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1. Drake started from the bottom in this music video drake uses mise en scene in many different ways to attract his audience, such as his outfit chosen for this song is very expensive, which is trying to also portray his expensive life style he now owns. In this song drake uses all the stereo typical factors of rap music, expensive products flashy lifestyle and use of women as a icon. This type of video is common to the rap genre as they all have the same concept of showing off expensive cars e.g. Lamborghini shown in snapshot. The lighting is always used in a dark manor in rap music to show the darkness behind the music that it wasn'tt easy getting where they are hence why drake is in the snow in this video because it shows he has made it through the toughest weather. The scenes in the song change very slowly and stay consistant, telling a story as it goes on. 2. Rick ross boss Much like the other rap videos, rick ross uses the same concept of ideas to make his music video e.g. expensive cars and showing off money. Rick ross has chosen to dress everyone in black for this song to show the darkness these people hold but also show that they all are equal. The lighting is strongly used in this video as it focuses on rick ross, making him stand out even though he is dressed the same. The camera shots in this song is very quick and change to different locations every time from a car to a group of gangsters. There is a few famous people used in the video to help promotion, much like all rap songs there is other major rappers in the video even if they are not rapping for publicity. mid shots where used frequent through this video as it helped show off the different people who appeared. 3. French Montana worry bout nothing The same concept of mise en scene is also used in the French Montana video, with a group of gangsters showing off there chains and expensive cars. In the video French Montana used a landing strip of lights at one point to light up him standing by a plane in the video, he used the lighting around him more such as basketball fog lights to help light up the cars when rapping. The editing for this song is at a quick changing tempo with no proper story line to the video just a selection of events happening, much like all rap videos there is the same props used such as cars and girls to imply the expensive lifestyle taste. A lot of long shots are used in this video to also capture the scene surround him as it looks like he's in Florida or somewhere nice. 4. Krept and konan Krept and konan uses a uk version of rap music, where as the concept is the same the budget is a bit lower. In this video there are a group of guys driving around on quads and bikes while krept and konan are singing. A black and white tint has been used to the video to give it that lifeless feeling they are trying to put to it but the use of similar ideas e.g. guys with big chains and hoddies still remain the same. It seems like lighting was rarely used in this video due to the color editing used, you can see street lamps in the video to help build some spot light on the rappers. The mise en scene used in the video was clear to rap music as all characters where dressed in the same manor and the camera even portrayed them as violent guys with close ups and extreme close ups. 5. Drake Versace In this song drake revolves his whole song around promoting he wears Versace clothing. The main clothing in this music video is Versace, they show different mise en scene through the Versace product e.g. using a Versace hotel a Versace car etc. the lighting In this video is very bright indicating the bling shown in this song. This song try's following the concept of rap videos with the showing off but takes it to a different level with more advertisement then music. This is a new level of rap music as it uses these lyrical content to help fund the music video and also gain sponsored clothes. The scenes mainly fade in and out of drake in different Versace places wearing Versace, it also casts a few other rappers wearing Versace, showing its a must have product. There is no real story line to this song but it is fit for purpose to advertise.