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    why outsource? Whether business is just starting out, established, preparing for new markets or restructuring you need to know your marketing function and costs are well cared for and that they are taking into account opportunities, both planned and unforeseen. Smaller companies though are rarely able to attract the specialist expertise of an accomplished professional, which is where we help by providing a full range of outsourced marketing disciplines.

    While the specific costs of outsourcing may appear to be higher than doing it yourself, there are hidden costs in maintaining internal fixed marketing assets and huge benefits to using an external personality.

  • when is the right time? There is no wrong or right when deciding to outsource your marketing function however here are some indicators that may point out the time is right:

    You have a new company that requires effective tested marketing disciplines

    The company is going through rapid expansion

    You are looking to attract new talent

    You wish to extend into new markets

    You are introducing new products or services

    Business is experiencing difficulties or is in decline

    You want to ensure you are making the most of market opportunity

    When a company outsources its marketing, a single Account Manager should assume responsibility for the marketing function. Activities are usually varied and may include research, strategy, planning and management to execution of advertising, public relations, online and offline marketing and brand development.

    Outsourcing provides access to expertise in every marketing discipline, from an specialist experienced team that can be scaled accordingly to suit a variety of projects.

    This flexibility represents the greatest benefit of outsourcing:

    A company pays only for the service used, for the length of time required.

    Unlike temporary marketing fixes, however this should not be a short term solution as at best this does little to build value.

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  • On top of this you may need to do all or many of the items shown here.

    traditional marketing The marketing world is exploding. Todays consumers have grown up with technology, whether or not we have. For any marketer to keep up with all these opportunities is hard work. As a business leader it should not be your job to do this, you need reliable professional support so that you can concentrate on running your business, not being your business.

    Traditional in house marketing typically means:

    Multiple suppliers Multiple professional relationships Multiple bills Multiple suggestions

    Ultimately you have to:

    Make your own decisions, sometimes based on a hunch rather than on tried and tested knowledge Have to seek out the best suppliers over and over Have to negotiate relationships as suppliers work together Have to determine market costs independently

  • Outsourced marketing typically means: Reduced number of suppliers One professional relationship Reduced bills Professional, tried and tested

    suggestions Integrated suppliers who have worked

    with each other before

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    Website Management Social Media Events Digital Advertising Design & Print Networking Brand Management Database compilation Email campaigns Public Relations Advertising Website Design Marcom Strategy Promotional Items Tele research Graphic Design Photography Image sourcing

    Flexibility Efficiency Insurance Reduced compliance costs An external perspective Professional development Reduced office costs Tried a& tested relationships One bill Reduced capital expenses Professional knowledge Greater control



  • what does this mean for you? Your business gets all the traditional marketing services but with these additional benefits:

    Flexibility to scale up and down according to your business needs

    Cost efficiencies as you pay for what is required, when required

    Fewer overheads. No recruitment costs, NI contributions, auto enrolment issues, training costs, healthcare, sickness, redundancy or holiday entitlement costs

    An integrated approach coming from professional relationships built up over time

    Reduced capital expense as the outsourced marketer may use their own computers, mobiles and office accommodation

    Access to a larger talent pool of like minded individuals

    Professionals who are ideally supported by a professional organisation such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing who are committed to continual professional development

    Greater control; costs, staff management, professional insurance

    ultimately this means You receive the benefit of an impartial outside viewpoint You can react faster to market pressure You can scale up your marketing activity in a controlled

    way You focus on your core skills You control operating costs You have the benefit of a professional marketer you

    otherwise may have been unable to afford

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    cautionary note When seeking an outsourced

    marketing company it is important to set out your expectations at the outset

    It is also important to understand that their culture and attitudes fit with your own

    Ensure service levels, background and qualifications are appropriate to your needs and that experience can be demonstrated in your field

    Ensure their business model is robust and that their plans enable them to meet your needs now and in the future

    Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing package.

  • media box likes nothing more than working with innovative, quality businesses Our outsourced marketing service is a managed service. This means we can maintain a number of marketing functions using external tools where necessary. We determine together the functions required according to your needs, aspirations and budget and determine this in line with your current in house skills and priorities. We are always honest about our capabilities and are full members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

    To discuss how media box can help you meet any of your business challenges then please do get in touch, wed love to share more ideas.

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