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Authentic Interviewing

Supercharge Your Interviewing Skills and Get Noticed!Laura MaishEmpowered Interviewing1Laura Maish27 years Financial ServicesSenior positions in Operations, Marketing, Relationship Management and SalesWorked internationallyEast Coast/West Coast/MidWest5 banks, 1 investment company and 1 consulting companyCorporate employee and consultant

Founded Empowered Interviewing 2010

2Lots of interviewing experience!1994 intervg - intl job. Needed to set apart in order to get job. Decided to take radically diff approach that would distinguish me from other cands. I/s of answerg questions in usual overly positive way. I decided to represent m/s authenticly. Discov the more truthful I was, the mor they wanted me. I ended up getting that job and cont to improve my technique in future intervs w/ same success. Founded EI To teach people my approach and help them diff th/s in the intv proc.

2Empowered Interviewing3Know What you WantShow Who You AreSay What you ThinkFind Out What you Need to KnowTo intv with conf, prep is key. Ive created 4 steps to help people get prepared for an authentic interview, where they are an equal partner in a discovery conversation, building trust, taking control and ultimately diff them/s.Today..touch on each step spending most time on 4, answg diff quest giving y/s best adv.

3Interviewing Climate4

Competitive6 qualified candsDifferentiation keyHow do you stand out?

4Interviewing Environment5

Risk adverse - Hiring wisely crucial to long-term successEvolution of situational questioning, telephone personality surveys, screening and panel interviews. The reason for this is avoidance of mishires. Mis-hire = unhappy employee, unhappy company, waste of time and moneyAverage total cost associated with a 'typical' mis-hire is $2,709,000 for an average base salary of $114,000.*Companies are motivated to hire right employee.

Want to get the right job - interview to get a jobOften if Followg est intvg practicesAdapt to interviewers expectationsTelling them what they think they want to hear. Not representing themselves authentically. Dont stand out

Good news - Companies and individuals have the same goal: Get the right person in the right jobThe question becomesCan candidates influence this outcome?

5Interviewing is Discovery6

ARE YOU TRUSTWORTHY?EMPLOYERQ: what emplyr tryg to disc?Can you do the job?Fit into company culture?Trustworthy?Taking a risk when they hire you. Reputation is at stake if their decision turns into a mishire.

6Interviewing is Discovery7JOB SEEKERWILL I THRIVE?

Can you do the job?Good match for your work values & goals?Notice I didnt say Make a good impression. So often were fixated on hoping theyll like us, that we lose sight of what we really want.

7Job Seekers Challenges8ARE YOU TRUSTWORTHY?WILL I THRIVE?Build TrustDue DiligenceThe more they can trust you, the more likely to hire you vs another candidate. This is human nature. We buy from people that we trust. Might not alwys know right questions to ask to discover if you are trustworthy.How Build trust - being authentic.

8Be Authentic!9

Authenticity promotes trust Trust leads to acceptanceHonesty is liberating Allow us to be in a mental state in controlIf you learn how to be authentic in the interview process not only give conf, it will diff you. Dont just take it from me

9What Hiring Managers Want to Hear From YouMore honesty. What you like and dont like. Everyones excellent at something.What are you excellent at?Show your depth of knowledge. Give your opinions!What interests you about the job. How you will bring your passion to the job. Want to see youre excited about what you can do for them.Ask them tough questions.10They want to know about you and what matters to you. Youre beg to see how being auth will give you a leg upTellg them what u thk they want to hear is not nec wh they want to hear.

10Empowered Interviewing11Know What you WantShow Who You AreSay What you ThinkFind Out What you Need to Know

1112A candidate who knows what they want is more attractive than one who tries to please. People whove interviewed candidates know this. come across more confident. 12Build Your FoundationYour Ideal JobDefine a Good Manager for YouWhat attributes of a manager will enable you to perform well and have a high level of job satisfaction?

Your Success FactorsWhat do you like to do? What matters to you? What motivates you? What environment do you work best in?

Short-Term GoalsLong-Term Goals

13Your story, you write it. will serve as the platform for your interviewing strategy. It might come as a surprise succ factors so impt in the intv. Lets looks at why.Employers want to hire candidates who will excelYou will excel at the job thats right for youThey cant read your mind and might not ask the right questions, But as we heard from the employers they do want to know about you. Tell them what you need to excel Set yourself up for success!

13Empowered Interviewing14Know What you WantShow Who You AreSay What you ThinkFind Out What you Need to KnowWhen you know what you want, youll ask rite questions toSet y/s up for succ.


Due DiligenceWILL I THRIVE?Company OpportunityManagerQ: What eval?Ask the difficult questionsEach person is different in wht matters to themIdeal job - red flags/trade offs beforego in with eyes wide open.

15Examples What qualities do you value most in those who work for you?

Describe how you manage stressful situations both for yourself and your team.

What do you like most and least about working at this company?

If I do an outstanding job, what kinds of future opportunities can I expect?

16put them in the hot seat! youll get their attention, and youll differentiate yourself

16HALF17Empowered Interviewing18Know What you WantShow Who You AreSay What you ThinkFind Out What you Need to Know18360 View of Yourself19If the interviewer is trying to establish whether youre trustworthyIf u were a hiring mgr, wldnt u want to know this?It can seem like a lot and you likely wont have the oppty to talk about everything. How do you manage that?

19Less is More20

The key isPeople often feel compelled to impress the intvr with a long list of accomplishments, But fail to make impt connections. U hv ltd time..To Make a stronger impact Where all your intv prep needs to be! How do you talk about whats impt/rel?

20Build a VisionWhat they need What you can do

The opportunity Your success factorsTheir culture How you work

21If youre a hiring mgr, and youre trying to figure out if a cand can do specific job and is a good fit for the co. cult, What think about a candidate who spells it out for you?Q:What do you need in order to make this approach successful??

21Why should I hire you? Why do you want this job? The opportunity Your success factors Project management is my strong suit. I thrive in environments that are fast paced and at the same time collegial, like yours.

What they need What you can doYou need someone who has had experience with broad range of projects. Ive worked on more than 20 projects, in different industries and with international scope. I want a challenging opportunity. You need improved project delivery. I can start contributing to that need immediately.

Their culture How you workYou and others have described the culture here as innovative. I do my best work in environments where creativity is encouraged and where I can contribute new ideas. This firm feels like a good fit to me. As youve described your management style, I think wed work well together..

22Can you see how more powerful your answer can be when you know whats impt to the employer?? 22Empowered Interviewing23Know What you WantShow Who You AreSay What you ThinkFind Out What you Need to KnowImpt throughout interview but becomes most difficult when were in the hot seat answering questions. About being authentic.

23Why is Authenticity Important?Authenticity promotes trust Trust leads to acceptance


Authenticity promotes trust

Trust leads to acceptanceHonesty is liberating Differentiates youBeing auth means being real. Saying what you think. But everything you say in an intv you want to say to your best adv.

24GuidelinesSpeak without guilt or apology

Stick to the unemotional facts

Give your opinions/explain your point of view

Unexpected answers get attention

Move from the past to the present

25We intuitively know how to be authentic, but its easy to lose sight of it in an interview.GuidelinesOne of the most difficult intvg challenges is talking about touchy past situations. Weve all had them. Why we left a company or why we dont have a reference from our last boss, why we got laid off, why there are holes in our resume, why weve been out of work for while, why changing careers...Contrary to popular belief, no one expects you to be perfect! Remember this for all you whove had diff situats: You cant be a general without acquiring some battle scars! Unexp Answsinterviewers are conditioned to the same overly positive, insincere answers from candidates. Go in one ear and out When you say something theyre not expecting to hear, youll get their attention.

25Why did you leave your company?You didnt see eye to eye with your boss, who was a jerk.You werent thriving there.

I left the company because I wasnt able to use the full ra