Maximizing Business Productivity with Technology

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  • Who's Afraid of a Little Bitty Mouse?Using Technology to Maximize Business ProductivityDoug Lucy, Allegro Consultants

  • Relief from allergies.

  • Allegro keeping I.T in tuneAl le gro [ uh ley groh ]-adjective, adverbBrisk or rapid in tempo

  • Founded in 1993Richmond, DC, Norfolk35 programmers and DBAsSupport business and governmentTailor software to meet the needs of business

  • AgendaWhat is available to helpHow it can be usedExamples here in Richmond

  • EmailPrimary communication channelReplaced faxes, physically-mailed documentsPDF creatorNewsletters

  • Online emailAvailable anywhereNo PC

  • Email serverExchange serverOutlookCalendarActiveSyncPDA / SmartPhone

  • Email server integration

  • Online calendarsReminders and InvitesPublish and subscribeSee anywhere

  • Evite and MeetUpManage event invitationsAdhoc subject meetings

  • IM or Instant messagingQuick typed conversationOne-to-one or manyLess of an interruption

  • Keener Communications

  • Instant messagingMultitaksingAIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Pidgin

  • Instant messaging and SMSSMS or textingShort, quick messagesFromPhonesPCsServers

  • Jott.comFree voice transcriptionAnd delivery

  • Conference callingConferenceCall.comMeet without travelingAvoid hasslesCheap, easy

  • Audio and video conferencingMics and webcams are cheapIM for audio and video easyExample: Lawyers Staffing

  • Web conferencingWebEx and GoToMyMeetingShow app or PPTInteractionRecording

  • Remote assistanceBuilt into XP and MacRequest helpRemote helpdeskShow how-to

  • Screen recordingCamtasia and WinkTraining, procedures

  • WikiWikipediaEnterprise Wiki

  • La Difference

  • Spread knowledge

  • Spread the knowledge

  • Google docs and spreadsheetsWord processor and spreadsheetAvailable anywhereSharable

  • BlogsChronological list of notes or commentsExplain, comment or announce

  • Turnkey Promotions

  • Content management systemUser-updateable websiteFresh infoCommunicate

  • Intranet CMS or portalDocuments, policies, how-tos

  • Customer portalSelf-serviceImprove service, lower costs

  • SurveysGather info from a groupSurveyMonkey and Logic Depot

  • Whiteboards and PixidWhiteboards are communicationAvoid fancy solution

  • High score

  • Thanks!Contact info:Doug Lucydlucy@allegroconsultants.com804-553-1130