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VirtualEmployee.com is a new type of service. We set up YOUR offshore office for you in India. This effectively becomes your own branch office for as long as you need it.

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  • 1. Outsource to India withvirtualemployee.com

2. VirtualEmployee.com set up YOUR offshore officefor you in India. This effectively becomes your ownbranch office for as long as you need it. 3. With VirtualEmployee.com, you are not actuallyoutsourcing. We provide you with a readymadeoffice in India but you remain in control of yourwork. 4. You can hand over even your core functions tous instead of the non-essential aspects of yourbusiness. 5. VirtualEmployee.com solves all the problems withthe freelancing model and puts the SMEs at par withthe large corporations. 6. If you hire an entire team, your virtual team will notbe scattered all over the globe. They all sit in oneoffice especially designed for them. 7. VirtualEmployee.com provides HD Video Conferencesolutions. You can speak face-to-face with any of youremployees via video conference, or you can have avideo conference with your entire team all together inone room. Its like almost being there physically. 8. Data security is our primary concern andVirtualEmployee.com workson the latesttechnologies - virtualization and thin clients. 9. The employee you hire from VirtualEmployee.comworks dedicatedly for you and will be availableduring your office hours, working exclusively for youon your desktop. 10. The VirtualEmployee.com office effectively becomesan offshore extension of your own office and yourvirtual employee becomes a remote addition to yourteam. 11. You are free to just focus on work with your virtualemployee, manage and collaborate with them as youwish. We handle all issues concerning a smoothlyfunctioning office. 12. THANK YOUVirtual Employee Pvt. Ltd.