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Quotes from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, 2012

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2. Once an idea is expressed, it belongs to theworld. The challenge is to find an expressionthat immediately resonates with the entireworld. 3. Adoro propaganda, mas a verdade que elacria cada monstrinho egocntrico.. Translation: I love advertising, but the truth isthat it creates every egocentric littlemonster.. 4. Find or create the relevant truth.Communicate it in a fresh and unseen wayand the people will care.* If the client is not scared, your idea is notgood enough The best advertising does not look likeadvertising* Derived from the ideas of William Bernbach 5. "We are fetishizing social. Its time to takestock of what is going viral and why. 6. "You must do work that youd be willing tobet your career on" 7. Brands arent judged by what they promise,but by what they do 8. The more you let go of your assumptions,the more we do that, the more you will get aphenomenal payoff Millennials dont see failure as a blemish butthe opportunity to reinvent themselves 9. Everyone has a voice and everyone wants tobe heard. Its about being relatable and being honestsays - millennials can smell a fake from a mileaway 10. "Were moving from a world where we plancampaigns for the future to one where weadapt campaigns to the moment" 11. When you fail in life you hit rock bottom andthen you have no option but to bloodysucceed 12. There is difference between a viral ad andPR. Both have a value & are not mutuallyexclusive 13. Creativity is not inventing, its combiningtwo things that already exist 14. Is creativity now about one big idea or manylittle ones that add up? #awscchat 15. The world is too interdependent to solveissues in isolation The world, as we know, has a lot of problem. But were fortunate to be alive at this time 16. The 4Ps of the marketing mix are nowPurpose, Presence, Proximity andPartnerships 17. Create socially relevant content - move fromADS to ASSETS that are shareable 18. Key Trends on the Ground Creative Relevance Go Offline Back to Basics Mobile Makes it Easy Youth Crave Connections 19. Harness real passion 20. I dont look at impressions. I look atengagement. That is the yardstick. 21. The main shift has been to actively considerengagement as part of the mix versusfocusing on the more traditional measures ofreach and frequency. 22. Creativity has the power to transformhuman behavior. 23. When the world zigs, zag. 24. "When they look at you and say, Yourecrazy, maybe youve found a good idea.* Having a great idea is not the key. The key isfighting with passion and persistence to bringit to life Dont just think outside the box, create anew box.* Found the quote thanks to (Caren Kelleher) -@Caren Im unsure if she is the one who actually expressed the idea. 25. Combine relevance with emotion. And youget the kind of ideas I like. Adapt the technique to your idea, not youridea to tour technique Don`t be afraid of change, that is the bigmessage