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DESCRIPTION has a big experience in corporate and commercial law. LawyersFrance provid legal assistance for foreign investors and will assist in all procedures related to company formation in France. As our french lawyers can provide services such as accounting, tax consultancy, litigations, mergers and acquisitions and other aspects related to corporate law in France. is a part of an international company specialized in company incorporation in Europe and offshore jurisdictions.

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  • 1. provides legal assistance to foreign investors in France A presentation brought by

2. Who we are The specialized team of is composed of experienced lawyers who can help clients to set up their companies in France. Our lawyers will assist with all procedures while opening a company and with other legal matters as well. 3. What we do can provide all necessary information regarding how to set up a company on behalf of foreign investors. We will also assist with all legal procedures related to foreign investments in France can also provide related services such as accounting, business and tax consultancy, lawsuits, mergers and acquisitions and other matters related to corporate law in France 4. What legal services we provide in France Formation of France Companies Establishment of Subsidiaries or Branches in France Applications for Special Permits or Licenses for Company Activities Mergers and Acquisitions in France Liquidation and Dissolution of France Companies Corporate and Commercial Litigation Tax Advice and Tax Planning 5. What services can provide Company domiciliation services Accounting services Assistance and representation for the incorporation of SARLs,SAs and other type of entities Other lawyer services as well 6. How we can help Obtain Special Permits or Licenses for Company Activities Company formation of any type Mergers and Acquisitions in France Liquidation and Dissolution of France Companies Corporate and commercial litigation, tax advice and tax planning 7. Type of companies we can establish SARL (Socit a responsabilit limite), SAS (Socit par Actions Simplifie), SA (Socit Anonyme), SEL (Socit d'Exercice Libral), EURL (Entreprise Unipersonnelle a Responsabilit Limite), SNC (Socit en Nom Collectif), SCS (Socit en Commandite Simple). 8. Why open a business in France The standard corporate tax in France is 33%. The VAT, Value Added Tax in France has a standard rate of 19,6% since April 2000. Most entrepreneurs are able to recover their VAT taxes on their business expenses in France. The dividends paid by French entities to non-resident shareholders are taxed with 30%, unless are minimized or exempt by double tax treaties provisions or EU parent/subsidiary regulations. 9. How helped their clients Spanish investor setting up a SARL in France for financial consulting activities. Bulgarian company setting up a French subsidiary for its IT activity. Danish corporate entity conducting a corporate due diligence procedure on a French SA company. Purchase of shares in an existing LTD company by a Dutch client. 10. is a member of, a legal network with member lawyers and law firms throughout Europe. Throughout the years, has gained an excellent experience in company formation, trademark registration, debt collection and others legal and commercial matters. 11. Thank you for your attention For further information please contact us at Ph./Fax: (+44)203-287 0408 E-mail: