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  1. 1. 8 Sure-fire Landing Page Strategies for 2012
  2. 2. SummaryWebsite landing pages enhancesvisitor conversion, captures leadsand creates a branded userexperience. But very often marketersoverlook key conversion aspectswhile developing their landing pages.So, what are the common landingpage flaws? How can you covert thebasic landing page into an effectiveconversion page? Find out more inthis article >>> Read more
  3. 3. What is a Landing Page?A landing page is the first page visited in yourwebsite, via a link from an ad, a search result,or an email promotion. Every landing page isdesigned to carry out the end goal.Lets examine a few elements that can help youfine tune your landing page performance.Strategies to make your Landing PageLucrativeCreate a focused landing pageAccording to a recent survey, 18% of emailcampaigns direct visitors to their home page.Using generic landing pages with multipleoffers reduces the chances of conversion.Instead create a separate page to strategicallycommunicate your offer. With a focused landingpage, you can raise the bar for customerexperience and increase visitor conversion.
  4. 4. Attract visitors With attractive call ofactionMultiple offers on your landing pagedistract fickle minded online visitors.Instead of detracting visitors with multipleoffers, you can communicate one mainoffer with a prominent call to action.Optimize landing pa ge copyUse the right-mix of sales points withintelligent psychological triggers in yoursales copy. After creating the copy, test thecontent on a sample group. Based on thefeedback, you can further optimize thelanding page copy for higher results.
  5. 5. Synchr onize landing pa ge design withbr andingMaintain a consistent look and feel of thelanding page template that match with yourwebsite design. Landing page design usingthe similar color and design will heightenbrand recognition.Use TestimonialsInclude testimonials from your clients atstrategic locations on the landing page.Adding customer feedbacks or logos ofaffiliated institutions adds Credibility of youroffer.Minimize the visual clutterKeep the landing page clear and avoid theurge to promote multiple offers. Do not
  6. 6. distract the visitor with excessive designs,navigational bars and links to other sections.Use only supportive visuals that aid visitorsto the desired action.Create a landing page that loadsquicklyWhile developing your landing page, useminimal graphics, or optimize the size ofimages so that it loads faster. An optimizedlanding page reduces the chances of avisitor moving away from your site.Finally, testCheck the merits of your landing page beforeyou upload on your site. Align the design,visuals, audio and video elements, etc usedin the landing page for higher customerengagement.