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An Advanced Materials Technology Platform

An Advanced Materials Technology PlatformFrozen DirtJ. Gordon McGill Managing Partner

Green Manufacturing

Initial Markets

Energy Costs

Supercritical DryingMolded PulpFoamAeroClayTetraEthylEtanolNH3 H2OPulp + ChemicalsResin + FoamingClay + PolymerProcessMaterials

Open-cell foam-like materials

Green processFlame RetardantAbsorbentBiodegradableCustomizable

Next Steps$5MPer FieldOf Use$1 M - Prototype$1 M Market Entry$3 M ManufacturingPartners for Manufacturing Specific products

The Buzz

Biodegradable Styrofoam Milk Foam from AeroClayAeroClay Oil Clean-up SolutionAeroClay Sustainable Option for Protective Packaging

The Problem - PollutionWith No Comprehensive Solution, Until Now!

Intelligent Solutions

Clean OceansEfficient HomesSustainable FarmingSafe PackagesSmart PelletsInsulationBiodegradableFlame RetardantMasterbatchAbsorption

A Technology Platform

Sustainable FarmingSmart PelletsClean OceansEfficient HomesSafer Packages`

Cleaning the OceanSuper Sponge

50x Absorption20x Cycles90% Efficiency


Active IngredientAeroClay WrapperImmediateSlow-Release

Initial Markets

14 BnEnvironmental Cleanup10 BnInsulation7 BnMasterbatch6 BnPackaging3 BnOil Cleanup

Market Opportunity

Polyurethane FoamsOther Foams & AlternativesPolystyrene FoamsGlobal Market$130 Bn2018

Sustainable RevenueChannelsDirectLicensingCustomersProducts

Projected Revenue$40 M$20 M$10 M201520352025Royalties + Direct SalesRoyaltiesDirect Sales

Patented TechnologyExclusive Global License

US - 5Canada - 5Europe - 5Japan - 1

Additional Patent Applications Pending


Darryl L. KelinskeManaging PartnerJ. Gordon McGillManaging PartnerDr. Yuxin WangChief Commercial OfficerProf. David A. SchiraldiScience Advisor

Whats NextSimultaneous FocusEngineeringDesignScalableManufacturingDistributionChannels

Open CollaborationLike-minded People50+Companies10+Countries


Singular Impacts Exponential Resultsaeroclay.com