Facts In the beginning: Joined Twitter December 2011 Started actively tweeting January 2012 focus on CADTH Symposium Now: Almost 3000 followers Sent > 2500 Tweets on CADTH Symposium, CADTH projects/reports/tools, feedback opportunities, conferences were attending and presenting at, nominations to CADTH committees, answering questions, 6. How CADTH Benefits from Twitter Being a part of the conversation Gives CADTH a personality Not just a push of CADTH content but interaction Reaching non-traditional audiences Increased engagement of key audiences: other HTA producers, pharmacists, physicians, professional societies, and patient groups Quickly identify trends, respond to customer needs, disseminate evidence in a highly targeted manner, and enhance connections Twitter a formal component of the CADTH Symposium for 3 years 7. Being a Part of Relevant Conversations 8. Using Twitter at Your Conference Strategy involves before/during/after components Sign up to Twitter (Organization, Exec, Staff) Choose a hashtag and advertise it Analytics by registering the conference hashtag at Display tweets Help signing up (live at booth and delegate bag card) Tweet-up Free WiFi After the event, thank those who tweeted, sponsors, venue 9. Other Social Media Efforts at CADTH @CADTH_ACMTS ian-agency-for-drugs-and-technologies-in- health 10. Questions? @JustSayIt_MD @CADTH_ACMTS 11. HTA in the Twitter-sphere A Sampling @HAS_sante (Haute Autorit Sant France) @NICEcomms (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) @ScHARRHEDS (ScHARRR at University of Sheffield) @iqwig (Institute for Quality & Efficiency in Health Care) @INESSS_Qc (Institut National dexcellence en sant et en services sociaux) @icer_review (Institute for Clinical and Economic Review) @HTAatIHE (Institute of Health Economics, Alberta) 12. Hashtags to Get Noticed #HTA #healtheconomics #cdnhealth #pharma #innovation #meddevice #KMb #ACA #Obamacare Many, many more 13. Dont Forget About: YouTube 14. Dont Forget About: LinkedIn 15. Dont Forget About: SlideShare