India Outsource – Bashing Or Dashing

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Tobias Peggs at Ignite Sanfrasisco May 3rd, 2010.

Text of India Outsource – Bashing Or Dashing

  • 1. Working in India
    In a humor way @ Ignite SFO

2. Tobias Peggs speaks about his experience in India
3. He was posted to India
4. Nothing works in India
5. Shows the Indian Transportation
6. Indians enjoy only Cricket and Bollywood
7. Sachin shows up in 3/4th of Ads and rest is with AB
8. This is Fry Electronics - Mumbai
9. Mumbai Grocery Store
10. Cheap Vacations
11. Customer Service at Himalayas
12. Customer Service at its best
13. Recommending IT geeks to tryout India