Fire Up Your Brain To Get Noticed, Get Results!

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Photos of incredibly unique business communication and sales tools using one's brain to turn up maximin creative ideas.

Text of Fire Up Your Brain To Get Noticed, Get Results!

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2. This slide show was condensed from our CD-ROM, which contains may more examples. It is designed to highlight some extraordinary ways to be ultra-creative in business communication and sales and marketing. The concepts, designs, construction and photography of the materials, visuals and props were done by Ray Anthony, except where noted. For more information about what we do, contact:Ray Anthony, President Anthony 2003 by Ray Anthony Copyright Innovation Group 23 Skyland Place All Rights ReservedThe Woodlands, TX 77381281-364-7739 2009 Ray Anthony 3. 2009 Ray Anthony 4. Hey... in these tough times, you have to be CREATIVE People are being blasted and bombarded with sales calls, marketing messages and all sorts of requests for their attention. After a while, its natural to become numb and oblivious to them. In todays world, you really need to be extraordinarily imaginative to grab and hold someones interest! 2009 Ray Anthony 5. Maybe - youre with a smaller company competing with a giant for an important project and you want to change the rules of the game in your favor. - you are in charge of a big meeting and need fresh new ideas to make it a smash hit and make YOU the hero. - youve had poor luck in getting a clients attention and you now want to try something more bold, more daring, more audacious... this time. And You Are Wondering - how imaginative can I get and still be professional? - where can I get those quantum leap ideas? - how can I be ultra-creative on a shoe-string budget? - is there a sure-fire way to be creative, not corny? 2009 Ray Anthony 6. If you want someone to understand, accept and take action upon your recommendations, you have got to stand APART and ABOVE the crowd in how you communicate your concepts, solutions, information, feelings or key messages. The examples in the following slides will show how you can boost your imagination to produce Creative Communication Materials such as business proposals, sale tools, marketing and promotion pieces, presentation handouts, visuals or props that will captivate people and better help you to reach your objectives. You will see extraordinary ways of gaining a competitive edge by brilliantly showcasing your Be a VISIONARY Communicator ideas and solutions. If you begin to experiment with unconventional Everyday we are exposed to over 10,000 messages! Junk variations, you will surely differentiate yourself from mail, advertisements, radio, television and e-mail spam are all the competition out there who are too busy just a few that fight for a moment of our ears and eyes. It trying to play me-too, imitation instead of looking takes I-M-A-G-I-N-A-T-I-O-N to think up novel ways to for fresh, new and exciting ways to innovate how break through the chaotic clutter that hits us. they communicate, market and sell. 2009 Ray Anthony 7. QUICK... we desperately need a breakthrough idea! 8. Imaginative ideas for communication You can creatively transform communication are everywhere! They often come frommaterials by modifying characteristics of them. unusual, unexpected places. Here areFor example, for a letter, proposal or visual, a few places in which to get rich ideas:ask yourself how you can: books and magazines on graphic design change the shape and dimensions (e.g. make it smaller or larger, use a horizontal web sites about diverse topics/areas format versus vertical... make it round). museums, art galleries and craft shows give your visual a three-dimensional effect book stores and libraries (look at book by building layers onto it or by packaging covers and magazine illustrations and your proposal in metal, plastic, wood or advertisements) cardboard boxes, cans or tubes.Experiment with gift/card shops, toy and hobby stores, add animation or motion to your materials variations of arts and crafts and artist supply storeslike automatic pull-outs, blinking lights oryour idea or moveable objects. catalogs of all kinds of productstheme supermarkets (see product packaging) decorate your sign or proposal with solid objects such as miniature models, plastic department, office supply, high-tech Always be on the arrows, doll house furniture, die-cast toys, gadget and gag gift storeslookout for or tiny light-bulbs. home decorating storessudden idea create a fold-out, perhaps a origami pageopportunitiesof information. brainstorming with creative peopleTake risks! 2009 Ray Anthony 9. GAIN THE HIGHER GROUND KEEP IT FROM COMPETITORS When you develop innovative business 3. Your company will be be perceived as proposals, presentation handouts andfocusing on fresh, new approaches. visuals or sales/marketing materials, you There is a psychological transference gain the Higher Ground with customers.factor involved. Customers are likely to think, After all, if this company has gone There are lots of benefits to infusing novel through all this trouble for doing a fancy ideas into your business communication presentation just for us, imagine how they materials. How will they react and be will apply creative problem-solving to the affected by getting a creatively-designed key projects they will work on with us! proposal, for example? Here are some likely ways: 4. Your competitors will appear lackluster, boring, unimaginative and even lazy 1. They will be mightily impressed with when compared to the original, clever the extra effort you made, the time ways you differentiate your company you spent and the degree of through your innovative designs. imagination you put into the project.5. With maximum creativity, you will 2. They will assume that you extend dramatically improve your chances of the same meticulous quality,igniting a potential customers interest, dedication, and effort to ALL the thus boosting your chances of closing a projects you do for them as you deal and developing a long-term, have done on your proposal. lucrative relationship. 2009 Ray Anthony 10. As with any project, you work along a Ask Yourself These Questions: Creativity Continuum where ideas can range from mild-to-wild. Before you begin a project, determine where on that range you - What is the purpose of using creativity inthis proposal or other marketing tool? should fix your communication sights.Do I want to persuade, inform, motivate Sometimes a traditional proposal design will or do a combination? do, while other times you need megaton creativity to blast away with sizzling and - How will my imaginative approachlikely be received by my clients? dazzling ideas your powerful competition. Developing imaginative proposals, visuals, - How does being more creative help tobetter achieve my overall objectives marketing pieces or training materials takesand give my information more impact? time and money. Some clients (especially conservative ones) might see your resourceful- Is the time and effort worth it? What efforts as being too flashy or unwarranted.are the downsides or risks of being Your hard work could backfire! creative at this point? Remember: every time you design some - How can I use cool ideas to better creative business materials, think about where communicate more clearly, concisely on the creativity continuum from simple to or convincingly? spectacular you should be. 2009 Ray Anthony 11. For Big or Important Deals Maximum Creative Firepower Competition-KillersThe following slides show imaginative thematic proposals intended for important Stunningbusiness deals.Proposals Stunning proposals showcase the vision and impressive innovation of your company and will make a HUGE (and often lasting) impression upon your clients! 2009 Ray Anthony 12. You have a BIG potential deal with STUNNING PROPOSALS are: a organization you are dying to have as a client. Perhaps you are1. Highly Creative in the design of the responding to an RPF (Request For cover, packaging and layout of the Proposal) or maybe you areinside pages, tabs, and pullouts. providing an unsolicited proposal. 2. Thematic and Symbolic in the titles, You know that your most fiercekey messages, quotations and visual competitors will pose a nasty illustrations. challenge. You have to pull out all3. Enjoyable to look at and read. The the stops to make your proposal content is designed and written in an brilliantly shine compared to yourinteresting and enlightening way. competitors. 4. Tailored and Personalized to your Andyou want to score big points clients. There is no hint of boilerplate and make a lasting impression! content. The way to do all that is to design5. Exotic in the Use Of Materials to Stunning Proposals that are icons ofconstruct the proposals packaging. eye-popping creativity along with6. Bold and Daring in the originality superb substance and content. and flair built into your proposal. 2009 Ray Anthony 13. 2009 Ray Anthony 14. The concept was depicted as a oversized match book with the theme revolving around firing up profits. Throughout this proposal, notice how practically everything focuses on benefits to the client. The theme begins with the bold, attention-grabbing title of the proposal, Starting a Fire of Blazing Profits and the subtitle, A Creative Strategy to Significantly Boost MagTechs Competitive Position. Designer Leonard Broussard created the flaming cover with dollar signs rising in the fire and printed it out on a tabloid size (11 x 17) glossy stock. He glued a black paper stock to the underside of the cover sheet using double-sided adhesive. The large staple was an industrial-size staple taken from a big cardboard box.Designed by Leonard Broussard The back view of the Scenario cover includes arealistic-looking match Imaginex Worldwide Consulting wanted to clinch a strike plate made out huge deal with MagTech Inc. They decided to go withof confetti paper stock an eye-popping proposal that hit all the targets withglued to the cover MagTech... and more.Strike