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Power Through Global Sourcing

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MISSIONTo provide cost efficient power generation solutions to customers

VISIONTo bring together our global resources, expertise and experience to bridge the supply/demand gap in the Energy sector

VALUESCommitment to quality of products and services Engineering Excellence Superior customer service

INTRODUCTIONSokeo was envisioned as a concept in 2005 to provide EPC/turnkey solutions to the emerging power sector in India. Sokeo is committed to providing world class, state-of-theart technology, processes and practices to the rapidly growing energy industry all over the world. Sokeo is headed by a team of power plant professionals with vast experience in the execution of power projects taking green field projects to successful commissioning of Domestic and Overseas projects. Since its inception, Sokeo's project portfolio has rapidly expanded from sourcing an STG island to engineering, procurement and construction of a 660 MW supercritical coal-fired plant. Over the course of the years, we have evolved our model to optimize the solution to meet our varied customer needs by combining: Engineering and design excellence from USA Manufacturing excellence with cost-effective equipment supply and aggressive delivery timeframes from China and India in respect of coal based power plants. Sourcing gas turbines from USA and Europe with world class technology for open cycle and combined cycle Superior construction management practices from Europe Highly skilled and cost effective construction skills from India, Malaysia and Poland

We are currently expanding our operations to the Middle East, Africa and South America.



Jubail Pearl, KSA

CNAICO (SINOMACH) Trading/Con tracting/Sou rcing

NTC (< 150MW) China

Shanahan Engg, Ireland


Sargent & Lundy, USA

Harbin Turbine & Boiler (1351000MW)

Protos, India Marketing Wuxi Boiler

CDI Northwest, CSEPDI, GEDI, FEDI, Nanjing, RUNH

For new facilities, public and private utilities, developers, and financial institutions enlist our support in many different capacities. Our core competency includes complete project management, engineering and design, construction management, and start-up support services. Our work also covers everything from designing modifications for a single plant system upgrade or addition to system wide assessment and refurbishment programs.

Our Prominent Works include: New Coal-fired plant conceptual and detailed engineering Air quality strategic planning and retrofit design Implementation of SCR systems, FGD systems Combine-cycle Power plant conceptual and detailed engineering Simple-cycle peaking plant design Fuel Switching Modifications Power plant control system modernization and upgrade

Our mission is to help our clients develop energy solutions to produce energy using fossil fuel, procure spares and services, rehabilitate old power plants. Market Sectors Coal based Subcritical & Supercritical power plants in the range of 60-1000 MW on EPC basis. Gas based power plant, single cycle, combined cycle & co generation in the range of 10-1000 MW on EPC basis Spares and Services Our energy professionals strive to ensure that we will have energy solutions for the future. Talented Sokeo professionals around the world work with clients to meet their project demands. We are committed to addressing the complete spectrum of energy challenges. Other projects in our extensive portfolio include power plant rehabilitation work, spares and services, capital overhaul works, inland transportation and logistics management. Integrated energy services within Sokeo bring together specialist technologists, planners and project managers to provide the right solutions to our clients. Our talented experts are adept at delivering detailed engineering design, procurement and construction management services. Leveraging leading-edge technologies, we are a leader in providing integrated planning and engineering solutions to today's energy challenges. We help our clients develop independent power plants, reduce capital costs, shorten project life cycle times.

Gas Based PowerOur professionals around the world can carry a project from beyond. From creation to program completion and management and

technical services to the design and planning of a project, we can work on any assignment anywhere in the world. The comprehensive range of project management services, coupled with our depth of technical resources, allows Sokeo to thoroughly plan, develop and execute the environmental and permitting, engineering/design, procurement, construction and commissioning of its open cycle and combined cycle power plant. Sokeo's program/construction management services provide the project controls that clients require to manage their projects and provide their banking and financing partners with the information they require to track the project. These project controls include project scheduling, document management services. Our experts have and been involved of in the planning, engineering projects: Preliminary project analysis Preliminary engineering Mechanical and electrical engineering design Project and construction management development, construction permitting, several estimating, control, and risk owner's cost control, management, engineering

Thermal PowerSokeo provides fully integrated, professional consulting and engineering services to clients for thermal and geothermal power developments. Our expertise incorporates the civil, structural, automation and electrical, architectural, process and mechanical components of steam cycle, gas and liquid turbine and reciprocating engine power plants. Sokeo's experience in thermal energy covers generation planning, Independent Power Producer (IPP) project preparation and client risk mitigation, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, detailed design, procurement, maintenance construction,

compliance management, forecasting, asset


and operation support. Combined and open cycle power plants Thermal power plants Industrial Cogeneration Biomass and biogas Transmission and substation sitting and land planning System efficiency and loss reduction Programs Smart-grid technologies

SPARE PARTSWe are a one-stop shop capable of providing complete range of spares for your steam or gas fired power plants. Our capabilities include: Engineering, Tooling, Machining and Coatings for manufacture of Steam Turbine blades, nozzles, rotors, spacers and valves Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering Advanced design system is equipped with software

SOME OF THE ASSIGNMENTS EXECUTED/UNDER EXECUTIONS.NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Project Name Ind-Barath Energy Ind-Barath Energy Thermax Limited Gupta Energy NavaBharat Ventures Lakshmi Energy & Foods Ltd. Dr. RKP Power Krishna Godavari Nava Bharat Ventures (Repeat Order) Sugar Industry Office/Site/State Hyderabad/ Manapad/TN Hyderabad / Sahajbahal / Orissa Pune/ Maharashtra Usi Jgaon, Chandrapur, Nagpur, Maharashtra Hyderabad / Denkanal / Orissa Chandigarh /Punjab Hyderabad / AP Hyderabad / Wadapalli / AP Hyderabad / Denkanal / Orissa Hyderabad / Gulbarga / Karnataka Units 3x660 2x350 2x150 2x60 1x60 3x60 2x60 1x60 1x60 1x30 Capacity (MW) 1980 700 300 120 60 180 120 60 60 30


Our offerings in the Services arena include: Erection, Testing and Commissioning and Supply of Spares We offer world class, high quality erection, testing and commissioning services for your entire power plant (Cogeneration, Captive or Independent Power Plants) Maintenance and Technical Field Services Installation/Refurbishment Contractual service agreements (including long term service agreements) Package-specific maintenance services

High-Speed dynamic balancing and over speed

MTS EH servo material testing machine (10t, 25t, 50t)

3-D measuring and projecting



Harbin Company

Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.

Sargent & Lundy

Shanahan Engg