How to integrate SEM in your marketing strategy

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SEM integration with marketing strategy. A short guide for the managers that need to use both, ATL and SEM, to reach their objectives


  • 1. How to Integrate SEM in your Marketing Strategy

2. WE WILL Ask some questions Discuss Not forget SEM is just another means to get a message to our target Get to know each other Be inspired 3. Someone told you someday to come up with a marketing strategy that will include SEM 4. The internet is full of things. Lets do what others do. GUESS! 5. WRONG! Deciding how SEM might work out for you is about bits and pieces So, we asked some managers to ask us some questions about the bits and pieces of SEM 6. 9 QUESTIONS 7. 1 IS IT WORKING FOR ME? 8. Statistics say that 50% of online sales is brought by SEM The same way any media does: it brings AWARENESS and EVALUATION Study developed by Econsultancy 9. Data taken with respect from Econsultancy study 10. Your marketing strategy is and will be improvable. So is your marketing mix. Use your creativity to see what might bring you! 11. 2 HOW WILL THIS WORK FOR ME? 12. It is an investment. Consider the risks. (search is dynamic; there is no 100% prediction; SEO has long time results) 13. You have a monetizing plan. Correlate with online data estimations. See where your margin is. See if it will work on long term. See if it will sustain itself. 14. Average Margin PPC No margin SEO No margin PPC High margin SEO 15. Start with figures! If it doesnt work out, try changing variables. 16. 3 HOW MUCH SHOULD I INVEST? 17. A recent study by Econsultancy revealed that: 24% is invested on Paid Search 18% is invested on SEO 42% SEM 18. - Total value - Other marketing investments - DDLines - The life cycle - The potential - Cheap/ Expensive - Aggressive/ Weak Bidding - Range of products - Selling mechanism 19. Maybe, an investment model will help. Ex for PPC. 20. Total Break Even Value = Fixed Costs/[Unit Selling Price Unit Variable Cost] Fixed cost (rent, fees) 1000 Euro Unit selling 100 Euro Unit variable cost (cost in PPC) 50Euro TBEV = 1000/[100-50]; TBEV = 20 You need to make 20 sales in order to break even. Other 20 sales will get you 1000 Euro. Now try to scale. And get your budget. 21. Dont get stuck in one figure. Try and than scale. 22. 4 WHAT DO I GET FROM IT? 23. (help question) Do I have a conversion mechanism? (Discussion: Car seller. Owns a site. Tries to convert) Do I have traffic converters? (call-to-action, landing pages, content, lead nurturing, analytics) 24. A sales channel with: - Predictive fixed and variable costs - Predictive results - Improvable performance - Immediate results with paid search/ long term results with SEO 25. 5 HOW DO I CORRELATE SEM WITH REST OF ONLINE? 26. Forget targets. Think Radar. And you will understand the digital connections and paths. Entertain Connect Inform CONVERT 27. Attribution Model 28. A calculation model, based on attribution: - Each channel in your marketing strategy has a contribution for delivering a lead/ sale - Depending on the participation, each channel receives a score. (ex: if PPC and Social Media delivered 1 lead, each one receives 5 points out of maximum 10. if only PPC delivered 1 lead, it receives 10 points). - Add all points for each channel and dividing it by total no. of points - You get the share of importance for each channel. 29. Try more than one model. Usually helps to check your mix vs real world. 30. 6 HOW DO I CORRELATE SEM WITH ATL? 31. Basically, its a matter of mixing TV and SEM. 1st Reach light TV users 2nd Incremental Reach 32. 2nd Reach 33. There is no common measurement tool in RO (for the moment), so, it will make it more difficult for you. A post campaign research might help. 34. 7 SHOULD I SPLIT SEO AND PAID SEARCH? 35. No They should work together and complement themselves. Allocate budget for both. Take the most effective approach depending on your status. 36. Try think like: commercial words vs. info words 37. 8 HOW CAN I KEEP TRACK OF IT? 38. 1st Web Analytics Tracking 2nd Define KPIs Based on your web analytics, you will only get a set of figures (goals). In order to understand the business meaning, these goals will be the base for KPI 39. 2nd Define KPIs Ex: - Behaviour KPI - Visits, Interactivity (no of visitors that take an action/ total no of visitor), Conversion - Attitude KPI - Favorability, loyalty - Cost KPI - Cost per lead, cost per action, cost per lead in SEO, cost per lead in paid search 40. Dont get stuck in tones of data. Ask/ create reports that are useful. 41. 9 WHAT DO I NEED TO GET IT STARTED? 42. A strategy Infrastructure: site, sales mechanic, call center, CRM, data base SEO & PPC team Access on tracking & optimization tools 43. And determination. And some professionals. 44. 10 OTHER QUESTIONS? 45. THX! | @cosminn | 46. Data taken with courtesy from: www.econsultancy .com think insights