Popular approach for shopper research and shopper marketing

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Ratera and van Galen Market Research

Ratera & van Galen How to win at Point of Purchase



Ratera & van GalenRatera & van Galen (R&G) is an independent market research and retail consultancy firm working for both brand owners and retailers across channels. We specialise into: Shopper researchShopper Centric StrategyShopper segmentation and missions per retailerCategory growth drivers Path to growth:Remove barriers (store layout, shelf layout, right cross merchandising)Category definition and segmentationPromotion targeting per shopper segmentPOS communication in store impactR&G originated in London, started in Asia in 1998. Offices: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Naarden (Holland)Working experience: France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and China, Dubai, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand


Ratera & van Galen: The shopper research specialist

This book provides practical advice about shopper needs; retail environments; shopper trends; shopper marketing strategies; retailing relationships; and effective packaging.

With contributions from:Paco UnderhillBrian HarrisHerb SorensenToon van Galen (Ratera & van Galen)


Clients Ratera & van Galen

FMCG & related




Clients and partners


C-Store/ mini markets


PharmaciesTraditional trade/ sari sari, Chinese Medical Hall, on premise outlets* Not direct clients: working experience with those retailers *******************Shedanvie**



Other channels*



Shopper Marketing strategy


Find and select key shopper segments and missions

#Category Growth Drivers

PremiumizationCategory growth drivers conceptSystem usageRecruitingyoung usersRecruiting male users

Source: Ratera & van Galen


Build brand presence around category growth driversDouble the amount of users between 15 and 20 years old

Source: Ratera & van Galen

#Path to Growth: remove the barriers usingShopper Research

POP trackingRecommended POS ad for each part in path of purchaseOUTSIDE STOREINSIDE STOREON SHELFIN AISLEOut of SightOut of Category ZoneIn Category ZoneWithin Arms Reach80% store budget is spent here75% POS recall is near shelf


100% & above- passing

90% - 99%60% - 69%20% - 29%50% - 59%10% - 19%80% - 89%40% - 49%9% - 0%70% - 79%30% - 39%

% PassingShoppers path in small store: new location increases the impact

#Eye tracking: budget better spent on wobbler or price sticker?


Virtual shelf test


We track POS communicationWe film shopping behaviourWe analyze traffic flows

We measure space & number of skus

We analyze scan data

Virtual shelf testingEye tracking

Focus groupsWe observe browsing behaviour prior to purchaseWe interview customers at point of decision

Some of our methodologies

Loyalty card solutionsOptimize product and assortmentWe identify hot & dead spots in the store and in the shelfRetailer interviewsWe follow shoppers from the beginning to the end of their shopping trip