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  1. 1. Reinvents email for business
  2. 2. EmailToday is Horrendous Hasnt changed in the past 10 years Takes of work time to manage Is not optimized for business tasks
  3. 3. Considering how much time I spend in email, it's kind of scary to think how much I'd be justified in paying. At least $1000 a month. ~ Paul Graham Email is the absolute devil. ~ MG Siegler I routinely delete my entire inbox. ~ Michael Arrington Opinion Leaders Say
  4. 4. Why People Use Email 1. Message people 2. Work with tasks and to-dos 3. Unified notifications hub 4. Calendar and meetings 5. Read newsletters 6. Authentication on the web 7. Documents archive Originally, email was designed for #1 30 years ago
  5. 5. Tools for SameTasks Oddly, these tools interfaces dont resemble an emails interface whatsoever
  6. 6. $15 / month $50 / month $40 / month $18 / month $36 / month How Do People Cope Now? With the help of paid plug-ins that do not work on mobile devices.
  7. 7. Gives business people proper email user experience, integrated with their business systems. Mailburn
  8. 8. FirstVersion, MVP iPhone application that shows conversations with real people in chats just like WhatsApp. Show conversations with real people as chats Remove quotation and signatures from the body Integrated with Notifications when somebody opens your email Specific audience of sales people who receive 150+ emails / day
  9. 9. 10 12 15 18 20 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Source: Radicati Group, 2013 Global Email Market Revenue ($B)
  10. 10. Source: IDC and Facebook Always Connected (2013) Email is the Most Popular Activity on Smartphone
  11. 11. There will be roughly 1 billion email business users by 2017 Radicati Group 1st Target Audience Sales People 23M Sales 21M Execs 22M Marketers
  12. 12. Competition
  13. 13. Have access to a large audience Established brands Aimed at the mass consumer market Do not integrate with other business systems Work in old sender subject snippet paradigm Outlook is complicated to set up and only works well only within the Microsoft ecosystem Competitor Analysis
  14. 14. To increase the productivity of business users while working with their email. Our Mission
  15. 15. Monetization $10 / month for business features
  16. 16. User Acquisition Inbound marketing Facebook ads Direct sales
  17. 17. 2014 Canary Calendar sold to GoDaddy 2013 Xobni sold to Yahoo for $60M 2013 Mailbox sold to Dropbox for $20M 2012 Rapportive sold to LinkedIn for $15M 2012 Sparrow sold to Google Conclusion - email and productivity startups are very popular and are often bought by larger corporations. Latest Mergers & Acquisition
  18. 18. Kate, iOSAnn, Design KillerTeam Alex, TDaniel, Founder &
  19. 19. Experienced C0-Founders Serial entrepreneurs 10+ startups combined, 3 exits Apps with 1M+ installs Companies with $1M monthly revenue
  20. 20. Board of Advisors
  21. 21. Accelerated by
  22. 22. We Need 300,000 25% already raised With that money we will: Create apps for iPhone and Android Get 20,000 active and 4,000 paying users Break even with operating expenses Validate marketing channels and sales strategy
  23. 23. Why Us? We have a killer team (BizDev, Backend, UX, iOS) More than 1000 users in waiting list Launched beta with 40 beta testers Huge and confirmed email problem and market Email startups are bought within 3 years Come and try it for yourself at
  24. 24. Reinvents email for business Raising 300,000 Daniel Pavlyuchkov